Nazi communists? Yes they exist

A translation by Hermes

From Digital Minute


A new antisemitic monster is born: the russian “Nazbol” party. The nationalist bolshevics form one of the most active and radical groups of the anti-putin “The Other Russia” block.

Their flag is the same as that of the Nazi Germany, but they have replaced the swastika for the communist symbol of the hammer and the sickle. The “national-bolsheviks” form one of the most active and radical groups of the anti-Putin “The Other Russia” block.

Just as many russians nowadays, those of the illegal National Bolshevic Party (PNB) miss the grandeur of the former USSR. Because of having started to feel a nationalist wind after the fall of the Berlin wall, which as time passed, became extreme, they adopted nazi and soviet ideas and joined an ideology which was born in the twenties of the last century. The “Nazbols”, which are lead by the red-brown writer Eduard Limonov, carried in their demonstrations orthodox christian symbols and North Korean flags.

When they demonstrate against Putin, they raise up their fist high and firmly, but sometimes they salute in a roman way. Many of them have their heads shaved, and they shout one of their favorite slogans: “Russia is everything, the rest is nothing”. They are radicals to the very core, and they even managed to successfully carry out an assault against the russian finance ministry.

After a long process of outlawings and readmissions by part of the legal body of the country, the russian supreme court finally outlawed this movement lead by Limonov. The national bolshevism has amongst its main ideologues Alexander Dugin, which praises the imperial and stalinist past of Russia and is obsessed with a Eurasian empire from Dublin to Vladivostock and from the Indian to the Arctic Ocean governed by a “red fascist” regime. Continue Reading →