Canadian schools are politically indoctrinating your kids with your money

The new start to the school year brings with it yet another fresh round of crypto-environmentalist pushers. This afternoon my daughter brought home a booklet entitled ” Blazing Trails Through the Urban Jungle”. Steps 1 and 2 ask the child to describe their territory and map their route to school. Steps 3 and 4 ask them to identify safe and unsafe traffic areas in their neighborhood, while the final step directs parents to participate in the “greening” process.

It urges we drive our cars less, drive slower and leave our vehicles at home at least two days per week. It suggests that we help start a “walking school bus” and ask Green Communities for a copy of Go for Greens ” Retrofitting Communities for Sustainable and Healthy Active Transportation”. My daughter was swift in her response as she has used the same method and same route to get to school for years: her feet on the sidewalk.

My reaction surely must be typical of any honest parent whose intent is to prioritize on the academic portion of the education system which I pay heavily to subsidize and to retain a healthy dose of skepticism, all things considered. Certainly my questions must run through many minds: Why are children asked to do this? Why should it matter how my daughter gets to school; isn’t the point that she attend and is eager to learn? Why is she being used as a conduit for such one-sided propaganda? Subsequently, why are tax dollars diverted and directed to such radical initiatives?

Climate change, global warming and a push for a greener, friendlier world I would suppose, where the salvation of the planet rests on walking, bicycling, recycling, voting green and the preposterous notion that the welfare of earth rests in the fragile and fickle ego of mankind.

Global warming is the new big business. The federal Liberals are so enamored by the concept that their entire political campaign is centered around it. Tabled as the Green Shift, they are willing to bankrupt the country in it’s favour. Elizabeth May’s Green Party is all about green, green and more green, leaving economics, geo-political concerns, international relations and health care as bothersome afterthoughts. This leaves room for the lesser known but still high profile celebrity anti-carbon enthusiasts such as David Suzuki and Al Gore wannabe’s to peddle their wares to the biggest market available: school children. This latest initiative is sponsored by Health Canada, Environment Canada, The Ontario Trillium Foundation, the City of Toronto, Green Communities and Go for Green. Aside from the obvious departments of Health and Environment Canada and the City of Toronto, who are these people? Reprobates from the by-gone hippie generation seeking a modern cause?

The trouble is, there is no counter argument presented to young minds that is welcome in any public school. There is no booklet published by respected scientists detailing evidence to the contrary brought home in the knapsack available for families to read. Sponsorship through tax payers dollars for the alternative point of view is simply not available. I have yet to see a booklet of this nature. Are schools not obliged to teach our children in an environment of academic fairness without bias and political, state interference? 

My daughter has completed the booklet; I on the other hand, am not so easily chided.

Active and safe routes to school is a national, child-centered program, developed, implemented and managed by Green Communities in Ontario and Go for Green and the rest of it’s partners in Canada. 


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