Reader’s Links for February 10th, 2023

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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • Bravo, bravo, bravo. This, sports fans is how an adult talks to the narcissist. Gerald Butts, Telford, CBC, CTV, Global, Tranna Star, Globe and Mail will be huddling on how to take her down.

    • Amazing how the simpleton, some refer to as Prime Minister of Canada invites peoplekind to just walk into Canada illegally, and God only knows how many of them are here for Justine’s greater good, but don’t allow a trucker or any other TAXPAYER to have an opinion. Trudeau should be locked up.

  1. WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard Tears Apart Vile RINO Mitt Romney During Hearing For Accusing Her Of Treason
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published February 10, 2023 at 7:30am

    The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government held a hearing on Thursday beginning at noon ET.

    Here was the witness list for Thursday:

    PANEL I:

    U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa
    U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin
    U.S. Representative Jamie Raskin, Maryland
    Former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii

    Mr. Thomas Baker, Former FBI Agent
    Professor Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law Center
    Mr. Elliot Williams, Principal, the Raben Group
    Ms. Nicole Parker, Former FBI Agent

    Tulsi Gabbard in her testimony discussed how Big Tech silenced her voice and how she was smeared by establishment politicians who benefitted from her censorship. One of these politicians was RINO quisling Mitt Romney.

    Recall that Romney accused Gabbard, a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, of “treasonous lies” last year for having opinions contrary to the establishment narrative on Ukraine.

    Treason is a crime punishable by death under U.S. federal law. Gabbard challenged Romney afterwards to back up his disgraceful claims with evidence and he failed to do so.

    No one should be shocked Romney lacks a general understanding of what treason entails. He is a globalist neocon who never served his nation in uniform.

    In fact, Romney received multiple deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam despite supporting the war.

    Gabbard extracted some deserved vengeance on his defamatory remarks and reminded America what a true patriot looks like.

    Advertisement – story

  2. New Minority House Leader And Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries Dismisses Biden Family Scandal
    By Mike LaChance
    Published February 10, 2023 at 7:15am

    The new Democrat House Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries, is not that interested in the corruption of the Biden family.

    It’s not that surprising. We have two separate systems of justice now. One for Republicans and Trump supporters and another for Democrat elites.

    Democrats investigated everything Trump said or did for four solid years, but have no interest in exploring the Biden family’s shady business.

    Breitbart News reports:

  3. The Biden admin is ring fencing crypto currencies and conservative entities. In other words these perceived enemies are being de-banked, much like what is happening in Canada. A few months ago I spoke with a Canadian bullion dealer who said the same was happening to some acquaintances in that industry, too.

    Should we see this as an effort to cut off all USD alternatives in prelude to a reset into CBDCs?

  4. EXCLUSIVE: Is Ukraine Using Chemical Weapons? (Warning) Disturbing VIDEO Indicates There Is Sufficient Circumstantial Evidence to Investigate
    By Joe Hoft
    Published February 10, 2023 at 9:00am

    Is Ukraine using chemical weapons?

    Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D.

    The evidence, so far, is circumstantial and inconclusive, but suggestive enough to warrant a more thorough investigation.

    In recent days, there have been reports coming out of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Russian-occupied region of eastern Ukraine, that Ukrainian forces are using drone-delivered chemical munitions near the front-line towns of Soledar and Bakhmut.


  5. New Mexico Bill Aims to Lower Voting Age to 16
    By Anthony Scott
    Published February 10, 2023 at 7:45am

    A new bill in New Mexico aims to lower the voting age to 16.

    House Democrats in the state of New Mexico have introduced a new bill that would allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in city, county, and state-wide elections.

    The new bill would amend Mexico’s previous state laws which require voters to be 18 years old to cast a ballot.

    House Bill 217 will be reviewed by New Mexico’s House Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee on Saturday.

  6. DAILY MAIL – Human CLONES purposely grown to give people ‘spare parts’ like hearts, lungs and livers could be the key to living forever, expert claims

    EXCLUSIVE: Clones are the next step in extending human life, scientist believes

    The technique has proved successful in animals but not yet worked in people

    Dr Alex Zhavoronkov believes it will offer ‘spare’ organs for people as they age

    […]It will provide ‘spare’ vital organs, such as the heart, liver or lungs, for people when they inevitably become unwell.

    Such body parts would be harvested from their clone and transplanted.

    […]creating ‘many’ clones of people is the most likely method for boosting life expectancy among people.

    […]Scientists would need to develop a way of successfully cloning humans and disabling their cognitive functions so they could only be used for organs, he noted.

    […]’But just like with the iPhone or cars, it should not be too expensive and you may be able to get a new body from time to time as a regular consumer.’

