Chinada and the WHO: Links 1 for May 9th, 2023

1. Canada’s government finally kicks out one Chinese agent caught intimidating expats. CBC frames it like Trudeau did a brave thing instead of ignoring him for ages and X number of others like him. Remember the stories about Chinese police stations in Canada? That is how bad it is. Also in classic CBC fashion, comments on YT are turned off. No non-narrative opinions will be allowed on YouTube as well as Twitter as we know.

2. Whatever else one may think of Chris Sky, what he said in 2020 is worth revisiting. Although he does repeat himself on some points, he moves to different points at the end.

3. Chile moves from communism to reality over Venezuela like constitutional rewrite

4. So Trudeau has changed the name of External Affairs to Global Affairs, Helped draft the WHO treaty which would give the UN massive powers over Canadians with total bypass of laws, culture or local legislators, and now…

Multiculturalism means no culture. Thesis, counter-thesis, Synthesis.

5. John Campbell Ph.D on the WHO treaty to destroy national sovereignty in the name of public health. It appears that the “non-binding” part of the treaty has been removed?


Thank you all for checking out this site and considering views not in line with manufactured ‘truth’ by Marxist governments and their propagandists like CTV, Global and CTV.

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