More NCI testimony, Avi Yemeni goes Nazi baiting and CBC marches forward with its usual propaganda: Links 1, May 15th, 2023

Preamble to the first item.

Possibly the biggest fraud of the past century up until Global Warming and Covid, the vaxx and multiculturalism, (actually the list is pretty long now) was the idea that Nazis were somehow “Right Wing”. Under any rational definition they were clearly not. Hitler gave speeches at Nuremberg which used to be on YouTube and may still be, with English subtitles. People really should watch them. He quotes Marx chapter and verse repeatedly. Class war, bourgeoisie etc. etc. At the start of Nazi propaganda it was indistinguishable from Soviet. Same style, same message. Hitler and Goebbels had to conciously reformat their own propaganda to make the Nazi (National Socialist Worker’s Party) distinct from the international socialists.

Stephen Hicks in his book, Explaining Postmodernism puts it more or less this way. At the time in Germany there was two parties on the far left. The Nazis, and the international socialists or communists. On the actual right, there was liberals, or basically all of us who read this site sympathetically. If you think of the politics of Germany at the time, its like a very tall very narrow triangle with classical liberalism at the highest point, and the base being naziism and communism practically next to each other. Naturally the two fought it out in street battles, and the nazis won, and the communists changed uniforms and joined them because both parties equally hated the individualist liberals.

All in all, not much impressed with anyone in this video. The spokesman for the Nazis appears to be the most reasonable of all of them. And none of the Nazis attacked Avi Yemeni despite his consistent provocations and insults to them. ANTIFA on the other hand believe in “Liberating Tolerance” so they default to violence. Avi seems to be a bit click bait in style in this. But at least he covered it and went to talk to both sides, even if he didn’t exactly let them represent themselves. The fact that ANTIFA and the Nazis join forces to support Palestine from a dialectical point of view pretty much tells the whole truth.

1. Avi Yemini attacked by ANTIFA in Melbourne

2. Ed Dowd testimony at the NCI Vancouver day 2
Ed Dowd is a wall Street insider. His insights on the vaxx are worthwhile. Among others, he debunks the usual excuses for excess deaths after the vaxx roll out.

3. Dutch MP like a voice in the wilderness, speaks out on behalf of Dutch Farmers

4. THOUSANDS of illegal aliens passed through the migrant processing center in El Paso, Texas on Friday.

Virtually all of the illegals were military age males.

(Just like the massive military age male invasion of Europe of Muslims since before, and especially after 2015.)

5. An excellent example of CBC dialectics during the pandemic. They dug up a narrative scientist who used the main tactic the CBC and other globalist media relied on. They would appear to be challenging the government’s policies by having a scientist who said the policies where not severe enough and more force and more control was needed. The governments, they would imply, were lax and too tolerant, even as they destroyed our wealth, families and most importantly, personal liberties. At no time did they find any doctor, scientist or expert that had a genuine, and as it turns out, correct view of the potemkin pandemic and the gene-therapy shots.

Below, a veteran CBC journalist explains what that agency has become in the last several years:

Thank you all for considering these approaches and adding your own thoughts and observations to enrich the community which has formed around this site.

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7 Replies to “More NCI testimony, Avi Yemeni goes Nazi baiting and CBC marches forward with its usual propaganda: Links 1, May 15th, 2023”

  1. 4-The illegals are mainly concentrated in Texas and Oklahoma with the rest spread out in the Big cities. In Missouri they are mainly in Kansas City and St Louis with a lesser amount in Columbia.

    The enemy armies are prepositioned in our nations, when are they going to move?

    Also remember the ships with small arms that were caught smuggling weapons into Europe and the cargo containers full of Chinese small arms found in the US.

    • They’ll be welcomed into the regular military, even some states’ National Guard. They’ll get lavish praise and a rapid path to full citizenship.

      Along with combined arms training, specfor, even positions in intel related to their countries of origin.

      What does Brad say?

      • Nothing yet, I hope he says something soon.

        Given the way Obiden has screwed up the military their training won’t be that good.

        • Hello yucki, Hello Richard,

          My computer who has been in palliative care, just suddenly woke up for a minute, time enough to say hello to my friends and to make a fearless (if not totally informed) prediction:
          these illegal Biden/Harris “guests” will get their right to vote just in time.
          Hugs to both of you.
          PS: Whoever is controlling Joe Biden has to be the worst, black Ex-President from Martha’s Vineyard in History. 😉

          • Hugs are better than air kisses!

            Fist-bumps in much of tard-land are like waving hello with a slipper. Everybody’s seen video of Obiden greeting MbS. Honor-shame culture => pResident’s advisors malicious, not merely stupid?

            Soooooo….. China is a top nuke proliferator, voila! a whole new world of woe.

            The Prez Z monster should go 404 before our election. But if not, PTrump is unlikely to join the Eurotrash, kiss his ring – or whatever.

            It’s very odd. As if they’re under a spell. Relentlessly escalating to WW-3. Maybe they figure they’ll get away clean, like their nazi war criminal grandfathers.

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