    […]it would take ‘at least’ 15 to 20 years to grow an adult clone, from which organs could be harvested from.

  7. February 10, 2023
    The Real Russia — and Ukraine
    By Joseph Kulve
    In 2015 in China, an American friend “Showman” (my nickname for him, similar to his real name), a self-styled expert on Russia, was always telling us fellow expats about how Putin had done so much for Russia. He loved Russia and Putin. He spoke broken Russian and almost no Chinese (after 20+ years in Russia and China). At that time I spoke fluent Russian and good Chinese. But he was the acknowledged Russia and China expert by expat friends and foreign visitors.

    The only time I ever remember Showman losing composure was when a Finnish engineer, commenting on the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine, recounted how his grandfather, a combat veteran of the Russian invasion of Finland, summed up how to deal with Russia. His grandpa’s words sum up perfectly the real Russia and how the West should deal with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    His grandpa killed many Russians in WW II (who were badly armed and forced at gunpoint to charge enemy lines just like now in Ukraine). He suffered greatly from what he did. Yet he told his grandson quite simply how to deal with Russians: “If they ever come again, kill them”.

    The Real Russia

    I first arrived in Russia in 1994. I was shocked at the filth, poverty, and violence. I immediately understood that Soviet Russia had been waging war on itself (and its neighbors) since the Revolution, while playing the victimhood card for generations, claiming their military buildup was out of fear of NATO. When the Soviet “Union” collapsed (1989) their only fear was of each other. They needed NATO and their former Eastern European slave states to save them from themselves.

    Soviet Russia was a terrible place created by murderers and criminals. The resulting poverty has always attracted western lackeys looking for attention. Bernie Sanders was in Soviet Russia in 1988, six years before I arrived, babbling about how breadlines were a good thing (the peasants will, WEF-style, have nothing to eat and be happy). Years later a Russian woman whom I dearly loved told me how in 1991 (just three years after Comrade Breadlines’ 1988 Russia tour), when she was 18, she passed out because of malnourishment. It was not easy in 1994 to buy edible food, but in 1991 there was nothing at all to eat. Nothing could be imported from Europe, not because of NATO, but because of a vastly corrupt Russian customs and border system. I survived my first winter in 1994 thanks to Polish food imports (bought in kiosks on the street). Food products made in Russia were disgusting garbage.

    Post-Glasnost Russians with authority (such as the militia) always terrorized and robbed those lower in the hierarchy. I was driving to the St. Petersburg airport (Vnukova) in 2000 when we were stopped by three thugs in uniform with machine guns within sight of the airport terminal main entrance. After 10 minutes of intimidation, realizing that I was not afraid of missing a flight and wasn’t going to pay a bribe, they let us go. Just another day in poor victimized Russia.

    Many Russians (perhaps 30%) in the early 90s idolized America as their last hope, but they slowly realized that Clinton America was not going to help free them from themselves. They chose the only path they knew, violence and aggression, when they chose Putin. They approved of the KGB goon thinking that corruption and cheating, when institutionalized, would somehow make life better. And whenever Putin’s ratings dropped too low (70% before the 2022 invasion), all he had to do was to start killing and plundering Russia’s neighbors. That guaranteed a return to the normal 80-85% approval rating.

    Putin also allowed those Russian families with blood on their hands to whitewash their past. In 2002, not far from where we used to go cross-country skiing near St. Petersburg, the Memorial Society discovered an NKVD killing field (Putin’s father was NKVD) with 30,000 victims (Memorial was forced to close in 2021, just before the 2022 invasion). After the discovery, a few elderly locals who lived nearby were brave enough to finally talk about the nighttime shooting in the woods they had heard regularly from 1937-1939.

    It’s pathetic how Russians are always viewed as victims, considering that those that did the shooting survived (and had children), and those who were shot did not. Seventy years of mass murder dramatically changed the makeup of Russia. But that doesn’t stop armchair Russian experts from using the distant history of Russia, 300 years ago, to explain why the poor little Russians of today are so afraid of the big bad (Western) world out there (where Russian elites store all their wealth). That somehow they have to invade and kill others to protect themselves.

    In the 90s my Russian friends mocked Estonia and the little Baltic countries, while claiming that Russia was such a great country because they had so much land, oil and gas. The proud Moscow Horde. On my first trip to Estonia in 1995 I was shocked at just how much better the people lived (and behaved) than in Russia. But while Russian-Estonians whined about being ruled by non-Russians, none of them ever returned to Mother Russia. Estonia was a good place to live because non-hyphenated Estonians occupied most government posts and did not use the past and their very real recent victimhood (Papa Putin’s NKVD during WW II banished 7,000 Estonian women, children and elderly to Siberia) to justify stealing from and terrorizing others (even Russians).

