Video on how homosexuals must be treated in Islam

This video from liveleak and found through The Religion of peace is a calm and ‘scholarly’ discussion of homosexuality in Islam. I post it not because readers here will not know Muslim intentions towards gay people, but because so very many gay groups are seemingly more committed to being adamantly leftist and pro terrorist than they are to their own survival. It’s one thing when a canary is brought into a coal mine and quite another when it flies in and insists there are no bad gasses.
What makes this video different, is the calm with which the imam speaks his truth. This isn’t some foaming nutbag as most of these things tend to be. This is advocating mass murder in cold blood.

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Additional, this appears to be a scene from a #4 UK documentary about homosexuality and Islam. The maker of the film has (predictably) received death threats. Here is the link:

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  1. I heard that UK was going to show this documentary which has taken 6 years in the making. If I am not mistaken, I think the producer is a muslim woman. Kudos to the team at VT for bringing this to light, I am going to catch the rest of it online like the previous poster suggested.
    This should be a wake-up call to our dumb Toronto gays who marched with the pro-palestinian rallies struting their stuff and not knowing they are being groomed and fed now for eventual slaughter sooner or later . How dumb can one get ?

  2. How dumb? Talk to one. This is how it will go. You will present facts. They will try and change the subject. You will eventually present overwhelming evidence as to the stupidity of their allegiance to their own standard of evidence. They will then say it doesn’t matter as they do not ‘want to think that way’. They will win. Islamists will kill them. They will go to their graves feeling that at least they backed the right side. In other words, fatally stupid.

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