Tucker Carlson’s show last night, March 8th, with some supporting links

Last night Tucker was back on fire over January 6th and the way it was used, in this site’s opinion, to further an authoritarian revolution be it communist, fascist or something else. For what it’s worth, current Western governments from Trudeau, Biden and most of Europe and parts of Oz appears to fit the definition of fascism to a T. The segment on the Covid origins hearings adds a lot of data points to the theory as well.

A few links on January 6th, and the way MSM contrasted it with the truly riotous violent and literally incendiary riots which burned down a Church in Washington a year earlier.

“That Was My Best Weapon!” – Bodycam Footage Shows DC Metro Officer Boasting About Beating Trump Supporters with a Flagpole on J6 (VIDEO)

CNN Calls Riot ‘Mostly Peaceful’ As Reporter Stands In Front Of Burning Buildings

Fire causes minor damage to St. John’s, the ‘church of presidents’ in Washington, during night of riots

Religious leaders ‘outraged’ over Trump photo op at D.C. church amid George Floyd protests

Historic Church Near White House Damaged Amid Unrest; Leaders Pray for Healing

Peaceful Protesters Tear Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Visit

How police pushed aside protesters ahead of Trump’s controversial church photo

Park Police say DC protesters cleared because they attacked cops, not because of Trump church visit: report


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