Governments spying on their own people, Canada still after digital ID and more: Links 2, February 9, 2023

1. Katie Hopkins makes some important points in this video. I think most importantly, about how Tommy Robinson was the first to be destroyed for being an effective vector of the counter-narrative. Frankly, I think the UK and probably its intel agencies along perhaps with US ones, put a lot of time and effort into finding all support mechanisms for Tommy online, and trying to sabotage them against him.

2. The interview with the 77th brigade in the UK on spying on the public during Covid. (And almost certainly still and forever forward)

3. Health Canada Pursues Enhancements to COVID Vaccine Passport, Raises Link to Digital ID (Feb 1, 2023)

(Just when you thought it was safe to go outside…)

Health Canada is seeking a contractor to further develop its COVID-19 vaccine passport system and extend it to include other health data such as exemption and recovery credentials, according to a tender notice.

“In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a global effort to advance vaccines and therapeutics and develop public health digital solutions,” says the statement of work introducing the project issued by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

“Canada’s ability to defeat COVID-19 depends greatly on assembling immunization data to guide key decision making throughout the pandemic.”

The solicitation for a contractor to build a “digital health tech platform” was posted in late November on the CanadaBuys website and bidding closed on Jan. 3. The supplier has yet to be announced.

4. There is no intention to allow people the freedom that actual money offers. Note how as reasonable as this article seems, “given that a digital pound would not be a means for storing wealth”. So what happens when they take away money?

Britons face 20,000 digital pound cap under Bank of England plan

LONDON, Feb 7 (Reuters) – Britons would be limited to 20,000 digital pounds ($24,000) each if the country goes ahead with a digital currency, Bank of England Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe said on Tuesday.

Britain’s government said on Monday that it and the BoE were pressing on with work on a possible digital pound that was likely to enter circulation in the second half of this decade and be held in a “wallet” provided by banks, although no final decision has been made.

“We propose a limit of between 10,000 pounds and 20,000 pounds per individual as the appropriate balance between managing risks and supporting wide usability of the digital pound,” Cunliffe said in a speech.

A limit of 10,000 pounds would mean that three quarters of people could receive their pay in digital pounds as well as holding pre-existing balances in the same account, while a 20,000 pound limit would allow almost everyone to use digital pounds for day-to-day transactions, Cunliffe said.

5. Costa Rica withdraws from UN climate agreement

The Costa Rican Congress on Wednesday (1) blocked the ratification of an UN-backed environmental agreement after losing government support.

The treaty, known as the Escazu Agreement, was signed in 2018 in the Escazu region west of Costa Rica’s capital when Carlos Alvarado was president.

He was replaced in May by Rodrigo Chaves, who opposed the agreement, saying Costa Rica already has sufficient environmental regulations.

(Costa Rica really has made a lot of good decisions since they elected a sane person.)

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  1. They’re moving too fast for us to keep up and stop them. We need good strong leaders with integrity in all ways and manners. Europe is doomed.

    The only two provinces with a backbone seem to be Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    My Youtube account has been hacked. I can no longer post a comment. I doubt it is Youtube, no violation warning. But maybe it was someone on their staff that is into T-gendering children.

    A positive note to end the day: Elon Musk has shut down Starlink in Ukraine. He realized it wasn’t being used for its intended purpose. Maybe he saw that horror Internet video of Ukrainian soldiers killing Russian soldiers with chemical warfare via a drone drop of cyanide canisters and then boasting about it.

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