Chavez sends soldiers to take over rice mills.

Hugo now has nationalized various industries to the point where he has forced out private rice producers. Wouldn’t it be nice if the odd dictator studied a little history and a tiny bit more economics.
If Venezuelans thought they knew hunger before this….

From The Telegraph UK

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has sent troops to take over rice processing plants in the country after accusing them of charging too much.

Soldiers were ordered to take control of the rice mills, which include installations owned by US food giant Cargill.

Mr Chavez accused the companies of disrupting the supply chain by refusing to produce rice at prices set by the government.

“I have ordered the immediate intervention in all those sectors of agro-industry, intervention by the revolutionary government,” he said.

Government officials entered a mill owned by Venezuela’s top food company, Grupo Polar, on Saturday afternoon and said it would increase its output overnight.

Last month, Chavez won a referendum vote allowing him to stand for office indefinitely.

The socialist president, who has already governed for a decade, often radicalises his policies after electoral victories and has nationalised large swaths of the Venezuelan economy in recent years.

For the rest of this depressing story about the utter destruction of what not long ago was a pretty wonderful country please click the link above.

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