C.U.S.A. votes to scrap support for C.F. as they claim it ‘only affects white males’

Yesterday, council members of the Carleton University Students Association (CUSA) voted almost unanimously to scrap ‘shine-a-rama’, a fund raiser to raise funds for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


According to CUSA, cystic fibrosis only affects Caucasian men of European decent and Jewish men of Western European decent. Apparently they would prefer to support fund raising events where a disease affects a more diverse and inclusive demographic.

The dangers of irrational leftism and acute political correctness are evident in this example of shameless bias. It would seem diversity, inclusion, tolerance, fairness, anti-racism and anti-sexism policies and all the rest of these concepts-in-action are fit for everyone except of course……..

white guys.

At the moment, this is being covered on www.cfra.com which is an Ottawa based local radio station.

CUSA consists of twenty two council members one of which is a student studying journalism. The motion was presented at the meeting whereby only one councilor, the young journalist, voted against the decision to scrap the cystic fibrosis fundraiser, a popular and successful event generating thousands of dollars for CF research. It was this journalism student who broke the news to the local media and, to his credit, had the intestinal fortitude to expose the clear bigotry of these council members.

The fact that they don’t have even the slightest understanding or knowledge of this fatal disease is by far the least of what is so horrible about this story. The president phoned in the open-line radio show this morning and spent the call defending the decision with cheap, condescending rhetoric and unbridled arrogance. If her attitude is representative of the majority on council, then I can only conclude that ignorance is dominant. She also claimed that the motion cannot be revisited or rewritten, apparently a fait de complit. What nonsense.

With an outraged public, Ms. President became eager to distance herself from an obviously prejudiced decision. She denied the fact that this motion had not been publicized to councilors until the last minute and tried to convince the listening audience that CUSA’s desire to cancel shinerama was motivated by a desire to “do something different” in charitable fundraising. If that is the case, then why not have an additional fundraiser for another organization instead of canceling such a worthy event.

What’s the matter CUSA? Can’t chew gum and walk at the same time?

This case is not about diversity, inclusion or any other feel-good, PC catchphrase used by the enlightened. This is about hating white men. Pure, old fashioned racism and sexism. The point is not whether CUSA erred in their facts about CF. If the truth was that this disease did only affect white men would they then as an identifiable group in need be undeserving of help? It will be interesting to see exactly which medical condition CUSA will deem worthy of their support in the future.

Breast cancer? Nope; that primarily affects women and is not diverse enough. Prostate cancer? Nope; that affects only men-certainly no diversity in that. Sickle cell anemia? Nope; that affects people of African decent, also not diverse enough. They may have a tough time finding a suitable cause as disease, unlike themselves, does not discriminate.

They could however create their own charity to fund a drive to find a cure for say, stupidity or the eventual eradication of simple minded, misinformed, prejudiced people. How about a yearly fundraiser to cure misandry? Any of these would be suitable.

This disgusting display from CUSA is one more example of behavior that is completely contrary to liberal thought. The saddest part of all is the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation can no longer count on their support. While people suffer from this terrible disease the radicals at CUSA play politics with charity in the name of diversity.

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2 Replies to “C.U.S.A. votes to scrap support for C.F. as they claim it ‘only affects white males’”

  1. But, but, but…, it effects women too! A dear friend of mines daughter has it. If you go to the wikipedia page on it the picture they show of a victum is a young black girl! Who told them this only effected white guys?

  2. Yes they have their medical facts wrong and to be honest I was very annoyed at a member of the CF foundation who phoned in to CFRA this morning about this and all she talked about was the medicine. Thats the least of the issue. What about breast and prostate cancer or sickle cell anemia? they are far less ‘diverse’

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