No vaxx means fewer dead in Bulgaria, charting Canada’s fall to communism: Links 1, February 10, 2023

1. Alex Berenson: The good news: death rates have now fallen far below normal. The bad news: only in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is good at counting its dead.

The country’s National Statistical Institute compiles death figures weekly and releases them in English once a month.

They tell a story that mRNA jab advocates may not want to hear.

Bulgaria has very low Covid vaccination rates, likely because generations of Communist misrule left Bulgarians deeply suspicious of government promises of miracle cures.

And Covid hit Bulgaria hard from late 2020 through early 2022. The epidemic tore through unhealthy middle-income Eastern European countries, and Bulgaria has rates of smoking, obesity, and cardiovascular disease that are off the charts. Its Covid death rate was more than double that of Western European countries like Spain, and its overall mortality rate higher still.

But now the epidemic is over. And deaths in Bulgaria are plunging – not just to normal, but well below it.

(If memory serves, Bulgaria had only a 20% vaxx rate. There were protests there by the restaurant industry against the vaxx pass since so few people had the vaxx, there was no business for places that required one to be patronized. Eventually the good people of Bulgaria did what all of us should have done from the start. Told authority to GFT and carried on with our lives. Bulgaria’s death rate is now below its own pre-pandemic normal. because they didn’t take the cursed shot.)

2. This is an older video. But the story is unresolved and in fact, grows in importance as it is being ignored. Please watch and keep it in the mental filing cabinet when you think about Trudeau and his love for China.

3. South Africa in ‘National State of Disaster’ following collapse of power grid

(One of our valued contributors at Vlad Tepes lives in South Africa. We have heard stories for years now about the clearly deliberate collapse of the grid. For example, if you are able to generate power, you MUST sell it to the grid at a loss, and you may NOT use it yourself to keep your business alive or even yourself. This is similar to Cuban policies on any kind of entrepreneurship. You can do it, but it must be taxed at well over 100% gross take)

On Thursday, South Africa declared a National State of Disaster as the country’s power grid continues to collapse despite scheduled power outages lasting up to 12 hours by the state run power company Eskom, which supplies 90 percent of the entire country’s power.

According to a statement from the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, “Considering the magnitude, severity, and progression of the severe electricity supply constraint.”

The National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) declared the “national state of disaster to prevent the possible progression to a total blackout from occurring and taking into account the possibility to augment existing measures already undertaken by the organs of state to deal with electricity supply constraint.”

4. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says province will not go along with national healthcare ‘digital ID’

So Saskatchewan seems like a nice place to live. Also I believe the song, “I can see for miles and miles” was written in or about that fine province. But WHY would Saskatchewan not go along with digital ID? Probably for the same reason no one should:

‘The Government of Saskatchewan will not share any personal medical information with the federal government. This information is protected under The Health Information Protection Act and will remain so.’

REGINA, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) – Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said his government will “not” participate in any type of national healthcare “digital ID” program as a condition to receive funding for health care from the federal government.

In an open letter to the public released last week, Moe wrote that the “Government of Saskatchewan is not creating a digital ID, nor will we accept any requirements for the creation of a digital ID tied to healthcare funding.”

In Canada, as per the constitution, health care falls 100 percent under the authority of the provincial governments, however, some federal money is transferred to provinces, but this amount has been in decline in recent years.

There has been some talk that future federal funding could be tied to a sort of national healthcare “digital ID.”

Moe flat-out rejected that Saskatchewan would take any money from the federal government should a digital ID be on the table.

5. More proof of how alphabet agencies are the most powerful forces against representative democracy in the US. And almost certainly in Canada. Canada does not have the machinery to expose these kinds of things. This makes Canada much more corrupt, not less, than the USA.

Thank you all for being here when you can.

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