Trudeau and Italy and China, How Nazis became the new normal and more: Links 1 for May 24th, 2023

1. Dr. Daniel Nagase sues court for $33M

Daniel Yoshio Nagase claims his children could face myocarditis, thrombosis, cancer and sterility.

A former family doctor facing discipline for allegedly spreading COVID-19 misinformation is suing B.C. Supreme Court alleging his children are victims of experimental medical treatments.

Daniel Yoshio Nagase filed the notice of civil claim in B.C. Supreme Court May 12, naming the court and Master Grant Taylor as defendants.

Nagase claims his son and daughter were given experimental treatment on Taylor’s order Nov. 10, 2021.

The Vancouver doctor further claimed the order prevented him from protecting his children and has subjected them to “future consequences untold and not yet realized of myocarditis, thrombosis, cancer and sterility.”

The claim does not say what the treatment was or what it was for.

Nagase claimed the legal basis for the suit is right of parental protection of children by blood and right of restitution.

In a claim form box asking what the claim involves, the ‘Maritime law’ box has been checked.

In a regulatory case, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia has yet to schedule a hearing for Nagase after issuing him a citation around COVID-19 issues.

Please watch this video of Dr. Nagase at Ottawa’s National Citizens Inquiry last week. It was powerful and important testimony where he names names.

(Fascinating at so many levels. Disinformation is manufacturing materials that are not true in order to damage the target. Misinformation is the naive passing along of disinformation. The government of Canada is guilty of disinformation and everyone at the CBC, CTV, Global News and nearly all print media which is taking money from Trudeau. or aligned with the revolution like the Toronto Star. This doctor is in no way naive. He was examining evidence and practicing medicine. At this point, like for so many of us in North America, the real charge is being a counter-revolutionary. Dr. Nagase is certainly that as the truth, especially when it interferes with government information warfare against Canadians, is certainly counter-revolutionary. So. Dr. Nagase is certainly not guilty of misinformation, and could only be said to be guilty of disinformation if the new definition which is being covertly used in the manner of initiate language, is information that is factually correct but interferes with social manipulation by Marxist revolutionaries. Much like “White Supremacist” is code for supporters of the middle class, or ‘bourgeoisie’, and “transphobe” actually means anyone who does not believe that children are the property of the state and actually believe parents are responsible and by right, determiners of what children are to be and learn. While we are on the subject of communist initiate language, it also helps to understand that “Global Warming” is code for critical climate theory, or Marxist dialectics using climate nonsense as an attack vector on Western Civ, while not applying it to China or India.)

2. Trudeau’s hand picked long time family friend to oversee Chinese interference hearings, decides not to hold them at all. Trudeau agrees.

OTTAWA — Special rapporteur David Johnston said Tuesday that a formal inquiry into foreign interference is not needed, but that public hearings should be held as part of his own mandate. Johnston said an inquiry could not be undertaken in public because of the sensitivity of the intelligence involved, and formal subpoena powers are not required for him to hold his own hearings with diaspora communities, academics and political stakeholders.

3. Redacted has a look at how Italian news covered Trudeau’s sanctimonious lecture of PM Giorgia Meloni. This took place in Japan. So far there are no reports of Trudeau lecturing Japanese PM, Fumio Kishida for the astonishing and world leading lack of diversity in his country.

4. Diana West has a post on the state of the Taxpayer funded invasion of itself in the USA which is worth a look here.

5. This is a truly superb tweet on comparing Nazis in the abstract to those who demonized we who chose not to take a dangerous experimental gene therapy.

Pasting the text here in case it disappears:

A lot of people are getting upset having their conduct during covid compared to Germans supporting the rise of Nazism. Let’s recapitulate. A fifth of the population was legally classified as unclean. They were barred from most public spaces, including theatres, restaurants, movies, pubs, clubs, swimming pools, sporting events, concerts, conventions, etc. To access public facilities, people had to carry a digital mark with them so authorities could confirm they weren’t unclean. The unclean were fired and barred from most jobs: education, healthcare, courts – all public sector work, most major union jobs and a wide smattering of major private employers. When they were fired, the unclean were denied employment insurance, the reasoning being that they had been fired for cause on account of being unclean. The unclean were banned from travel on trains, planes, and chartered boats. They had no legal means of leaving the country. Even if they wanted to, they could not escape the country that obviously hated them so. It became illegal to socialize with the unclean. They weren’t allowed to attend weddings or funerals, or visit sick relatives or friends in hospital. Special laws were made for the unclean subjecting them to house arrest if they were around a person who had recently had a positive PCR test. The unclean had to continue to cover their faces in public when universal masking was dropped. It became socially acceptable to wish death upon the unclean in social media and in major news organizations. Public health figures and other politicians gave press conferences to shame and insult the unclean. The public developed shared pejorative names for them, and relished in insulting the unclean. News media regularly ran polls asking if the unclean should be arrested or fined. Public figures openly and proudly spoke about witholding medically necessary healthcare from the unclean – letting them die. The unclean were removed from organ transplant lists, condemned to almost certain death. No end date for these measures was ever suggested, no timeline given. To the contrary, this was called the “new normal”. Criticizing any of these developments made you a social pariah, and likely cost you most of your friendships and family relations, if not your job. The lesson of the Holocaust – and of covid – isn’t that Germans or Albertans or people of the 21st Century are uniquely gullible or evil. It’s that for most people, “morality” is not a matter of principle, but rather of adopting what they perceive to be the dominant group ideology – even if that ideology is marked by wanton irrationality or brutal inhumanity. Indeed, as in certain cults or gangs, the brutality or irrationality of the acts or beliefs required to signal group inclusion further entrench people into the ideology, rather than repel them; a kind of perverse sunk cost fallacy writ large. So, yes, if you’re a typical person – Albertan, Canadian or otherwise – it is overwhelmingly likely that you would have been a Nazi if you were born in Nazi Germany. If you cheered along lockdowns and mandates, that likelihood approaches certainty. Repent.

I would make one subtle adjustment to the statement above though. The Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany had no option to convert. The Germans had to invent a rule to determine who was a Jew, and it was if a person had one jewish grandparent. As far as I am aware, there was no rule to determine how to tell if that grandparent was Jewish. Perhaps the Covid Vaxx thing is closer to the Spanish inquisition only in that sense. People could have gotten vaxxed to escape this treatment, and Jews could have converted to Catholicism in Spain after the Reconquista to escape the fate for those who were viewed as having helped the Muslims enslave Spain.

I expect to be corrected on the fine points of that opinion. I merely mean that the subtle difference between Nazis and the normies in this case is that Jews had no option to convert, not that they should have, as the unvaxxed had an option to take the vaxx, not that they should have or should have had to in both cases. Otherwise in the sense of the Milgram experiment and the Stanford Prison experiment, he is exactly right. Most people would have been Nazis.

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I invite you all to read this comment by Yucki on the war between a proxy state for NATO and Russia. It is the best summary and prediction I have seen so far.

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  1. I would make one subtle adjustment to the statement above though…

    I agree with that adjustment, but I’d add a second one: The ritually pure became unclean every six months, when the boosters’ supposed effectiveness ran out. This vastly limited the damage the division could cause.

  2. 1. “I will be connecting attorney @RenzTom with molecular biologist Dr. Daniel Nagase, who has found evidence of the INTENT TO KILL & PERMANENTLY POISON THE HUMAN GENOME.” Dr Jane Ruby – May 21, 2023

    ER Physician Describes How the mRNA from Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID ‘Vaccines’ May Intergrate into the Human Genome
    Sense Receptor News – March 3, 2023

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