Mass photo shoot at Pharmacies tonight at 8:00 ET

An interesting bit of activism is being promoted on Twitter.

People are being asked to go to your local pharmacy at 8:00 ET and take a group photo with a flash right at 8:00 tonight.

Sat-cams are pretty good these days. Frankly, any gesture to support those who are injured from the vaxx is needed. We have to take to the streets and this is a great opening gesture. Pfizer stock prices are headed downwards. Hopefully in part from people switching their prescription drugs away from that company to any alternative that makes an equivalent or better product.

Letting pharmacies know that we are not gonna let this just drop is important. And this seems as good an opening move as any.

Hopefully lots of groups will assemble in front of the local pharmacy and just take a group photo. That is all. If you want to go in and switch your scripts away from Pfizer while you are there, terrific. But lets let the powers that be know that people care about what they did to us.

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