Islam gaining authority over Western traditions despite them stabbing each other occasionally: Links 1, April 10, 2023

1. Oxford College Will Not Celebrate St. George’s Day this Year, The Patron Saint of England – Instead They Will Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

An Oxford college will not celebrate St. George’s Day this year on his April 23rd feast day. Magdalen College will celebrate the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr instead.

Eid al-Fitr is not even celebrated on April 23rd. It’s two days earlier.

The entire Western world is collapsing before our eyes.
God help us.

(St. George is the patron saint of England. The English flag, a red cross on a white field, is the Cross of St. George.)

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Also Manchester Cathedral:

2. Pfizer Caught Covering Up Data on Waning Immunity

(Pfizer truly is amazing, aren’t they? What can’t they cover up! They should have given Pfizer the Hunter Biden Laptop instead of the FBI.)

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been caught covering up data showing that the immunity to Covid that the company’s vaccines offered quickly waned.

Documents show that Pfizer buried data on studies, that found that the shots didn’t offer long-lasting protection against the virus, to keep the information hidden from the public.

While Pfizer kept the information hidden from the public, it wasn’t omitted in regulatory filings to international regulators.

The findings were uncovered in filings submitted to the Canadian government drug regulator, Health Canada, according to the Brownstone Institute.

In late 2020, the airways became saturated with triumphant reporting of Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” covid-19 vaccines.

Millions rolled up their sleeves with the belief that reaching herd immunity would end the pandemic

3. The US Attorney in Utah has given the anti-vax movement in America the greatest gift ever

They charged Kirk Moore with a crime. Dr. Moore is allowed discovery to prove his innocence. This means he gets access to Medicare, NDI, and all state death and vaccination records. JACKPOT!

Executive summary

The US Attorney in Utah issued a criminal indictment against Dr. Kirk Moore for “running a COVID-19 Vaccine Scheme to Defraud the Government and CDC.”

But what if Dr. Moore was actually saving lives instead and is a hero?

Since this is a criminal proceeding in federal court, Dr. Moore cannot be denied discovery to show that the vaccines are deadly.

This is relevant due to the opportunity for jury nullification where a jury has the right to issue a “not guilty” verdict if they believe the law is unjust.

If the judge denies Moore the discovery, he can appeal because there is no country in the world that has correlated the death-vax data and released the records for public analysis. They all keep it hidden behind closed doors and all attempts to get that data have been rebuffed.

(The above is from Steve Kirsch’s substack. There are a few assumptions here. One is that the discovery process will be more honest than everything else related to Covid in the past 3 years. We saw in terms of the January 6th protest that the government itself hid exculpatory evidence so significant that once Tucker aired a tiny fraction if it, the most famous of the “insurrectionists” was released pretty much right away. So Steve’s view on this may be optimistic, or worse, anachronistic to a time when the USA was a society based on rule of law.)

4. Trudeau managed to avoid any mention of Easter

Here is his answer: As a practicing communist, Trudeau would hold a great deal of animus towards Christianity in general. Christians hold that there is a God and set of principles greater than the state. It also is fundamental to the notion of the existence of the individual as a sovereign entity. During the early Soviet years, communist theatre groups would hold performances on the streets of Russian cities, mocking, humiliating and denigrating in any possible way, Christian beliefs and rituals and iconography. Trudeau would praise Islam though, as it is a profoundly and even carcinogenic attack vector on Western Civilization and Christianity in particular. Although Trudeau doesn’t much seem to notice anything Jewish either. For similar reasons as Christianity.

5. Muslim stabs imam in US mosque.

(Funny, you hardly ever hear about this sort of thing in a Buddhist Temple, Hindu Ashram, Catholic Church or Jewish Synagogue unless of course, it is also a Muslim doing the stabbing there also.)

PATERSON — A city man lunged at an imam as he led some 200 worshippers in prayer at a local mosque on Sunday morning and then stabbed him twice in the back, authorities said.

Whatever prompted Serif Zorba, 32, to carry out the alleged knife attack in front of the congregation of Omar Mosque at 501 Getty Ave. is unclear, said authorities, who did not identify a motive. Leaders of the mosque said they did not understand the reason for the senseless violence.

Zorba is not a regular member of the mosque’s congregation, officials said at a press conference, but he has been seen there before.

More at News12 also

Thank you all for tuning in.

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3 Replies to “Islam gaining authority over Western traditions despite them stabbing each other occasionally: Links 1, April 10, 2023”

  1. 3-Most people have a hard time grasping, or admitting that the US is no longer a free nation. They are suffering from the “It Can’t Happen Here” syndrome. Reality is slapping them in the face and they refuse to wake up and live in the real world.

  2. I did read recently, (I don’t remember where now) that Manchester Cathedral had apologized for allowing this Muslim prayer.

  3. I was surprised to read that the ABC ( Archbishop of Canterbury) has declined king Charles desire for a multi religious coronation, considering he told a reporter he couldn’t define a woman.
    It seems Charles, who said just after QEll died, that he would be Fidei Defensor , seems to have been fibbing.
    That is classical muslim ‘kitman’, not implying anything of course…

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