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9 Replies to “Tucker Carlson video on life after FOX, and the US as a one party state”

  1. No offence but if free people really have to put up and make do with what Tucker calls “truth” then we are all scr*wed. Proof? He is alive and rich. AND is now in a position to tell even more “truth”. Is it by chance? Was it Murdoch’s strategical mistake to fire him and thus give him even more power over public opinion? I am not sure.

    So who are the big guys in the background that move everything in the world? Tucker never touches that. Like: they are “no one to f**k with” or “honestly I don’t know”. Sure he doesn’t know because he doesn’t want to get Epsteined — because that’s what happens if you know the truth and might open your mouth. Also, tell the whole truth AND get rich like Tucker? Impossible.

    He is actually a conformist playing a badass which he is not. At all. That’s so by defintion in a PC society that fights TRUTH: if you tell the truth you are out. But is the fact that he is now out the sign that he is telling the WHOLE truth? No. It is the sign that he got fed up with being a b*tch to the corporate system that has muzzled him all his life, and now he has the fortune to become independent.

    But that will never make him a real maverick because the people he speks to do not pursue the truth. I experienced that. The hopium-people stop at the most convenient half truths when they feel that that particular famous guy will leave them alone for a while. (Like Musk. In “conservative circles” I was ostracized and ridiculed by “conservative American Trumpers” when I told them that Musk was just controlled opp at best because he actually works for the government’s Agenda 2030 with his transhumanist Neuralink bulls*** as the puppet of the Penta*on.)

    But then how could we rely on Tucker’s truth? No way. We can’t. He will always stop at the real edgy stuff and go no further. If he did, he would literally lose everything he has, whch is pretty much. He would never risk that.

    So he is just truthertainment. And will always remain that.

    If we rely on the Hopium of the constrained ‘truth’ he is selling we are in for a major fog fight that actually helps the enemy in the current 5GW — while we think that we do something for liberty. Can anything be more dangerous for liberty than blinding and misleading the brave that could fight for it? Tucker is a criminal in that sense. Or even a useful idot (?) enemy combatant in the informatioin war.

    Now, that is my opinion that I have formed over a longer time watching Tucker.

    And I am a little bit afraid to say it here. But would I respect anyone including myself if I did not speak MY truth? That would be just another kind of PC — within the truth-seeker community. And that would be betraying the main principle of this community, which is seeking truth in a non-compromising way, friends.

    • A perfectly valid thought on Tucker. Lots of people feel that way. Even if you are correct to the letter, as a symbol he is very important. I have serious problems with lots of icons on ‘our side’. Most principly Jordan Peterson who, when it really actually mattered to follow every word he had said up to then, suddenly told everyone to “just take the damn vaccine” and “suspend judgement for 6 months”. This showed the Peterson had zero actual belief in his own words. I won’t say rhetoric, it wasn’t. It was well reasoned truth. But he didn’t walk the walk and he led his followers into what may have been a deadly move for them.

      So I accept what you say about Carlson as a valid position. Ultimately, it is OUR responsibility to learn how to filter information and what we act on and accept. So a healthy skepticism is ALWAYS a good idea. But in terms of the biggest megaphone which, as I often post at this site, manages to hit the 50 ring on the dart board, Carlson was the guy. And now he is a symbol. Let’s see what happens next.

      • Yes, but john smith above is ranting about ideal Tucker. Yes, it would be nice. But I think right now there is a Tucker party going on on twitter, celebrating all the good things the real Tucker brought forth, and there are plenty of those. And hopefully more to come. Carping on all the stuff he could not or would not do (captive as he was by Fox), meh. Carlson is a man who recognizes his own mistakes, and changes. It can only get better.

        Peterson is to me a big disappointment. You are absolutely right. For all his brave words he liked to quote, taken from Solzhenitsin, when it came time to be brave and say no, he caved. And then he got mad on camera because his craven behavior did not get him enough traveling perks. Bah, humbug, Jordan.

        • Vlad and Radu,

          Good points there, too.

          I think the bottom line is that he is being given the benefit of the doubt too early. Just because he is (technically) out of the enemy nest now, it doesn’t mean that he has proven reliable yet.

          A potential con game on his side, with some cognitive bias about (unproven) loyalty on our side.

          • I’m glad you spoke up.
            We so crave a voice that we manufacture saints. I like what I’ve seen of Tucker but haven’t given it much thought.

            This excessive excitement is infotainment right now. It’s like our team won the game.

    • Jordan Peterson backed away from the Moslem issue. Mass population replacement, Red-Green collaboration against us – that he wouldn’t touch.

      His fascination with Soviet agitprop, the posters that cover every inch of the walls of his home – that’s odd. Abstract, critique of the historic Red, though today it’s the Red-Green that will do us in.

      Denouncing intersectional reasoning is fine.

      But that’s arguing the point. He has to know the point is NEVER point. The Revolution is ALWAYS the point. And Bill Warner taught us that the Green will prevail, it always does.

  2. President Trump Gives Initial Response to Tucker’s Termination Moments After It Happened (VIDEO)
    By Joe Hoft Apr. 27, 2023 9:30 am68 Comments

    On Monday it was reported that Tucker Carlson was terminated from FOX News. Tucker had the most watched show on cable news by far, but it didn’t matter.

    President Trump had a scheduled interview with host Gene Bailey with Flashpoint on the Victory Channel on Monday and it happened to occur right after President Trump heard about Tucker Carlson being removed from FOX News.

    President Trump shared the following:

    Well, the only good thing is that Don Lemon’s out and that’s a good thing…CNN Fake News, they fired Don Lemon, that’s good.

    The Tucker situation and Bongina, that’s sad. These are two great people. Two very important voices. Look, they’re going to do incredibly well.

    You know, we don’t really know, maybe they left. It’s possible they left but something bad happened and taking those voices off of television is very bad and certainly it’s not a good thing for FOX. So I was very sad to hear it, very sad….

    …We’re going to stand up stronger and bigger and in 2024 and we’re going to win the White House back and things will be different than they are right now because right now we have a nation that’s in such trouble. You don’t even know if it can last a year and a half…


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