2+2=5: Canadian Cancer Society pushes the pseudo-reality at the expense of public health

Dr. Byram Bridle has this to say,

A social media message from the Canadian Cancer Society was just brought to my attention. As a cancer researcher, I like to try to stay abreast of developments in this area. I highly recommend screening to achieve early detection of cancers. The earlier a cancer is detected, the better the prognosis. However, I am genuinely confused by this message…

Frankly we could look at this as refreshing. This is a much better example of an imposed Pseudo-reality than the usual dialectics which most people confuse with hypocrisy. In this case we see Discourse Theory in action plain as day. A pseudo-reality is created, and any attempt to interfere with the acceptance of that day’s narrative will be ultimately criminalized, but initially those who indulge in truthfulness will be destroyed using discourse theory personally.

Discourse theory is when you are accused of being a Nazi for not believing a man who says he is a woman needs to have a test for cervical cancer when he doesn’t have a cervix, but does not need a test for mental illness when he has no grounding in reality.

2+2=5 in a place where “the state bestrides the land unto like a God” as Hegel explains is desirable. Global Warming, trans-women etc. are the imposed pseudo-realities of an all powerful state.

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4 Replies to “2+2=5: Canadian Cancer Society pushes the pseudo-reality at the expense of public health”

  1. The evil morons who sent that message need to be doxed and removed. What’s the point of the Second Amendment if you don’t use it?

  2. Some of the comments in the link provided are very interesting. One doctor says they are in the minority, meaning most doctors are on board with the craziness.

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