A few items to try and counter the imposed Pseudo-reality being used to obliterate Western thought: Links 2, February 23, 2023

1. A little real, and therefore in a practical sense illegal, samizdat on black history in the USA. (This is very good)

2. Global Sperm Counts Declining At Accelerating Rate: New Meta-Analysis

(Now and again I try and list all the things that seem to be deliberately trying to reduce the human population, and especially Western people. But I always forget to list this one. The vaxx attacking sex cells and endometrium, check. Sterilizing children under bogus trans something, check. Destroying the relationships between men and women, check. Ending straight marriage as something that can work, check. Promotion and even glorification of homosexuality and soon, even paedophelia, check. Emotional needs of people to have children being replaced by a culture of dogs and cats, check. The state making children a liability over which you have no authority, making people choose not to have them, check. The courts giving women ALL the power in family matters and the men having NONE, check. But declining sperm counts, I keep forgetting that one.)

The article, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update in November 2022 by an international team of researchers, reviewed 2,936 scholarly abstracts and 868 full articles and analyzed data from 38 sperm count studies done on six continents, updating their landmark study of 2017.

The 2017 study found sperm counts had fallen in North America, Europe, and Australia by over 50 percent in a fifty-year span. The current study updated this data as well as added data from South/Central America, Asia, and Africa.

“The aim of this study was to examine trends in sperm count among men from all continents. The broader implications of a global decline in sperm count, the knowledge gaps left unfilled by our prior analysis, and the controversies surrounding this issue warranted an up-to-date meta-analysis,” said the authors.

The analysis found that while sperm counts had declined at the average rate per year of 1.16 percent between 1972 and 2000, the rate of decline since 2000 has increased to an average of 2.64 percent per year.

(Continue at Zerohedge for the latest data)

3. Pfizer can’t hide this anymore, the data doesn’t lie | Redacted with Clayton Morris

4. This will be the schadenfreude moment of the century


5. Press Secretary for the Secretary of Transportation, who is the son of the Gramsci preservation society founder, Joseph Buttigieg, won’t answer questions on the record about his absence from New Palestine Ohio. This is a stunning piece of footage.

Thank you all for all the effort each of you do to try and make sense, and even try to fix the free fall we are in now, from Civilization.

On New Years Eve into this year, we had the luck to run in to a father, Chris Daly, who had successfully won a court decision against his lawyer-ex-wife over vaccinating their children. She wanted to, he didn’t. Stunningly, even with all that is known now, she is somehow taking him to court again over the same issue. The previous court actions by her have broken him financially. He has asked that people contribute even a few dollars if they can, to his legal fund, so he can continue to fight for the right for his children to not be forced to take experimental gene therapy, which peer review now shows is all harm and no benefit for their age group.

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  1. 1-The Dems are now working on destroying the White Family, they have increased the unemployment payments you make more setting at home then in most entry level and at times medium level jobs. Think about how violent things are going to get when the government can no longer print enough money to pay the promised welfare.

  2. Chris Daly is the typical case of the ex-wife that has more hate for her ex-husband than love for her child. Maybe Rebel can help Mr. Daly.

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