Churches targeted in failed Turkey coup, more on Turkish purge

From Christian Radio:

Wed 20 Jul 2016

By Hannah Tooley

Churches have been targeted during the failed coup attempt in Turkey, reports suggest.

Upheaval began during the evening of Friday 15th July where an attempt to overthrow the government was made.

The Catholic church of Santa Maria was attacked in Trabzon on the Black Sea where paving stones were used to break windows and hammers were used to try and break into the church.

Middle East Concern has reported that Muslim neighbours stopped the attack and contacted the priest.

In another town Malatya, windows were broken in Malatya Protestant Church as well as the door.

Pastor Tim Stone said those with issues against the church are taking advantage of the unrest.

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 Edwin Jude adds the following report about Turkey:

My contacts in Turkey tell me that ISIS militants working for AKP are everywhere creating atmosphere of fear, rape and horror so the Turkish seculars would not protest on the streets.
Some of the alleged conspirators in the Turkish coup include Gen. Akin Ozturk, the air force commander, and Gen. Adem Huduti, head of Turkey’s Second Army, which is deployed along its borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. Their commands are key to Turkey’s efforts in the conflict in neighboring Syria, which includes sorties against the Islamic State militant group as well as Kurdish militias on both sides of the border.  Its obvious that, Erdogan is not interested in cracking down the ISIS in Syria/Iraq.
The Turkish Special Police, JITEM is heavily infiltrated by Islamists loyal to Erdogan. (formerly infiltrated by Gulen) They are the ones who crushed the coup.

British PM May on the Turkish coup :

Turkey is out friend. Turkey is our Nato ally. It is a “priority market” for our arms exports – £550m worth.

Britain’s new prime minister has declared that this country “stands firmly in support of Turkey’s democratically elected government and institutions”.   But rather than condemning the mounting crackdown, Theresa May offered only a weak “call for the observance of Turkey’s constitutional order”, and stressed “the importance of the rule of law”.