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4 Replies to “Asbury Church Service Live”

  1. May the Holy Spirit be unhindered, may mortal man, not interfere with God, Our King, and the Holy Spirit. Of, God, let the work and the Will of God play all the way out. May Grand Revelation be shown before the enemy and the world be witness to the Glory of God.

  2. I listened to about one hour of it as background sound. Very soothing.

    The New York Fashion Week is outright satanic. From the Hollywood crowd, pop stars, concerts, fashion designers, and schools, I just hope the pendulum will swing back from evil to goodness.

  3. ” One thing about the Devil showing his face to the world, it tends to help a lot of people become more religious.”

    It does for sure. And Satan knows that, and he is the one who is pointing them into this direction. Its his plan. He will lead them right to himself when he presents himself as Jesus Christ. Satan is the Master of deception. Brilliant in this regard. Our minds are no match to his lies, we won’t even be able to trust our senses when he shows himself as an angel of light, no way to tell its not Jesus.

    We must know and trust Gods word. Jesus will return with His countless angels from above the clouds, every eye will see Him. He never touches the ground. Satan cannot counterfeit this, God won’t allow it.

    1 Thess 4:13-17

    Rev 1:7

    God bless you all, and send the Holy Spirit to show everyone the truth.

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