Fundamentalist ideology in Canada

Canada’s first elected Muslim woman politician Moroccan born Fatima Houda-Pepin has expressed much discomfort concerning the radical interpretation of Islam spreading throughout Canada. What had shocked her most upon her arrival to the nation, was the level of indoctrination of Islamism, where many Muslim women are left veiled inside their own homes and are subjected to fundamentalist ideology preached by trained Imams who are often paid by foreigners to spread radical Islam. Their aim? To isolate Muslims from their host society to promote and secure Islamism on behalf of an intended global community without borders.

Houda-Pepin asserts that the ” Islam of knowledge and tolerance” is being transformed in Canada to a straight-jacket and reduced to a series of impositions most often perpetrated on women. A lack of knowledge of Islam and Muslims by the average Canadian allows radicals the free reign to impose their views and, coupled with the indifference of the authorities who believe that “ethnic trouble” is best settled within the community, Islamism is set free.

Islamist groups using this indifference and ignorance have shaped and adopted an aggressive strategy. They have positioned themselves as spokespeople for the Muslim ‘majority’ leaving the true majority of moderate Muslims anxious and concerned while trying to integrate into the mainstream society with peaceful purpose.

This is the vulnerability of these communities among which the silent majority do not dare confront the Islamists on their own ground”, Houda-Pepin maintains.

Extremism more often than not, is initially rooted within minorities themselves. In 1990 fundamentalists called to impose sharia law in Toronto only to be quickly smacked down by Muslim women. The call re-surfaced again in 2003 this time with a more polished sales pitch, an increased level of aggression and a broader reach. The second smack down came from the province of Ontario. The national and international level of opposition toward sharia’s adoption was fierce and in May of 2005 members of the Quebec National Assembly voted unanimously to reject a motion to implement Islamic law. Within thirteen years, the high level of mainstream ignorance of Islamism had lowered and continues to drop due in large part to the efforts of many like Ms. Houda-Pepin and others who understand and expose the danger of extremist ideology.

The radicals once again had to regroup and reposition. Not ones to miss an opportunity to step up the rhetoric, they judged Houda-Pepin as a racist, secular-Muslim Liberal leading Canada on a dangerous path with her rejection of sharia.

Bear in mind, set backs of this nature are considered only minor, frustrating nuisances and in no way signal defeat. Islamist influence continues to spread where it’s proponents lead a conflict within nations considered morally corrupt, Godless and decadent. The strategy involves using laws which guarantee religious freedom to gain ground for sharia, by which each and every Muslim must adhere. By keeping communities closed, criticism at bay, moderates intimidated into silence and law-fare flowing, sharia may be successfully implemented. Lives are governed according to Quaranic principle regardless of a host nation’s secular system and the ‘community without borders’ for the ummah is further secured.

As you may imagine Fatima Houda-Pepin is not well regarded amongst the Planet Islam set. But that’s not important. What is, is the increasing awareness that Islamists work diligently in Canada and around the globe to foster and implant an ideology so completely incompatible with the fundamentals of basic human dignity and respect for individual freedom.

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