Loblaws execs live in fear from threats by Islamic suppliers.

Now here is something you typically dont see outside of Sicily. A supplier of Halal foods threatening to kill you and various other threats and harassments because you stop buying their chickens.

From The National Post in Canada…

Senior executives at Loblaw Cos. Ltd. have endured an intolerable three-year campaign of harassment, intimidation and multiple death threats from an irate food supplier who is angry over the grocer’s decision to end their business arrangement, according to court documents.

The ongoing problem became so bad that some members of company management weren’t able to concentrate on work because of fears for their lives, say affidavits filed in Ontario Superior Court.

Read the rest here…

It would be great to dismiss this as the ravings of a mad person. But as this kind of behaviour seems typical of the teachings of the prophet, maybe its time to have a good look at multiculturalism with a freshly jaundiced eye



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