    The Real Ukraine

    During my first visit to Ukraine (2008), I was very surprised that, although corrupt, the Ukrainians were very different from the Russians. They were Europeans. And it seemed obvious to me that without natural resources, Russians would be poorer than Ukrainians. Yet all my Russian acquaintances in Ukraine, who spoke to me as if I were one of them (I speak very good Russian), only whined about Ukraine, while never even considering going back to Russia (these X-Ukrainians reminded me so much of America’s own X-American eternal victim classes). What they really missed was their higher social status in a criminal society, even if it meant less freedom and more poverty. In 2014, after the Ukrainians freed most of their country from the Russian crime state, I immediately noticed a difference in Ukraine. You could actually walk in Kiev, speak English, and not fear harassment from the police (not possible in Russia).

    Ukraine gets along with its neighbors and lives within its borders. But poor little Russia can’t do that, because it fears Ukraine, America and Europe. The real reason is that the failed Russian state does not want prosperous free republics on its borders. It’s that simple.

    My friend’s Finnish grandpa did not hate Russians, but he knew what to expect from them (as a group). Russians are not inherently evil, but the country and society that formed and abused them is. They are survivors. If my situation was ever so hopeless that war and plunder were the only way to survive, then I could think of no better brothers-in-arms than the Russians. But if my homeland is a modern peace-loving nation, then Russia is a terrible neighbor.

    Those who do not understand (or refuse to accept) what the majority of the Russians are, are destined to pay a heavy price. In 2022, Europe was almost taken over (again) by Russia (the Germans were especially helpful to the Russians). It was a very close call. The few who were prepared, the brave warriors (Zelensky and the Ukrainian military, with help from Poland, the Baltics, Britain, and the USA), saved Europe. A lesson that many in the West will, undoubtedly, soon conveniently forget.

  8. USA – Minuteman III test launch showcases readiness of U.S. nuclear force’s safe, effective deterrent

    A team of Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen launched an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a test reentry vehicle at 11:01 p.m. Pacific Time Feb. 9 from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

    This test launch is part of routine and periodic activities intended to demonstrate that the United States’ nuclear deterrent is safe, secure, reliable and effective to deter twenty-first century threats and reassure our allies. Such tests have occurred over 300 times before, and this test is not the result of current world events.

    “A test launch displays the heart of our deterrence mission on the world’s stage, assuring our nation and its allies that our weapons are capable and our Airmen are ready and willing to defend peace across the globe at a moment’s notice,” said Gen. Thomas A. Bussiere, Air Force Global Strike Command commander.

    The ICBM’s reentry vehicle traveled approximately 4,200 miles to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. These test launches verify the accuracy and reliability of the ICBM weapon system, providing valuable data to ensure a continued safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent.

    “This launch showcases the redundancy and reliability of our strategic deterrence systems while sending a visible message of assurance to allies,” said Col. Christopher Cruise, 377th Test and Evaluation Group commander.

    “This multilateral team reflects the precision and professionalism of our command, and our joint partners.”

    Airmen from the 91st Missile Wing at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, were selected for the task force to support the test launch. The missile bases within Air Fore Global Strike Command have crew members standing alert 24 hours a day, year-round, overseeing the nation’s ICBM alert forces.

    “This test launch is a culmination of months of preparation and collaboration across multiple Air Forces agencies,” said Maj. Martin Escarzaga, task force commander. “The Airmen who perform this mission of strategic deterrence are the best our nation has to offer. They work 365 days a year to maintain, support, operate, and secure this vital component of our nuclear triad.”

    The ICBM community, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and U.S. Strategic Command, uses data collected from test launches for continuing force development evaluation. The ICBM test launch program demonstrates the operational capability of the Minuteman III and ensures the United States’ ability to maintain a strong, credible nuclear deterrent as a key element of U.S. national security and the security of U.S. allies and partners.

    Air Force Global Strike Command is a major command with headquarters at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, in the Shreveport-Bossier City community. The command overseas the nation’s three intercontinental ballistic missile wings, the Air Force’s entire bomber force, to include B-52, B-1 and B-2 wings, the Long Range Strike Bomber program, Air Force Nuclear Command, Control and Communications systems, and operational and maintenance support to organizations within the nuclear enterprise. Approximately 33,700 professionals are assigned to two Numbered Air Forces, nine wings, two geographically-separated squadrons and one detachment in the continental United States and deployed to locations around the globe.

    More information can be found at:

    The LG-35A Sentinel will replace the Minuteman III ICBM with an initial capability of 2029. Until full capability is achieved in the mid-2030s, the Air Force is committed to ensuring Minuteman III remains a viable deterrent.

