Today Sweden, Tomorrow ZEE VOWRLD!

Sweden’s Press Ombudsman Wants to Prosecute Bloggers

I suppose like Canada, freedom of speech must be a vulgar, ‘American’ idea to the swedes who are diligently working to suppress any expression not politically correct and of course, working hard to make sure Sweden’s Islamic overlords are not offended in any way. We know how difficult and important a job that is.

From The Brussels Journal:

Yrsa Stenius, the Swedish press Ombudsmann, wants to press chargesagainst certain bloggers. She is worried about developments on the Internet, where anybody can just write anything they want. She says this has gone too far. She fears this trend could even spread to the mainstream media, unless something is done and a legal precedent is established to rein in unruly bloggers.

Please do click through to The Brussels Journal

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