OCDSB meeting on males accessing female bathrooms and change spaces

This is the topic du jour for sure. This story has a lot of elements so please go over to RAIR Foundation for the details and videos. As regulars can guess, we see this as a dialectic attack on Classical thought and civilization. That it is the creation of a victim group in order to oppress and destroy the main taxa of Western civ using Discourse Theory and ‘Liberating Tolerance‘, in much the same way as the left applies to Islam. When muslims kill a bunch of people in acts of jihad, it is because of offending Islam or Islamophobia. When ‘trans-people’ kill a bunch of innocents, well, they had it coming according to the narrative.

For the left, the destruction of marriage now being complete, it is about the destruction of sexual dimorphism itself. Among other things, to sterilize children before they can reproduce.

This is just one of the videos from last night. This is one of the fathers who spoke at the meeting and explained what his grievances are with the school board.

Please go to RAIR linked above for the details of what took place at the meeting, and how for example, Josh Alexander, a young man who became an activist at the request of young girls at his school that were intimidated and made insecure by men in their change spaces, had coffee thrown at him as he left the building.

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