10 excellent questions for the terrorist front CAIR

From http://www.cairbaby.com/  CAIR being the council on Islamic American relations, and of course they will not answer any of them.


  1. Do you want to see Islamic law eventually in America?  If not, then why not? 
  2. What is your position on religious profiling?  Do you believe that Saudi Arabia should be allowed to profile non-Muslims and prevent them from traveling to Mecca?
  3. Why do you refuse to condemn the killing of Americans in uniform? 
  4. Do you believe that it is wrong for Muslims to force members of another religion to pay money to Islam in the form of a jizya tax? 
  5. Are non-Muslims who reject Muhammad and resist Islamic rule considered to be “innocent persons?”
  6. Do you believe women should have the same rights as men?  Should Muslim women be free to marry whomever they choose and wear what they want?
  7. Hamas has deliberately murdered hundreds of Israeli civilians, including children, and left hundreds more with physical disability, mental impairment (from brain damage) and chronic pain.  They have also killed Americans.  Do you condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization? 
  8. Do you believe in equal rights for all religions?  Should religious minorities be as free to promote their faith in Muslim countries as CAIR and other Muslims do here in the West? 
  9. Do you believe that the punishment for adultery should be death?  If not, then why not?
  10. Why have you refused to condemn the Islamic Republic of Sudan for the deaths of over 200,000 Africans in the name of Jihad?  Would you be just as indifferent if this were a non-Muslim government killing Muslims instead?


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