  9. Hitler and Stalin were strategically incompetent
    By Bob Ryan
    There are those who wrongly believe that Hitler was some kind of military genius, just as there are those who undeservedly credit Stalin for late victories in World War II which finally broke the Soviets’ way.

    Battles, like Stalingrad, proved that both leaders were strategically incompetent.

    Hitler and Stalin both held the belief that retreating in battle was not to be tolerated. Fighting to the last man may have sounded heroic to the two psychopaths, but they were not the ones doing any actual fighting.

    Fighting to the last man is not heroic. It is a waste of soldiers who did not live to fight another day who could have retreated and regrouped.

    Gen. MacArthur understood this well, stating: “We are not retreating – we are advancing in another direction

    Retreating is sound battle strategy that neither dictator believed in. A good military commander allows forces the option to retreat. Had there been no Allied retreat following Operation Market Garden’s failure in the Netherlands in 1944, a lot of wasted lives would have resulted.

    Neither Hitler nor Stalin believed in making it appear as if a main army was in somewhere it was not. They both made clear their intentions of attack without using anything to draw opposing forces in the wrong direction. That is not to say there were no sneaking up on enemies, which did happen, just that there was no using a smaller force to make it appear larger to lure an enemy into a favorable location, which is another sound battle strategy

    Nor did the dictators have anything like the Ghost Army, which made D-Day possible with fewer casualties than would have happened without the ruse. They were also instrumental throughout the war to keep the enemy forces off guard. That’s another of their failures of tactics

    Deception and allowing retreat would have saved lives and brought opposing forces where they were wanted. Both are important in battle and used by sound military leaders.

    Stalingrad is an example of where each side could have used these tactics to their advantage. Had either side been run by a competent leader, Hitler or Stalin would have had more men to fight had they allowed for strategic retreat

    For example, Hitler could have used a small force to make it appear as if his main army was going to attack the city.

    Stalin had almost no air power, nor enough vehicles, to move troops quickly, which required reinforcements to be sent by trains.

    By launching an attack against the city Stalin renamed after himself, Stalin would have sent everything he could to defend and hold Stalingrad. The Nazis then could have waited further north in Eastern Europe under cover until trains with soldiers passed, before destroying tracks and bridges required to get troops elsewhere

    Because Stalin committed his forces without thought about strategy, the main German army could have reached Moscow and circled the city, trapping Stalin.

    The German victory also would have been less costly to German soldiers.

    Using the same city, Stalin could have lured the Germans in, while sneaking forces behind the Nazis. People could have been evacuated knowing it was just a matter of time before the Nazis arrived, then repeat what happened in Moscow with Napoleon.

    Blowing up the city with an entire German army inside would have been devastating to Hitler without sacrificing unnecessary soldiers. And would have freed up more forces for a westward push.

    Due to incompetent leaders on both sides, the casualties were staggering from a single battle with no regard for civilian casualties on either side.

    The Battle of Stalingrad, “resulted in an estimated total of 1.7 million to 2 million Axis and Soviet casualties, making it by far the largest in human history.”

    It could have been far less bloody.

    Hitler and Stalin both recklessly wasted lives that didn’t need to be lost. Both sides, had it not been for their cults of personality, should have seen in their inner circles assassinate them.

    Those long dead soldiers who followed orders of madmen should not be forgotten. Military incompetence got them slaughtered. Their leaders showed no regard for the lives of their own soldiers, and civilians

    Why does it matter today? An enemy battled an ally, and the ally later turned enemy. More dead Nazis at the receiving end of the Soviets made it easier to beat Germany.

    It matters because those soldiers on both sides should be mourned for being sacrificed. They did not die for their countries in war. They were murdered by their own leaders who never faced charges.

    Bob Ryan is a writer who has an MBA. He is an American Christian Zionist who staunchly supports Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. He has been a weekly blogger at the Times of Israel since 2019.

  10. sky news UK – Bird flu: Expert calls for work to start on vaccine with risk to humans ‘increasing’

    The virus has already jumped from birds to otters and foxes, and the World Health Organization is warning against complacency in the face of H5N1.

    Work should start to create a vaccine against bird flu in case the virus starts to spread between humans, a UK expert has warned.

    Professor Ian Brown, head of virology at the Animal and Plant Health Agency, said the rapidly evolving virus was increasingly spreading from birds into mammal species, raising the threat to humans.

    “Any spillover event [to other species] on the scale we are seeing increases the risk,” he said.

    “We know from COVID that pandemic preparation takes time, to get vaccines, antivirals and therapeutics.

    “We don’t have H5 vaccines ready to vaccinate people.

    “We should start the process.”

