After Israel, Spain.

I have said often in debates with people over the question of the existence of Israel, that if and when the Islamic nations succeed in destroying it and bringing it to Islamic rule the issue will then become Spain. In Islamic law, any nation that has ever been conquered by Islam, and all Muslim nations where forced to it by conquest, none where by persuasion, are to be considered Islamic lands and must always henceforth be ruled by Islam.

Spain was taken for 700 years from Christian Europeans and ruled by invading Muslim armies. The brief 400 odd years since the reconquista is an insult to islam and not an admission of defeat.

As the article below the fold shows, there is some evidence of Al Queda now already turning its sights on ‘Al-Andalus’ as if the train bombings there where not enough evidence of this.

Terrorism: Al-Qaeda leader threatens France and Spain

Algiers, 22 Sept. (AKI) – A leader of the Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Islamic Maghreb has threatened France and Spain in an audio message broadcast on jihadist Internet forums on Monday.

“To those that are involved in the war against Islam and have betrayed the Islamic nation, we say to them: Repent before God punishes you with his hands and with ours,” said Abdel Malik Droukedel, who uses the name Abu Musab Abdel Wudud.

“This is because judgement day is close and punishment is imminent. And whoever among the treacherous apostates thinks that France is in a position to ensure its safety, we tell them they are wrong, because France will not be in a position to do it, and will be worried for its safety.”

In the audio message, entitled “Message to our nation in the Islamic Maghreb”, Droukedel reminds his listeners about Spain and Morocco’s territorial dispute over the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

“Dear nation, it is not conceivable for any Muslim that loves Islam to speak of the Maghreb without remembering Ceuta and Melilla, occupied by Spain without remembering the injustice suffered by our nation,” said Droukedel.

“The complicity between Spain and international organisations such as the Arab League, the Islamic Conference and the United Nations is clear.”

Melilla and Ceuta are autonomous cities administered by Spain and considered by neighbouring Morocco to be an integral part of its territory and of immense political and economic significance.

Morocco claims both locations to be “despoiled” territories, calling them by their Arabic equivalents of Sebta and Melillia. The cities have been under Spanish control for over 400 years.

In the message, Droukedel also speaks against new NATO military bases in North Africa and accuses Moroccan King Mohammed VI of having betrayed the prophet Mohammed by having a Danish embassy in his territory.

Regarding Tunisia, Droukedel accuses the government of being anti-Islamic and of passing laws against the implementation of Islamic Sharia law.

Speaking about Mauritania, he reminds his listeners about Nouakchott’s diplomatic relations with Israel, while he claims that Algeria is suffering from political ‘interference’ by France.

“I assure you all that we do not kill innocent people and we will prevent the spilling of Muslim blood,” he said.

The Al-Qaeda leader says he will continue his fight to drive “France and the US from our country” and asks Algerian citizens to stay away from foreign organisations or government buildings because they are targets for attacks.

Droukedel’s message was aimed at Muslims in North Africa, and was also translated into French.

The Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Islamic Maghreb evolved from the Salafite Group for Preaching and Combat, initially formed to create an Islamic state in Algeria, but now believed to have more widespread goals.

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