Steve Madely and Mark Steyn. a great interview. (Audio)

 Ottawa’s Steve Madeley interviews Mark Steyn. This is a great listen, but I would like to make a quick point here. Madely places himself squarely in the line of fire by repeatedly quoting the ‘offending’ section of Mark Steyn’s book which got both Steyn and McClain’s magazine in front of Canadian Human Rights Commission ‘courts’.

CFRA.s Steve Madely and Lowell Green are the only two Canadian journalists who have the raw courage to actually report the facts whether unfashionable, unpopular and now apparently even illegal within Canada. They both deserve our thanks respect and admiration as the possible consequences to them for doing this run the gamut from legal troubles within Canada to physical harm by their Islamist detractors.

Remember, the war on freedom by Muslims will not be won by the military. It will be won by the Muslims and the left if we fail to defend our freedom to say what we think. Remember, The human rights commissions in Canada have made it clear that the mere fact that a thing is true, has no bearing on whether or not it can be said in this country. Please do listen and enjoy and maybe ask yourself why one of the great defenders of Canadian free speech is a British born man now living in the US.


mark_steyn_may05 - Mark Steyn on CFRA may 5 08     
May 5 2008 Listen and enjoy

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