    His rallying cry echoed an earlier warning against complacency from the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s director-general, said on Thursday that while the current risk to humans is low “we cannot assume that will remain the case and we must prepare for any change in the status quo”.

    Until recently the H5N1 virus largely infected poultry and migratory birds, including in the UK.

    But over the past two years it has become established in many wild bird populations and has started to infect mammals, including farmed mink in Spain, wild sealions in Peru and, sporadically, foxes and otters in the UK.

    “The virus is changing faster than we can characterise it,” said Professor Martin Beer, head of the Institute for Diagnostic Virology at the Friedrich Loeffler Institute in Germany.

    Prof Brown agreed, warning that while there is so far no evidence of the virus spreading between mammals, it needs to be tracked carefully to monitor the effect of new mutations.”

    “It’s a numbers game,” he said. “There has been a step-change in the spread of infection.

    “We should not sit idle, because we know what happened with COVID.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    According to the WHO, 868 people have been infected with H5N1 over the past two decades, with 457 deaths. There has so far been no documented human-to-human transmission.

    Prof Brown said the groundwork for vaccines should start now, but they could only be finalised when a specific viral strain was known to be spreading in humans.

  11. Safe States for Children: Here’s UPDATED List of States Who Won’t Comply with CDC Mandates to Force COVID-19 Vaccination on Kids for School
    By Jim Hoft
    Published February 10, 2023 at 9:45am

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially added the ‘unsafe and ineffective’ COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood immunization schedule for 2023.

    COVID-19 was responsible for only 1,460 deaths from individuals 0-17 years of age from January 1, 2020 to February 1, 2023, according to This accounts for 0.1% of ALL COVID deaths in the United States. It’s worth noting that 0-17 is a sample size double the other groups, which are spread out among 9-year increments.

    See the graph below:

    Advertisement – story

    Governor Ron DeSantis (FL-R)
    Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (VA-R)
    Wyoming’s 33rd Governor, Mark Gordon (WY-R)
    Utah Governor Spencer Cox (UT-R)
    Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (OK-R)
    43rd Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds (IA-R)
    Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (AL-R)
    Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (TN-R)
    Missouri Governor Mike Parson (MO-R)
    South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (SD-R)
    Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (MT-R)
    South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (SC-R)
    Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (OH-R)
    Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (AR-R)
    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (GA-R)
    Idaho Governor Brad Little (ID-R)
    Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (NE-R

  12. JUST IN: Rand Paul Directly Confronts Top Biden Official On Funding Virus Studies In China

    At today’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) questioned United States Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • November 6, 2019 is when I first read about people from the Wuhan Institute being isolated. Then doctors in China spoke out and were taken away Stop the big lie.

  13. twitter @Kat_Cammack

    My exchange with the Director of the NIH is what happens when you find Fauci’s emails detailing how there needs to “be a quick and devastating published take down” of dissenting medical opinions on COVID.

    Especially when those opinions are from distinguished doctors and even a Nobel Prize winner who question the NIH and CDC. Watch to the end

    + 4 min 43 video

  14. zero hedge – Social Credit Brazilian Style: All UBI Recipients Must Be Vaxxed

    Anybody who seriously thinks that Universal Basic Income (UBI) programs of the future won’t be full blown social credit systems need look no further than Brazil, where newly selected socialist / globalist Lula da Silva just decreed that the Bolsa Familia program will require family members to be vaccinated in order to continue receiving benefits.

    “We can’t play, it’s a question of science. If I have 10 covid vaccines to take, I will take all that is necessary ”.

    The news comes via The Rio Times, which describes the Bolsa program as “a social welfare program for the poorest families in Brazil” and “a kind of Universal Basic Income”.
    twitter @Geopolitics_Emp

    Lula says Brazilians can receive financial aid only if they have taken the vax.

    Bolsa Família will require vax certificates from participants & their children: We can’t play, it’s a question of science.

    If I have 10 covid vaccines to take, I will take all that is necessary.

    + 2 min 11 video


    • CNN – Amanpour to Lula: How do you deal with half your population despising you?

      Lula speaks to Christiane Amanpour ahead of his meeting with Joe Biden at the White House.

  15. New York Times Article Exposes Fetterman: Stroke “Near Fatal”; “Serious Mental Health Challenges”; Hears “Peanuts” Voices; Knows He May Have “Permanently” Harmed Himself by Campaigning
    By Kristinn Taylor
    Published February 10, 2023 at 12:55pm

    The New York Times published what appears intended to be a sympathy article on Friday by reporter Annie Karni on freshman Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) on how he is dealing with becoming a U.S. senator just months after suffering a debilitating stroke. However the article contains quotes and reports that indicate Fetterman should never have continued with his candidacy after what the Times calls his “near fatal” stroke last May–including the observations that Fetterman knows he likely permanently harmed himself by not taking the proper time to recuperate, that he has “serious mental health challenges” and that his brain is so scrambled he hears “Peanuts” voices when people talk to him at times.

