Demonstration In Support of EDL ‘Rooftop Two’ In Wolverhampton

We are hearing reports that there is an EDL demonstration currently taking place in Wolverhampton in the English Midlands.  Apparently ‘The Rooftop Two’ who were arrested for their peaceful protest on the proposed site of the Dudley Mega-mosque are apparently been held at a Police station in the city.  It has been suggested that the two political prisoners have even been denied the right to a phone call.

Around 100 EDL activists were mobilised at a moment’s notice and we have been informed that before long chants of E-E-EDL could be heard echoing into the Wolverhampton night.  The way these two champions of English freedom have been treated is a disgrace.   It seems that the agents of the British state are becoming sharia enforces who respond to every whim and desire of the Muslim community while ignoring the concerns of non Muslim Britons.

The spread of sharia norms in Great Britain must stop – release ‘The Rooftop Two’!