Islam, politics and the Canadian left in the current federal election

Samira Laouni, a federal candidate for the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP) is running in the riding of Bourassa in Montreal. Touted as the first hijab wearing politician, she hopes to bring a better understanding of Islam and increased cultural tolerance and ethnic diversity to this troubled area. Working on behalf of the Muslim community in Montreal, she was part of a delegation of women who went to Herouxville, Quebec to participate in an inter-cultural dialogue exhange with local residents during the highly publicized and controversial “reasonable accommodation” debates of 2007.

Working from this theme, she worked closely with the Canadian Islamic Congress under the umbrella of the Canadian Muslim Forum, Both are grassroots organizations focused on Islamic issues promoted within Canadian society. Under the direction of the CIC and by extension the CMF, she presented a brief to the Bouchard-Taylor Consultation Commission detailing concerns and providing recommendations on behalf of the Muslim community to be considered in their final report.

It is not unreasonable for any ethnic community to concentrate on concerns specific to their community. It is even less curious that members of these communities illicit support from political candidates and sitting members of provincial and federal offices to consider and value their unique cultural interests and contributions within the broader, societal context. I’m certain that Ms. Laouni differs little from most in her hard working attempt to secure fair and equal representation in Parliament for Canadian Muslims.

The Montreal Muslim News, on the other hand, is more overt in it’s pressure on behalf of asserting “progressive” cultural relativism and it’s linking to Canadian political/social policy. Much of this is revealed in an article published today on the Election 2008. The author proceeds to rate all federal parties on their ability it would seem, as who is best suited to court and appease Islam.

What sets Samira Laouni apart from most other political candidates representing ridings with high visible minority populations with legitimate and reasonable concerns, is her past and perhaps ongoing affiliation with both the CIC and CMF organizations. Muhammed Elmasry, president of the CIC was quoted to say of Ms. Laouni’s contribution in the reasonable accommodation debate ” She was instrumental in writing Muslim views and her actions were positively achieved. I hope voters will be blind to her hijab and judge her on her qualifications and ability to represent them.”

Although the CMF is more restrained, both groups show an anti-semitic undertone and a toxic mix of distaste and hatred for both Israel and the United States. The CIC in particular, is fixated on perpetuating false information and historical inaccuracies to it’s readership concerning the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Islamic achievement and has repeatedly called upon both the federal Liberal and Conservative governments respectfully to remove both Hamas and Hezbollah from the list of known terrorist organizations.

The CIC’s list of rhetoric op-eds reads like a rap-sheet for Islamofascism. Support for sharia law in Canada, the endorsement of polygamy as a “family-friendly” policy in Ontario, a bizzare endearing essay on Robert Mugabe, the initiative to pressure government to re-evaluate or discard completely anti-terrorism legislation and ‘no-fly’ lists, obsessive tracking of all Canadian media for Islamophobic content and pursuing multiple HRC’s as the primary complainant to prosecute the Maclean’s/Steyn case. Is Muhammed Elmasry’s endorsement of Ms. Laouni’s work a positive sign or should she be embarrassed?

Ms. Laouni’s candidacy should not be above the same scrutiny that has been issued to candidates of other federal parties. Does she hold the same views as the CIC and the CMF? If in fact she has distanced herself from these Islamist ideologues, does she intend to fairly support her diverse community as a whole by openly discounting their views as non-representative of the majority and incompatible with Canadian societal values? If in fact she remains to have a quasi relationship with radical organizations should this not be made clear to her constituents for analysis?

To be fair in my concern, I also suggest a thorough scouring of the Green Party’s geo-political policy on foreign affairs concerning the Middle East. A clear position is posted on their web-site concerning Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan: “The position taken by the Green Party is thus the correct one; we should serve notice to the U.S. who is using our troops to fight it’s imperialistic wars, that we withdraw our troops ASAP next year but we keep a number in strictly non-combat roles to help rebuild infrastructure in Afghanistan”.

Qais Ghanem, a Green Party running candidate in Ottawa South quips 9/11 as the “Big Event” claiming the hijackers were Saudis with box cutters, none being Iraqis or Afghans. He also wonders on his blog entry why building 7, not attacked at all, collapsed like a controlled demolition? This shows that a ‘9-11 truther’ has managed to run for public office within Canada’s left leaning Green Party. Speaking of which, here is Green Party leader Elizabeth May, you can catch her here in a flattering photo attending a pro-Hezbollah rally in 2006.

I simply ask this: Has the left in this country gone completely nuts? Why the holy alliance with Islamists? To what benefit would this possibly serve Canada’s interest and the security of her people? I can only assume a pure tactical rationale to curry favour in the name of cultural relativism for increased membership. Has anyone thought to ask Ms. May to explain her presence at this notorious rally? This is one instance where the grass is definitely not greener on the Green side of the fence.


