Dutch Cartoonist arrested in Holland for… well Im sure you all know.

“If you laugh; you are not afraid. If you are not afraid, you are free.” The words of Dutch Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot. Of course he meant free of fear but I’m not sure if he would still say he was free after a night in a Dutch jail and a raid with ten Dutch policemen of his home. There is an excellent article on the matter on a Dutch blog,


The video below is partly in English.  The cartoonist himself speaks in English. The Dutch seem split. Those who think it should be a crime to insult Islam (But apparently not a crime to call for the death of the Dutch leaders, telling Dutch children they are pigs dogs and animals for being unbelievers and calling for genocide of the Jews which is common and frequent in Holland) and those who feel the Muslims are dangerous.

From    http://www.kleinverzet.blogspot.com/   

…The arrest is based on charged(NL) filed against the cartoonist in 2005 by a well known Dutch Jihadist named Abdul Jabbar Van de Ven. He was not the only one who filed charges in 2005, because he was also the leader of an Internet campaign to get as many Muslims as possible to file charges against the cartoonist. Abdul Jabbar van de Ven is a Dutch convert who is well known for his hate mongering against unbelievers. With the Dutch general public he is best known for calling for the dead of Geert Wilders, right after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, in a live TV show. He was never prosecuted for it, because according to the Dutch government this was within the limits of free speech

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