At last, the UN pisses off the left


A recent UN report has asked that Ottawa suspend its crack pipe and safe injection site as it violates UN rules for narcotic trafficking.

While I don’t see this as any less stupid than any other UN edict at least its refreshing to see them annoying their usual supporters. Frankly the drug problem is easily solved in theory and imposable in practice. Legalize them and have the govt. actually give the drugs rather than the paraphernalia to use them and the number of users drops.Associated crime drops. Spending on a futile war on drugs stops saving the nations hundreds of billions of dollars better spent fighting Islam (Muslim terrorists and Leftist terrorists pretty much entirely fund their acts of terrorism selling drugs to western peoples) and terrorism in general.

While its tempting to do an essay here on why prohibition doesn’t work Ive decided to suffice it to say for the time being, ‘Prohibition doesn’t work’. Not on guns not on booze and not on drugs. The evidence is overwhelming of course.

As Penn & Teller point out in their episode on ‘The War on Drugs’ heroin is over one thousand two hundred times cheaper per unit/quality than it was when the war on drugs started. The above link takes you to the episode on youtube. Please take the time to watch it. Its well worth the effort.


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