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  1. i suggest you get your facts right: cic is asking for the right to settle family matters in a non-binding, non-aribtrary court similar to all other faith groups entitled to practice in canada. since when asking for equal representation an crime in the charter of rights? since when is criticizing israel or zionism became tantamount to anti-semitism, looks like you haven’t read the thought provoking writings of norman finklestein, the most reformed jew. what is strange about this is that some christians like you give carte blanche to israeli atrocities in the occupied areas than some orthodox jews in israel are prepared to accept. hamas, if you have forgotten was elected by the palestinians and hezbollah outsmarted an army of 3 billion wager per annum two years ago. if those are the two reasons they should be put on a terrorist list, then i would suggest you find a third good reason.

  2. The CIC is an islamist front organisation using all the available tools in this country to further its goal – advancing charia and pretending to speak speak on behalf of all muslins.

    The values of islam are not compatible with democracy and lberties. The Coran and the charia (islamic law) state that

    The muslim is superior to the non-muslim.
    Male are superior to female.
    Masters are superior to slaves.

    These law are for ever and cannot be changed as they are the word of Allah.

    To understand islam it is important to read the Coran, the Hadiths, the Sirra and the Sunna.
    You will find extreme violence directed against the christians, the jews and all non-muslims.
    Their religious doctrine also give them the right to lie to protect their religion when they are in minority. It is called taqqiya and kitman – deception against the infidels and they use it a lot to deceive us!

    Excuse my poor English i am writing from Québec

  3. Muslims running for political office in an infidel country is part of stealth jihad. If anyone thinks otherwise, he/she is fooling himself/herself. Their stated goal, as per orders from Allah, is to have Islam prevail in the world. Read the Koran if anyone feels I am biased. El Masry and company are pure Islamic bigots as seen from their writings and reports I have seen in Canadian media, sitting 10,000 Km away in PC, Muslim ass kissing India.

    The non-Muslims supporting sharia think it is a harmless thing for the mainstream. Let me assure you, it is the first step towards undermining your society. After sharia, other demands will follow.

  4. I direct this response to John Abegail’s comment. Respectfully Mr. Abegail, I do have my facts straight. Thorough research and credible sources are an absolute requirement when writing on such complex issues such as these.

    The CIC among others, has indeed endorsed the implementation of sharia law in Canada. To refer to the request simply as a right to settle family matters in a non-binding, non-arbitrary court similar to all other faith groups entitled to practice in Canada is faulty. No faith groups are entitled to religious arbitration at least in the province of Ontario. The request for equal representation is moot considering that all Canadians are subject to one public law.

    Secondly, sharia is an intransmutable system of Islamic jurisprudence, a legal system which many Muslims and non-Muslims find oppressive, in particular to women. The International Campaign against sharia court in Canada, a coalition of 87 organizations from 14 countries along with Muslim and non-Muslim women’s groups played pivotal roles to ensure it’s rejection.

    Criticism of Israel and/or Zionism is not tantamount to antisemitism, just as criticism of Islam cannot be considered Islamopohobic. Legitimate analysis and criticism of religion/politics accompanied by opposing viewpoints is a necessary and useful endeavor when discussing global events.

    What can be considered antisemitism however, are the standard antisemitic themes which are commonplace in the propaganda of some Arab Islamic organizations, two of which are Hamas and Hezbollah and the variety of pronouncements of some agencies in Iran. The language of abuse is clearly noted with epithets of Jews and Christians being portrayed as apes and pigs, respectively. Does the fact that Mein Kompf was #6 on the Palestinian bestseller list in 1999 indicate tolerance?

    As for reading the thoughtful writings of Norman Finkelstein the “reformed” Jew, I have not. I can tell you however that he was denied tenure at DePaul University. I would also point out that he has argued that some exploit the Holocaust as an ‘ideological weapon’ so that Israel can claim victimhood in order to avoid criticism.

    Mr. Finkelstein was also denied entry into Israel in May of 2008 on suspicions that he had contact to those hostile to the state. He was questioned, sent back to Amsterdam and is banned from entering Israel for the next 10 years.

    Hamas was indeed elected by the Palestinians. However, since it’s creation in 1987 as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is notorious for it’s many suicide bombings and other attacks on Israeli civilians. It’s charter calls for the destruction of the state of Israel replaced by a Palestinian Islamic state.

    Hezbollah is an Islamic political, paramilitary organization whose leaders have also made numerous statements calling for the destruction of Israel. Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by Canada, the E.U., Israel, Japan, the U.S., and is banned in Jordan. Both the U.K. and Australia list only the military wing. The U.S., Canada, Israel and the Netherlands list Hezbollah as a terrorist group. The democratic state of Israel is a Canadian ally and groups considered hostile toward it, are considered by the Canadian government to be hostile, by extension, toward this nation. Those who would openly support listed terrorist organizations regardless of their motivation would no doubt be cause for concern.

    Mr. Abegail, you assume I am Christian. Why? Because I support Israel’s right to exist or because I am critical of radical Islam? Is it both? Perhaps it could be that I oppose terrorism and object to the presence and influence of jihadist elements in my country.


  5. I havetried to bring up the issues we are talking about here and others that relate with the candidates in my riding. the liberal response was absolutely rabid. The left in this country are so concerned with political correctness that they a no longer able to think reasonably. If we don’t start speaking out and doing something about it we will end up like Europe and people looking for somewhere to flee for safety will have no where to go . Wake Up People!

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