Radical Muslims are our friends. Really.

Just to be clear, radical Muslims are our friends. They are the ones preaching tolerance coexistence, a re thinking of dogma koran hadith etc. that allows them to be part of the modern scientific world.

Radical Islam doesn’t preach hatred and intolerance. its good old fashioned normal Islam that does. When the FBI states that 3 out of 4 mosques within the US preach hatred of the west, forced submision of women and genocide to jews and non muslims then the radicals are clearly the ones who are being fired from mosques all over Canada, certainly in Ottawa and Montreal are 2 I know of and Im sure many more are being forced out of their positions due to what more typical Muslims see as overly secular ideas.

Radical ideas such as equality before the law of women. Respect for non Muslims in non Muslim nations. Obedience of laws of non Muslim states which may be in disagreement of Koran. These sort of Muslims clearly are the radical ones as they are the ones most often threatened with death by the good old fashioned dare I say, ‘conservative’ or traditional Muslims.

Just a thought as Im rather irritated by those who are always trying to correct me as to the nature of this war. The radicals are actually more or less at least, on our side.


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