    George Washington University Hospital

    Fetterman was sworn in January 3rd. He has kept a low profile but was seen attending the State of the Union address the night before he was taken to George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. Wednesday evening where he is being held for tests and observation.

  16. Abe Hamadeh Discusses Arizona Election Lawsuit, Says Inspection Of Provisional Ballots Shows He Won (AUDIO)
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published February 10, 2023 at 12:35pm

    Abe Hamadeh revealed earlier this week that his team has gone through uncounted provisional ballots from the rigged 2022 Election and discovered enough legitimate but suppressed votes to overturn the election for Attorney General!

    Hamadeh’s race was decided by 280 votes after a “significant miscount” of hundreds of votes was discovered in rural Pinal County’s recount results.


    Abe says that 5000 or more provisional ballots were not counted, but many should been. Abe also said that voter registrations were inexplicably canceled, causing potentially legal votes not to be counted.

    As The Gateway Pundit reported, Abe Hamadeh filed a ‘Motion for New Trial’ in the Mohave County Superior Court after the Pinal County recount discrepancies were discovered. Katie Hobbs and Kris Mayes previously hid the discovery of new votes in Pinal County from the Judge in Abe’s first trial.

    Abe Hamadeh is asking the judge for a statewide ballot inspection.

    Read the latest update on Abe’s trial here!

  17. If Biden Blew Up American Allies’ Energy Pipeline, Shouldn’t He Be Impeached?
    By Joe Hoft
    Published February 10, 2023 at 11:15am

    A report yesterday, which wasn’t the first, claimed that Joe Biden blew up the pipeline providing energy to Europe. If this is true, isn’t this alone an impeachable offense?

    On Wednesday, Larry Johnson reported on his old friend, Seymour Hersh, and his bombshell report on the Russian pipeline to Europe that was blown up last year. Hersh, who is also involved in major stories, like the Seth Rich story, dropped another bombshell

    Other reports tied it all together and showed additional evidence that Biden was behind the blowing up of a major energy pipeline to Europe where our allies live.

    Speaking alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House on February 7, 2022, Joe Biden said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, “there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2”. Pressed to explain how, Biden doubled down: “We will – I promise you – we will be able to do it.”

  18. BREAKING: Judge Threatens J6 Defendant and Police Assault Victim Victoria White After She Spoke with The Gateway Pundit and GOP Lawmakers
    By Jim Hoft
    Published February 10, 2023 at 1:21pm

    In a recent report out of Washington, DC, TGP learned that the DC Pretrial Services Agency, which provides pretrial services to the D.C. Superior Court and the U.S. District Court, wanted J6 defendant and police assault victim Victoria White to be thrown in jail for meeting with GOP Representatives, and cited The Gateway Pundit articles as evidence.

    Victoria White’s trial is today, Friday, February 10, in Washington DC. The DOJ wants to punish her now for attending the January 6 protest, a constitutional right.

    Earlier this week, Victoria met with Rep. Byron Donalds.

    Victoria also met with Rep. Lauren Boebert.

    Yesterday we – Micki (Ashli Babbitt’s mom), Nicole Reffitt, myself and my friend Larvita McFarquhar and other J6ers met and sat down with Representative Lauren Boebert. And we spoke with Representative Byron Donalds yesterday advocating for J6ers. Ivan Raiklin is helping us!” Victoria told The Gateway Pundit.

    Today we heard, that the DC Pretrial wanted her to be thrown in jail for meeting with Representatives and used the Gateway Pundit articles as evidence.


    The judge presiding over the trial also stated that Victoria White is not permitted to attend the DC Jail vigil or travel anywhere in DC other than to court and to meet with her attorney. If she wants to meet with Representatives, she can only do so with her Minnesota state representative and only with pre-trial probation approval.

    Who is Victoria White?
    Victoria White from Rochester, Minnesota attended the Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC on January 6th. Like many Americans, that day it was her first time she had ever visited Washington DC. She was excited to attend the rally and stand with President Trump at the Ellipse.

    What started as a wonderful trip with family and friends turned into a bloody nightmare. Victoria White was nearly killed by DC police officers during the rally. The police officers beat her in the face and shoulders nearly 40 times with sticks and their fists. Then they dragged her through the US Capitol shoeless and forced her to wait outside without a phone, a coat, or a ride after they released her hours later.

    This was after Victoria broke up Antifa activists breaking windows at the US Capitol.

