Alex Berenson X 2 on effects on women. I think he is catching up to James Thorp and more: Links 2, May 22, 2023

1. Alex Berenson: URGENT: Huge new study shows mRNA Covid jabs sharply raise the risk of severe vaginal bleeds

The researchers then tried to downplay their findings; welcome to the age of vaccine-apologetic science

Women 45 and over had a high risk of severe vaginal bleeding after receiving mRNA Covid shots, Swedish researchers found after studying almost 3 million women.

The increased risk lasted for at least three months after women received a shot and was even higher after the third shot than the first two. That finding suggests what scientists call a “dose-response relationship,” strong evidence the link was not coincidence.

Overall, a third mRNA dose raised the risk of severe, medically diagnosed bleeding episodes by 25-45 percent. Some women required inpatient hospital care.

Younger women also had a higher risk of bleeding episodes, although the researchers said hidden factors unrelated to the vaccine might have driven that finding.

Vaginal bleeding is not merely painful and uncomfortable. In about 9 percent of cases, severe bleeding episodes are a sign of cancer of the endometrium, the lining of the uterus. The researchers did not examine whether the extra bleeds were linked to increased diagnoses of endometrial cancer.

Later today, Alex followed up with a personal account on this exact issue. I suppose Alex, but certainly we, find it more reflective of the reality of the shots for women and its effects. For those who have not seen the interview with James Thorp OBGYN, please consider watching it in the context of these Berenson substack posts. The follow up post to the above is here.

2. Dominion voting machines going belly up and thank God almighty

As this site has stated before, these machines are closed source. This means the process is not transparent. And even if the machines are accurate, they are therefore undemocratic. Because a literal black-box system for voting, one where the process inside cannot be known, is inherently untrustworthy. These things must be cast into a volcano. It is also noteworthy that although highly counter-intuitive, they seem much much slower at counting votes than humans are, even with multiple scrutineers, which is the only way voting should be done. Elections used to be determined that night. Now it can take weeks or months. That disingenuous election rigger at Facebook, even tried to con us all into thinking that was normal.

3. WHO head, Tedros explains that the only answer to Covid and other health issues is communism. He doesn’t call it that. but that’s what it is.

NINE minute video of the guy

4. Marc Levin: The FBI has to be broken up for this

5. For the people who make Bud Light, its not enough that they hire on the basis of race to the point where employees match the various attributes of the community. They want to make sure that white people and especially white males are under represented in the company. This add is from before the trans-scam that is tanking But Lite beer. It’s at 2:39 where the reveal is. Also Bud Light appears to be giving the beer away and even buying unsold and expired cases back from dealers.


Still lots of work to do from the last few days of the NCI. Whatever else one takes from this site, please watch the Rodney Palmer videos in the previous post.


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