The fungible nature of Global Warming: Links 1, March 13, 2023

1. The crowd applauds for Sucharit Bhakdi in his hometown of Kiel Germany

2. Interesting which heritage you can be proud of, and which you cannot in Hollywood. I suspect cultures that actually have something to be proud of in terms of accomplishment, delayed gratification, group unity and so on are something you should be ashamed of. Jamie Lee Curtis explains with a mostly horribly politically correct answer except for one variable.

3. Norwegian Moose the cause of Global Warming

Researchers claim that moose are potentially a leading cause of climate change and that the species should be balanced, suggesting they are “one of the biggest potential single sources of carbon emissions from wooded parts of Norway.”

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology studied moose in Norwegian forests for several years and concluded that the species have a major effect on vegetation growth and are altering the carbon cycle by dining on tree buds. “Moose are an ecosystem engineer in the forest ecosystem, and strongly impact everything from the species composition and nutrient availability in the forest. A grown animal can eat 50 kilograms of biomass each day during summer,” Gunnar Austrheim, an ecologist at the NTNU University Museum, said in a press release. 

When the left launched Critical Climate Theory (Global Warming) as a dialectic device against Western-only industry, it was said initially that animals and plants are ‘carbon neutral’. Funny how fungible the science is on ‘global warming’. Of course the original dialectic was actually Nuclear Winter. In Canada, David Suzuki was the face of it as well. Odd that it’s nearly impossible to find any of the hundreds and hundreds of clips of Suzuki warning us all about the coming ice age from Western industry blocking out the sun he did on CBC back in the 70s. In fact, this one thing alone proves how the CBC is not a news service or information service of any kind, but is a propaganda agency for the left. The effort of the CBC is to make you think a certain way. If it was an information service they would not have hidden the Suzuki Clips on Nuclear Winter Winston Smith style.

4. ‘Allahu Akbar!’ – Migrant Knifeman Attacks Police

A Tunisian migrant attacked French police with a knife in southern France this week, yelling the phrase “Allahu akbar!”

The incident took place in the commune of Hyères, which lies on the Mediterranean Sea near Toulon. It saw the Tunisian, said to be in his thirties, charge at the police with a knife, wounding the officers before they were able to subdue and arrest him. […]

The migrant, who yelled “Allahu akbar!” during the attack, is said to suffer from schizophrenia, and to have stopped taking his medication — but the local prosecutor’s office did not confirm these details.

(Is it just us, or do the news items about muslim jihadis that the government forced on the West via mass immigration, who are attacking people and stabbing them in obvious acts of jihad as prescribed by Koran, and then having media lie about it claiming they are mentally ill, seem less problematic than the other crisis that the government has created for us in the past few years?)

5. Chat GPT on Christianity and Islam

Thank you all for your attention. Comments welcome as always.

Below, Catherine Austin Fitts on stopping CBDC and precious metals

Can’t resist this one

Swedish Conspiracy Theorist Greta Thunberg Deletes 2018 Tweet Proclaiming World Would End in 2023

She has a rosy future as a CBC executive

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5 Replies to “The fungible nature of Global Warming: Links 1, March 13, 2023”

  1. If, if if only we can get past June 21, 2023. If the sky does not fall by then, let us all DEMAND the little Greta darling shuts her mouth and enjoys her Soros money.

  2. Am an ex-fan of Curtis, that is despite her talents as an actress. This progressive soul does fit in with Hollywood values, the person possibly helped by rumors of being intersex boosts of an adult transgender child. Some feel this is horrific, it fits with an image of a child in a suitcase proudly displayed in the actresses office.
    Anyone who freely supports the associated torture of children using suitcases and gender reassignment surgery, I can’t support. Count me out when Curtis comes into the room.

    • Thanks for the “intersex” reference. Is that why the actress joked about showing her private parts? Frankly, in this 10/202 interview, she sounds just most mothers I’ve known: I’m not proselytizing, and I’m not trying to force-feed something to people. I’m simply saying, ‘This is our family’s experience.’ I am here to support Ruby. That is my job… Just as it is to care and love and support her older sister from
      Permit me to share that–years ago, she and I used to exchange down-to-earth, anonymous, spontaneously pleasant Sabbath greetings in Yiddish as we passed each other on the street. Who is one of us to say which words are from an actor speaking?

  3. 4/ A few years ago a frequent visitor to VTB left a comment I’ll never forget. A spirited protest against displacing responsibility for Islamic jihad onto genuine nutters – like himself.

    Such false attribution is a set back from our relatively enlightened response to people with serious mental illness. A return to the days before effective treatment, when such sick people were met with fear and loathing, locked away helpless and hopeless.

    Cry-bully tyrants deserve our righteous indignation. But that doesn’t give us a pass from defending real victims. This – oh so politically correct – slander hurts the genuine nutters in our midst.

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