Dialectics of Culture, every Prime Minister for the last FORTY years and more: Links post 1 for March 22, 2023

1. Computing Forever on the destruction of pop culture by the use of dialectic lines of effort against our cultural icons

2. The following clip is from CBC. It is mind blowing. ALL CANADIAN PM’s have been under CHINESE INFLUENCE for 40 years. But before you start giving props to the CBC for doing this story, remember that they are the sole reason we are in this mess. They only reported on it once it was too late to do anything that isn’t massively costly in all ways of measuring cost. CBC’s malfeasance is 90% of the reason we are controlled by China right down to dying from the vaxx and castrating our little boys for the insane cause of “trans-rights”, or what we call, “Critical Sex Theory”.

There will be a lot more on this shortly. But for the moment, try and grasp the totality of the horror of the video above.

3. COVID States Project Gives New Hope to Unvaccinated

The CDC has indicated on their website for months that 92% of adults have taken at least on shot of a COVID-19 vaccine. Yet a prior surveys Zogby and Rasmussen indicated that fraction may only be two thirds.

Now a recent, independent report from Northeastern University has found that the proportion of unvaccinated is not 8% but more like 25%. This agrees separately with a Kaiser Family Foundation report. Apparently the CDC vaccination administration system is not accurately identifying each person by a unique identifier and linking each injection to that code. Therefore, if a patient does not have the prior vaccine card or goes to a different vaccines center with slightly different name spelling, then the encounter is counted as a brand new person coming forward. This is leading to double-counting of “vaccinated” in CDC records.

(There have been many videos and articles recently identifying lists of government lies over Covid and the Vaxx. These are tedious. Someone please save a tree and write a list of things government said which are true about Covid and the vaxx. I doubt it would cost even a twig it’s existence.)

4. Kremlin summons Canadian diplomat over Joly comment on Russian ‘regime change’

Russia’s foreign ministry warned on Tuesday that Joly’s comments ‘will have the most serious consequences for bilateral relations’

OTTAWA — Russia has summoned Canada’s top envoy to Moscow over Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly’s musings about “regime change.”

Moscow says it summoned Canadian charge d’affaires Brian Ebel on Monday to tell him that Joly’s comments were unacceptable.

Russia’s foreign ministry warned in a Tuesday statement in English that her comments “will have the most serious consequences for bilateral relations.”

Joly said earlier this month that western sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are having an impact, because the world is seeing effects “on society and how much we’re seeing potential regime change in Russia.”

(Why oh why is it SO hard to find a video of this Canadian ranking diplomat actually saying what everyone reports she said about Canada’s ambition for regime change in Russia? And at a Press Conference no less!)

5. Ex WHO scientist speaks about the new pandemic treaty, as a tool to destroy national sovereignty

Thank you all for your readership, comments and support.

It’s time to just start a new school system by renting space, hiring teachers, welcoming retired professionals in to teach and starting from scratch.


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