Continental Pilot Reports Missile Flying Near His Plane Over Texas

 What I find interesting about this story is the date of event vs the date reported. The possibility of a missile attack on an American aircraft should garner a little more attention than this. Thankfully the Liberty County sheriff’s department is on the job as homeland security is closely watching the radical Tea Party, and returning vets.


 A Continental Express pilot reported seeing a “missile or rocket” flying near his aircraft over Texas Friday night, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The pilot told the Federal Aviation Administration an object was spotted within 150 feet below his airplane around 8:15 p.m. Friday night over Liberty County, Texas, the newspaper reported.

“The pilot, from what we understand, was former military,” Cpl. Hugh Bishop of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department told the Chronicle. “He was able to get the coordinates down real quick,” said Cpl. Hugh Bishop with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department.”

But, Bishop said deputies searched for where a missile might have been launched from and found nothing.

The plane was reportedly flying around 13,000 feet.

Liberty County Sheriff’s officials and the FAA were expected to meet today, according to the Chronicle.

The FAA referred all questions to the sheriff’s office, who did not immediately return a call placed by

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