Masks are BS, Births not as bad as forecast in Singapore, USA #1 source of Disinfo: Links 1 for March 3rd, 2023

1. John Campbell: The jury is in. Masks are completely useless

Check out the “expert” that the Ottawa District School Board used to try and flim flam another mask mandate for this school year.

2. “The No. 1 source of disinformation during the pandemic, was the United States Government”. Of course this guy saying that didn’t live in Canada or he would blush to know how wrong he is. The first two minutes of this is really MUST watch.

3. Alex Berenson corrects his previous post on still births in Singapore. A fraction of the data can be accounted for by the way stillbirths were defined which changed late 2022.

4. Government of Canada continues to impose dialectic language on the public.

Guidelines for inclusive writing

The Guidelines for Inclusive Writing are designed to help the federal public service and any other organization produce writing that is free of discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability or any other identity factor.

To learn how this content was developed, read the page History of the Guidelines for Inclusive Writing.

Not everyone will agree with all the options presented in the Guidelines. The Guidelines were developed to provide a variety of possible solutions to issues you might encounter in drafting an inclusive text. They are not designed to be applied mechanically in every context.

For definitions of some of the terms used in the Guidelines, see the page Inclusive writing: Glossary. For information on the principles and techniques of inclusive writing in French, consult the French guidelines for inclusive writing (in French only).

Principles of inclusive writing

This part of the Guidelines will help you understand the purpose of inclusive writing and will outline principles for writing respectful and non-discriminatory text.

(Canada is a communist country. The full implementation of communism has not manifested at all levels yet, but then again it never does. Its a never-ending revolution by nature. But it is one.)

5. Pentagon Inspector General: Joe Biden is Hiding Classified Documents Detailing Side Deals He Made with Taliban and Against US Troops

(I bet no one has any difficulty believing a single word of either of those tweets.)

Thank you all for your kind attention. Depressing as it often is.

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