    To add insult to injury, the FBI later raided her home and arrested her in Minnesota.

    Victoria White was brutally beaten near death by the US Capitol Police.

    According to previous statements by local attorney Joseph McBride:

    She is hit approximately thirty- five times over the course of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, while appearing to be begging for mercy the entire time. She is hit with the baton while facing away. She is hit with the baton while facing forward. She is speared and poked with the baton about the face so as to inflict maximum pain. She collapses more than once and is stood up by the officers only to be maced and beaten again. At some point, White-shirt puts away his baton, not because he is showing mercy because he has a clear avenue to her face. As such, he unloads on the defenseless woman punching her five times in five seconds, directly in the face, with all of his might.

    Her DOJ report is here.

    Not once in the DOJ report do they describe the brutal pummeling she received at the hands of the Capitol Police officers.

    The fact that they ignored the police brutality in their report is absolutely frightening.

    It should be clear to any conservative in America today that you cannot trust the Department of Justice.

    The fake news mainstream media has also refused to report on this brutal police beating in any of their reporting.

    After the police officers beat Victoria with batons for several minutes and smashed her in the face with their fists, they put her in zip-tie handcuffs and paraded her through the US Capitol and into a police vehicle

    Victoria White is lucky to be alive today.

    Two other female Trump supporters were not so lucky that day, namely Ashli Babbitt and Rosann Boyland.

    To our TGP readers: TGP had the honor and pleasure to speak with and interview Victoria White back in October. We hope you take the time to watch this riveting interview. Victoria is a wonderful American, a committed mother, a victim of unbelievable police violence, and a beautiful person.

    Please keep Victoria White and all of the January 6 political prisoners in your prayers

  19. WATCH: Kari Lake Speaks To HUGE Crowd In Iowa, Says Election Lawsuit Is NUMBER ONE Focus, Talks About Potential Senate Run, VP Pick? – “I Will Do Everything In My Power To Get President Trump Elected”
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published February 10, 2023 at 2:12pm

    Kari Lake returned to her hometown in Iowa this week and is hosting a series of meet-and-greets with supporters from across the nation.

    Lake will appear at another event at 1350 SW Vintage Parkway in Ankeny, Iowa, on Saturday at 5 pm. Get tickets here!

    Lake drew a massive crowd at the Scott County Republican Women Meet and Greet in Bettendorf, Iowa.

    What appears to be hundreds were lined up outside the doors for the rally.

  20. THEY DID WHAT CHINA WANTED: Biden’s Energy Secretary Met With Far-Left, China-Connected “Green Energy” Group Before Pushing To Ban American Gas Stoves
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published February 10, 2023 at 2:50pm

    The Biden Regime last month created a national uproar when they pushed to ban gas stoves across America before later backtracking. They and their media allies then accused their opponents of unwarranted hysteria.

    But today we know the Regime put their plan in motion several months prior and there is a China connection involved.

    According to Fox News, Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm secretly met with the leader of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), which was responsible for the frivolous study claiming gas stoves were a public health hazard, in June 2021. This meeting came just six months before the Regime’s campaign against the gas stove.

    The RMI is a radical-left environmentalist group with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Despite this, they have received millions of dollars to help carry out Biden’s so-called “green energy” transition.

    Kortenhorst was the only participant in Granholm’s meeting and no agenda was released. But considering the guest and Granholm’s own nefarious desire to rid America of fossil fuels, one can make a safe assumption regarding the subject matter.

    Fox News reported:


  21. (Richard: This is a test to see what we would do. Putin and Xi want to know how we will react now that the public knows about the Intel gathering balloons.)

    Breaking: High Altitude Object Shot Down Over Alaska on Biden’s Orders
    By Kristinn Taylor
    Published February 10, 2023 at 1:48pm

    The U.S. military shot down a high altitude object over Alaska, according to National Security Council spokesman Adm. John Kirby.

    WH’s Kirby: The Pentagon was tracking a high altitude object at 40K feet over Alaska; out of abundance of caution President Biden ordered it to be downed. It came down within US territorial waters. Fighter aircraft took it down within the last hour.”

    Kirby: “We’re calling this an ‘object’ because that’s the best description we have right now. We don’t know who owns it” – state, corporation or other entity. Recovery of debris expected. It was “roughly the size of a small car” with “no significant payload”…The object did not appear to have the maneuverable capability of the Chinese spy balloon. It was ordered downed over concerns it posed a reasonable threat to civilian flight, Kirby says”

    • Threat to the Safety of Civilian Flight” – Pentagon Releases More Information on ‘High Altitude Object’ Shot Down Over Alaska (VIDEO)
      By Cristina Laila
      Published February 10, 2023 at 3:57pm

      The Pentagon on Friday released more information on the ‘high-altitude object’ shot down over Alaska.

