More items on lowered birth rates: Links 2, March 2, 2023

1. CBC propaganda piece to lower birth rates

(We really must make a list of the policies and concepts that are rammed on us all with the common result of lowering birth rates. There are many of them. The list should be then available for download from this site. Obvious ones are falling sperm rates and mRNA vaxx which have dramatically lowered birth rates in the highest vaxxed nations. Alex Berenson posted to his substack on that yesterday, and you can find it below in a previous post.)

2. Peter McCullough: COVID-19 vaccines remain Pregnancy Category X

  • Category A: The possibility of fetal harm appears remote. Extremely few drugs exist in this category (e.g., multiple vitamins).
  • Category B: If there is a clinical need for a drug in this category, they are considered safe to use. Examples: acetaminophen, amoxicillin.
  • Category C: These drugs should be given only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus. Examples: fluoroquinolones, gentamicin, saccharin, aspirin.
  • Category D: There is positive evidence of human fetal risk, but the benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk. They should only be used in pregnancy when the alternatives are worse. Examples: tetracyclines, ACE inhibitors, and most antineoplastics.
  • Category X: The risk of use of the drug in pregnant women clearly outweighs any possible benefit. The drug is contraindicated in women who are or may become pregnant. Examples: thalidomide, oral contraceptives, statins, all COVID-19 vaccines.

3. Anyone who has watched the series, Dopesick will find this a valuable bonus episode. If you haven’t, try and find it and watch it. I think its on Hulu. Also, consider that Pfizer clearly treated the Perdue plan as a dress rehearsal for what they did with the mRNA.


Purdue Pharma’s strategy attempted to rollback a legal doctrine that could be used to prosecute top drug executives responsible for the opioid crisis.

PURDUE PHARMA, the maker of OxyContin, revolutionized the opioid industry through aggressive marketing tactics that encouraged the widespread use of prescription painkillers.

That part, by now, is well-known, as an out-of-control opioid epidemic ravages a generation of young people with such potency that it has dragged down the overall life expectancy of the American people. What has not been previously revealed is that as the death toll mounted, officials at the company attempted to work behind-the-scenes to make it less likely that they could ever be successfully prosecuted for the carnage opioids were unleashing.

Executives in multiple industries have long been kept up at night by knowledge of the looming power of the Responsible Corporate Officer, or RCO doctrine, also known as the Park doctrine, a legal liability standard used largely to prosecute executives at companies responsible for affecting public health and safety. Under the Park doctrine, federal prosecutors could target senior executives and board members of opioid pharmaceutical companies for their role in the sprawling epidemic if violations of criminal law were proved true, regardless of whether they could prove knowledge or motivation.

4. This is interesting


5. This may be one of the the best things many of us have seen for some time.


Thank you all who read in here; we hope it makes one’s vision clear.

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  1. 5 – One of the things I learned in the Army is that illegal orders are to be disobeyed. I also learned it takes a brave man to disobey them.

  2. …??!

    “ Tracking Virus Like Particles, VLPs, for six years now. This DARPA Afghanistan and Iraq technology has come home now to track “domestic terrorists”. Directed Evolution was used to make VPLs stick, reduce lung capacity, and reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Oh yeah, and you know who runs the program and who in Congress signed off on its domestic use.”

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