Tucker Carlson for March 9th, 2023

Tucker deals with one perspective on the the trans-scam. Essentially, that the trans-thing has negated feminism. Actually women overall. Its clever and funny and clearly at one level is true.

Here are two more perspectives:

Several years ago, more than 5 but less than 15, a friend of this site had a lengthy discussion with a Doctoral student of feminism at a local university. That candidate explained in great detail that they had moved to something called, “Fourth Wave Feminism” and that was the idea that there are no sex differences at all. None. Damn your lying eyes and millions of years of evolution.

What was especially interesting was how profoundly this student understood Marxism and postmodernism. Almost as if feminism was essentially a branch office of these destructive-by-design world views. So as it was explained, the trans-scam is feminism as its next logical move.

Here is how we view it:

As Stephen Coughlin explains, we are experiencing the imposition of a pseudo-reality at the expense of reality. Discourse theory, the idea that any resistance to patent nonsense which is not just unscientific but is in fact anti-science, will be opposed by destroying the critic by any and all means possible, whether by use of laws like “hate speech”, or destruction on social media and even by ‘de-banking’. 

To see Discourse theory in action, watch the witness at 4:30 into the Tucker Carlson episode negate a valid line of questioning by Senator Josh Hawley. This is a woman well versed in Marxist Discourse Theory. She takes it to the level they are taught to take it. That anyone questioning the pseudo-reality of trans, or whatever other pseudo-reality the left imposes such as vaccines and covid measures, leads to violence against the group they use as a dialectic battering ram, and therefore, you are committing an act of violence by merely questioning the imposed pseudo reality. Please check this paragraph twice, this is a critical point in terms of our future as a society. To question a clearly false pseudo-reality is becoming a violent crime, and will be punished as such.

As we learn in the final chapters of 1984, you will believe what the state says, not because you are afraid of the consequences, but because the state said it and therefore it is the truth. Which also fits the medical lysencoism we all experienced during Covid. So the Trans movement is one of the most blatant attacks on your right and even ability to be able to trust your senses about reality, instead of the state.

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