Run don’t walk to rent the movie “The Kingdom”

For a solid insight into the problem of Islamic terrorism and its tactics and mentality ‘The Kingdom’ is remarkably frank for a Hollywood movie. Many books made to movies where the villains are Islamic often change them to neonazis or something equally acceptable to the politically correct where fact and likelyhood are far less important than avoiding offending the most violent and conservative of all the worlds people at this time, Muslims.

In fact, the tiny bit of moral equivalence at the end is even mitigatable by a moments thought about what these 2 people/groups meant by identical statements. (caution possible plot spoiler ahead)

When the Americans mention that one member of their team had promised someone they would ‘kill them all’ they where of course referring to blood thirsty terrorists, bomb makers and death dealers. When the terrorist leader promises his grandson on his death bed that they will “kill them all” he means of course all infidels, Americans Jews and so on. So even the films last minute ditch at moral equivalence to make it acceptable to Hollywood doesn’t wash in the face of a moments thought. This is a must see movie. Please write your opinions in the comments section I would really like to hear others feelings and thoughts on it.

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