October is Islamic history month in Canada!

What a brilliant idea! I feel like Ramadam came early this year. I couldn’t have got a better wish than Islamic history month. I think if we where to spend one month teaching high schools and universities the bloody horrific truth about Islamic history we wouldn’t have a problem whatsoever.

My first week would be all Fjordman explaining how Islam conquered the Arabian peninsula and subjected its people to forced conversion slavery death torture and so on. Of course day one would be exposing how Mohamed personally slaughtered the tribes of Jews indigenous to Arabia because they would not accept him as messiah.

Second week would be on how the Crusades where a defensive war that Europe Lost. Taught from this book, a fantastic explanation for a rational war to drive Islam out of Europe.

Third week would be inconsistencies in Koran and how Koran is used to justify murder of family members and frankly anyone without due process for perceived thought crimes against Islam etc.

Lastly, I would focus on the Barbary pirates, Modern Somali pirates and the obvious comparisons as well as Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill’s experiences with and writings on Islam.

(more on the Crusades and Islamic history here)

This would be fantastic I’m so excited. One month of real education about the history of Islam and its ambitions and deeds and Canada’s willingness to prostrate itself to accommodate Islamic ideals and beliefs would be over by lunchtime October 2.

What a brutal shame that Islamic history month will certainly have nothing whatsoever to do with Islamic history. Instead it will try and make the claims that European and Hindu Indian inventions philosophies and thought actualy came from Islam (which of course didnt even exist till centuries if not millenia after the Greeks who actually did most of the accomplishment) and will be an attempt to rationalize Islam’s brutal hatreds intolerance and genocidal teachings against the jews against a post modern backdrop of leftist politics dealing with the 65 year old state of Israel.

The fact that Mohamed advocated genocide of the jews in the seventh century will go unnoticed of course and the fact that Islam spread pretty much entirely by bloody conquest. Even the Emperor of ancient Persia spoke eloquently on that who was recently quoted by the Pope and for which of course, the pope’s death threat file grew by several inches.

Also a few days should be spent explaining why Islam owes reparations to Europe for the million plus people it took as slaves.

The most important single thing western nations can possibly do today is have an Islamic history month. Lets just be sure to teach Islamic history. It will die the squirming pestilent death of every other irrational violent religious authority.

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