Nazi communists? Yes they exist

A translation by Hermes

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A new antisemitic monster is born: the russian “Nazbol” party. The nationalist bolshevics form one of the most active and radical groups of the anti-putin “The Other Russia” block.

Their flag is the same as that of the Nazi Germany, but they have replaced the swastika for the communist symbol of the hammer and the sickle. The “national-bolsheviks” form one of the most active and radical groups of the anti-Putin “The Other Russia” block.

Just as many russians nowadays, those of the illegal National Bolshevic Party (PNB) miss the grandeur of the former USSR. Because of having started to feel a nationalist wind after the fall of the Berlin wall, which as time passed, became extreme, they adopted nazi and soviet ideas and joined an ideology which was born in the twenties of the last century. The “Nazbols”, which are lead by the red-brown writer Eduard Limonov, carried in their demonstrations orthodox christian symbols and North Korean flags.

When they demonstrate against Putin, they raise up their fist high and firmly, but sometimes they salute in a roman way. Many of them have their heads shaved, and they shout one of their favorite slogans: “Russia is everything, the rest is nothing”. They are radicals to the very core, and they even managed to successfully carry out an assault against the russian finance ministry.

After a long process of outlawings and readmissions by part of the legal body of the country, the russian supreme court finally outlawed this movement lead by Limonov. The national bolshevism has amongst its main ideologues Alexander Dugin, which praises the imperial and stalinist past of Russia and is obsessed with a Eurasian empire from Dublin to Vladivostock and from the Indian to the Arctic Ocean governed by a “red fascist” regime.

Dugin stands for a traditionalism confronted to theUSA-leaded western world, and asks for the union of communism, socialism and fascism in a new anticapitalist, antiliberal and antiindividualist ideology. The “Nazbol” also admires such figures as the III Reich propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and the soviet leader Josif Stalin. The former was one of the most “red” ones amongst the nazis, and the latter was one of the most nationalists amongst the reds. The followers of Limonov already had their own website,, but this, as well as many others linked to this movement, exist no more. It was an odd site which showed images and posters calling for violent insurrection and also photos of half-naked young women with machine guns and bracelets with nazbol symbols. The nazbols don’t care if their old websites are closed down, others have been created. The anti Putin block Drugaya Rossiya, that is,”The Other Russia”, which has as top leaders Eduard Limonov and Gary Kasparov, accepts everybody who stands against Putin. But how is possible that liberal forces, those who call for a more transparent and less corrupt democracy, and both right and left wing totalitarian extremists are able to ally in such a coalition?

“It’s a heterogeneous group, and sometimes contradictory,because they want to represent “anything else”, Professor of contemporary history at the Carlos III university in Madrid Montserrat Huguet explains.

They shout in their rallies that “Russia is everthing, the rest is nothing”

Apart from this, perhaps those belonging to “the other Russia” share something more that their rejection towards Putin: nationalism. “No political force willing to defeat Putin can avoud him. There are still generations which grew up under the influence of the soviet nationalist propaganda, and russians are generally very nationalists” Professor Huguet explains. The russian government agrees at this point with the nazbols. “Putin and his “dictatorial” methods come from the USSR and are adapted to a globalized world. The nationalism of the president is enslaving to the extreme, looks towards the east and isolates itself from the european and western interests”, the professor explains

It causes wonder in the west to see Gary Kasparov together with Eduard Limonov and the Nazbol,but perhaps we have a too mild image of the chess player. “In spite of the internationalization of his figure and his huge empaty, let’s not forget that Kasparov, which is perhaps the most prominent leader of “The Other Russia”, was raised in the USSR”, Huguet says.

“Kasparov and Putin “compete in strategy”, and russians, who are fond of chess, love contests”, she says. In her opinion, the Nazbol is not a serious threat to Western Europe, but “It’s different with the republics surrounding the european, and specially the asian Russia, because all of them are young democracies and have great structural mismatches. Regarding the growing of the Nazbol movement, the professor explains that “in spite of their differences, both german nationalsocialism and soviet communism had similarities regarding their political approaches. These were xenophobia and mass murder. In Putin’s Russia, the only hope is to expect a step forward of the economic potential of the country, thus switching off the social discomfort and making possible the break up of extremisms”, Huguet believes.

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8 Replies to “Nazi communists? Yes they exist”

  1. Nazbol just needs to find a way to add Islam to the mix and then the devil himself will crawl out of the earth and give over his staff and crown to party-leader Limonov and cry – my work is done, my work is finally done.

  2. These clowns are a bunch of nihilistic sociopathic crackpots, obscene anti-intellectual goons, degenerate yokels and juvenile delinquents. It’s probably one of the most bizarre and retarded political parties in existence. The most fitting description of these nutjobs is “generic collectivist totalitarian fringe”.

    (I’m an ex-Soviet émigré, speak russian and keep an eye on russian politics and culture.)

  3. A few years ago they had a video showing these guys cutting the head off a victim.
    They are the western equivalence to Islam.

  4. Every time you think things can’t get worse they do, when the Nazi’s started in Germany no one took them seriously, they were laughed at, a few years later they were in charge. In this case Putin is either going to find a way to become their leader of face a major crisis and possibly a civil war.

  5. Well, Russians don’t like Muslims. If we can convince the Nazbols to leave Israel alone, they could become useful against Islam. Cutting off people’s heads isn’t wrong in itself. It can be used against Muslims. There are more and more Russians who see Israel as an ally; Pax Ruthenia on Stormfront, and Ruslan Tokhchukov on Jihad Watch.

  6. National Socialists and International Socialists are peas in the same pod and always have been, and quite a few German nincompoops claimed the mantle of “National Bolshevic” (in German) back in 1919 and 1920. So please don’t suppose that these “Nazbol” eightballs are treading any sort of new ground. Socialism is socialism: If you don’t believe me then when you next sit down to a plate of chicken wings take a couple of minutes to separate the right wings from the left wings and then contemplate the difference.

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