The Sydney Siege and the Elephant in the Room

In the story of the three blind men in a room with an elephant, one man declares that the elephant is like a pillar as he touches the elephant’s leg.  Another says that the elephant is like a snake as he touches the trunk, whilst the last man says that the elephant is like a large fan as he explores the ear.

This is very much like how our governments, politicians, establishment and media treat Islam.  Islam is the giant elephant in the room.  They each declare what they think Islam is, based on what they are told by Muslim groups or by the far-left.  They just cannot see what the elephant in the room really is.  And this was never more evident in the coverage of the Sydney coffee shop siege.  The BBC declared that they couldn’t see a relationship between the flag shown in the coffee shop window and the ISIS flag.  Anyone with half a brain at the BBC who had bothered to do even a simple Google search would have discovered that the black flag is the Islamic flag of war – Jihad war.

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The Religions of Peace

Be it David Cameron, Barack Obama or Pope Francis, when mentioning Islam prominent leaders feel the need to genuflect and pay homage by saying “Islam is a religion of peace”.

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times. But saying something over and over again does not make it true. In fact, the proclamation that Islam is somehow a peaceful religion usually comes after news hits of yet another act of Islam-inspired violence.

ISIS beheads a Western journalist, “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Al Qaeda blows up a marketplace, “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Islamists call for the killing of non-Muslims, “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Aside from the absurdity of the notion that the Islamic ideology does anything other than spawn death and destruction everywhere it exists, the very fact that these prominent leaders feel the need to qualify Islam as inherently good begs questioning. Why speak to the nature of Islam at all? What need is there to tell people about the righteousness of Islam? We don’t speak about Hinduism or Judaism or Christianity as being “religions of peace”, so why Islam?

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