China and Biden, Japanese girl dies suddenly, CBC gets childish about being accurately labelled on Twitter: Links 1, April 17th, 2023

1. Expert on Communist China on the CCP and big pharma. This is great right out of the gate. Given at Hillsdale College. This video is highly recommended.

Full lecture here. 

2. A 14-year old Japanese girl died unexpectedly 2 days after receiving the third dose of the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine; does anyone care? Was this in the media? Autopsy findings showed

‘Since there was no preceding infection, allergy, or drug toxicity exposure, the patient was diagnosed with post-vaccination pneumonia, myopericarditis, hepatitis, nephritisgastroenteritiscystitis, and myositis. Although neither type of inflammation is fatal by itself, arrhythmia is reported to be the most common cause of death in patients with atrial myopericarditis. In the present case, arrhythmia of atrial origin was assumed as the cause of cardiac failure and death. In sudden post-vaccination deaths, aggressive autopsy systemic search and histological examination involving extensive sectioning of the heart, including the atrium, are indispensable.’


3. Jamie Sarkonak: The Liberal undemocratic plan to let bureaucrats make law on the fly

It could become frightening easy to censor the internet or make sweeping gun bans

A recent proposal by the Treasury Board of Canada would delegate lawmaking from Parliament and cabinet to the whims of public servants. If you care about democracy — the idea that you should be able to choose the people who make the rules, instead of giving that power to some functionally-anonymous civil servant — the proposal should concern you.

At the end of March, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier announced a proposal to allow government documents (which can be easily changed by civil servants) to be given full legal force. It’s a proposal to change the rules about making rules. Specifically, it would allow all federal regulatory organizations the ability to make internal government documents into law via “incorporation by reference.” This would give these internal documents the same authority as government regulations.

Pesky regulations can only be changed by cabinet after following a set process, but internal government documents can be changed on the fly without any democratic oversight. The federal government hopes to give the latter the full force of the law because the current process is inefficient, it says. The proposal came with rhetoric that gave it a positive connotation; the news release announcing it described the proposed shortcuts as “regulatory modernization.”

4. CBC responds to Twitter correctly identifying it as state sponsored media.

In truth, CBC is enemy propaganda. It is a well orchestrated attack on classical Canada. An exercise in the purest dialectics against individual liberty using the now common tropes of collectivism and ramming of hostile identity groups against that which created Canada and Western Civ since Socrates.

It is fantastic that Elon Musk gave it an accurate, even if far far too soft label of “Government funded media”. CBC’s reaction to it cinches the deal though. RT in our personal experience is more independent than CBC. And it was flat out banned from many nations after the incursion of the Donbas by Russia.

Here is how CBC reacted to being called out for being what it is:

Maybe if enough people call out CBC for what it is, it will “pause their activities” everywhere.

Here are a couple of speeches from Canadians who had to endure CBC during the three years of being lied to continuously during the worst of the Covid deception.

At the bottom right of the screen, there is a little icon just to the right of the volume/speaker icon. Please click it and select the highest quality or bitrate for maximal enjoyment of these videos. These buttons appear once you start playing the video.

Remember: CBC killed a lot of Canadians by propagating the lies that no treatment was available for Covid before the vaxx was available, and continues to this day to promote the lies that the vaxx is safe and effective, despite the fact that even the Canadian Government at this point has pulled the recommendation to get another shot from all except the most vulnerable. That also should be pulled.

CBC won’t allow replies to their minor tantrum on Twitter. So why not reply here?

5. A report on a couple of progressive US cities. Vancouver and Toronto are determined to go this way also.

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5 Replies to “China and Biden, Japanese girl dies suddenly, CBC gets childish about being accurately labelled on Twitter: Links 1, April 17th, 2023”

  1. Wow. Great vid on the destruction of once the gem city of Portland. Now if only someone would tell us why Chicago voted in another destroyer of their city… unfathomable.

  2. CBC engages in disinformation… not wanting to be identified as state-funded.
    Maybe CBC should stop taking public money? Then they’d have a valid complaint.

    Possibly many other Canadian “media” outlets should ALSO be listed that way, because they take media fund money. That’s my only complaint, of sorts.

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