Bahrain to try doctors for helping protesters

MANAMA, Bahrain — Several doctors and nurses who treated injured anti-government protesters during the months of unrest in Bahrain will be tried in a military court on charges of acting against the state, the justice minister said Tuesday. Khaled bin Ali Al Khalifa said the charges against 23 doctors and 24 nurses include participating in attempts to topple the island’s Sunni monarchy and taking part in illegal rallies. The announcement is the latest in the Sunni rulers’ relentless pursuit of Shiite opposition supporters after weeks of street marches demanding greater freedoms, equal rights and an elected government in Bahrain…

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Police crowd control the Bahraini way:

Very Tragic Video: Bahraini protester gets shot from very close range of about 1 meter in the face by police

Ahlul Bayt News Agency) -An eyewitness said a police officer shot an unarmed young protester in the head, resulting serious head injury. Then he immedietly transfeed to Salmaniya hospital.

Police then sought to disperse approximately thousandsd protesters by using tear gas and Batons in order to clear the road, the government statement said.

On Sunday, more than 5000 young people organized a protest in front of Bahrain Financial Harbor in the capital Manama, witnesses said.

Police and anti-riot squads stationed near the harbor fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, leaving 200 injured, according to Salmanya Hospital. Al Wasat cameraman Mohammed Al-Mukharaq was among the seriously injured, his editor said.