      National Security Council spokesman Adm. John Kirby fielded questions from reporters on Friday.

      “The President absolutely was involved in this decision. He ordered it…We’re calling this an object because that’s the best description we have rn. We do not know who owns it,” Kirby said.

      Kirby told reporters that the ‘object’ was not manned.

      “The knowledge about the balloon and the track first came to our attention last evening,” Kirby said.

      Debris from the object will be recovered because it was shot down over water that is frozen near the Arctic Ocean.

      Kirby said there was a reasonable threat to civilian flight.

      “So to follow up on what you JUST said about civilian aircraft, is that what you meant initially when you said there was a reasonable threat to shoot it down?” CBS’s Weijia Jiang asked Kirby.

  22. Update: FBI Seizes Classified Documents From Mike Pence’s Home
    By Cristina Laila
    Published February 10, 2023 at 3:10pm

    The FBI seized one document with classified markings and six additional pages from former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home.

    Shelby Talcott
    Feb 10, 2023
    Pence advisor Devin O’Malley says DOJ “completed a thorough and unrestricted search of five hours and removed one document with classified markings and six additional pages without such markings that were not discovered in the initial review by the vice president’s counsel

    Shelby Talcott
    The search, per O’Malley, came after “the discovery and disclosure of a small number of potentially classified documents that had inadvertently been transported to his home in Indiana.”

    Pence/his team then “agreed to a consensual search of his residence that took place today

    • Russia Likely Lost Half Its Heavy Tanks In Ukraine: US

      Half of Russia’s main battle tanks have likely been destroyed or captured by Ukraine, a senior United States defence official said Friday.

      Russia “has probably lost half of its main battle tank stock in combat and through Ukrainian capture,” Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs Celeste Wallander said during a Centre for a New American Security virtual event.

      The estimate by Wallander — who did not provide an exact figure for the number of tanks lost since Russia invaded in February 2022 — comes as Ukraine is set to receive an influx of heavy Western tanks from its supporters.
      twitter @AZgeopolitics

      US does not object to the AFU strikes on Crimea.

      Ukraine has the right to defend every inch of its territory.

      Provided that Ukraine sees operational value in striking Russian forces on Ukrainian territory,” – Assistant Secretary of Defense of the US Celeste Wallander


      FEB 10 2023 – The Role of Allies and Partners in the National Defense Strategy with Dr. Celeste Wallander

      …. how the Department of Defense plans to work with allies and partners in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to manage regional crises and achieve the aims of the National Defense Strategy.

  23. Emails Between Biden Lawyers and NARA From Nov 2022 Released… Lawyer References a Box of Biden Documents Stored in Boston
    By Cristina Laila
    Published February 10, 2023 at 6:30pm
    1 Comment

    Emails between Joe Biden’s lawyers and the National Archives were released on Friday.

    The National Archives released 74 pages of emails in response to a FOIA request.

    A November 7, 2022 email (5 days after lawyers first discovered classified docs at Penn Biden Center) between Biden’s lawyer and the National Archives referenced a box of documents stored in Boston.

    Gary Stern from NARA emailed Biden’s lawyer Patrick Moore: “Also, please ensure that the boxes in your office in Boston remain secure in a locked space and are not accessed by anyone. Thanks.”

    Max Cohen
    Emails between Biden laywers and NARA from Nov. 2022 mainly feature logistical asks about when NARA can search DC Penn Biden office and take docs.

    Also reference to docs in Boston… which I haven’t heard about before>>>

  24. President Trump to Testify and Provide DNA in “Whackjob” E. Jean Carroll Case – Will Call Anderson Cooper to the Stand
    By Joe Hoft
    Published February 10, 2023 at 4:51pm

    President Trump reportedly will provide DNA and will testify in the Whackjob Jean Carroll hearing. Anderson Cooper will be be asked to take the stand.

    What a bunch of criminal gangsters the Democrats have become. They want power and will do anything to get it. Anything.

    Corrupt Clinton Judge Lewis Kaplan allowed crackpot E. Jean Carroll’s case to move forward against President Trump. The lady is a whackjob President Trump says. This same judge is overseeing the FTX case. This corrupt judge appears to have been picked to oversee this unwarranted case. It’s not based on facts, when you see Carroll on TV interviews.
    The case is based on the fact that the corrupt Clintons and Obama and their friends who created the Mueller lie don’t want to stop messing with President Trump.

    Here is a compilation of E. Jean Carroll’s moments on TV.

    Steven Guilbealt, Environment Minister and other Canadian Climate Clowns spent $1.77 million on the COP 27 climate trip to Egypt.

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