AZ still pushed by WHO, What would CBC look like interviewing a pro-vaxx doc? Links 1, Feb. 8, 2023

1. Imagine if CBC, Global, CTV and other captured legacy media was to interview a pro-vaxx doctor in exactly the way they speak to anyone who felt the gene-therapy shots were not a panacea. It might look like this.

2. Alex Berenson: Dr. Anthony Fauci now admits the mRNA Covid vaccines hardly work and might not be approvable

In fact, a bombshell paper he co-authored last month suggests ALL vaccines for common respiratory viruses may face intractable hurdles. And that’s not even the worst news. I’m not exaggerating.

Last month, three scientists pointed out flu shots barely work and couldn’t be approved based on the standards used for vaccines like measles:

“After more than 60 years of experience with influenza vaccines, very little improvement in vaccine prevention of infection has been noted… our best approved influenza vaccines would be inadequate for licensure for most other vaccine-preventable diseases.” [emphasis added]

True. Severalrigorouspapers have proven that flu shots are placebos masquerading as public policy.

But the same scientists then compared our beloved and groundbreaking Covid vaccines to those pointless flu jabs:

As variant SARS-CoV-2 strains have emerged, deficiencies in these [Covid] vaccines reminiscent of influenza vaccines have become apparent.

Just who are these vicious anti-vax rebels?

Three researchers at the National Institutes for Health. Including one whose name may ring a bell: the now-retired Dr. Anthony S. Fauci.

(What is the name of that old Western movie again? I think it starred, Clint Eastwood and Pat Hingle. 1968 if I recall correctly.)

3. When is it time to be afraid of your government? One marker might be when they tell you to trust them as a source of truth and no one else.

This is identical in messaging to what the former odious PM of New Zealand told people during Covid. Ontario, much like is directed in the Operation Lockstep from 2010 Rockefeller foundation report, but adjusted for the local population’s culture.

4. American Front Line Doctors on Pfizer’s admission that the vaxx can affect fertility

(Embed code has autostart which is infuriating and I can’t see how to turn it off so direct link here)

5. John Campbell: The WHO says the AZ vector vaxx is safe and effective even TODAY

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