Diana West fact-checks Whitney Webb’s two volume book set

First, what does Whitney Webb say?

Here is an edited down version of a very long interview she did with Glenn Beck. We kept all the good bits, but the whole thing is an entertaining watch and can be seen here if anyone wants to check it out:

Veteran journalist, Diana West takes Whitney up on her challenge to fact check her two volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail” and gives us a benchmark upon which to help determine veracity.

It’s a very good read and interesting. I would ask you to click through and read it from the beginning. I will just post a couple of paragraphs from a little ways down the page which speaks to many of us here in this community:

I’d like to pause to note that the “corruption of our core institutions” is something everyone (practically everyone) reading these words recognizes, mourns, rages at, all of us trying in our own way to survive what has happened, to our families, to our nation; and to resist it all and fight back. Indeed, it is in this shared tragedy where we might find the mechanism of Webb’s crossover appeal to us “outcasts” — we who already know the government is lying to us, even trying to kill us, and we who have long turned our backs on that government’s indispensable ally, the MSM. Some of us have been counter-culture for a long time; some of us woke up in this camp more recently —  due to the rolling coup d’etat by a sordid union of Intelligence and Organized Government against Donald Trump from 2016 onward (Webb doesn’t want to talk about that one); or the covid hoax, covid tyranny and covid die-off (2019 onward); or the vicious persecutions of the January 6 patriots (2021 onward); or one of so many other convulsions shaking loose the facts to show that We, the People are not sovereign over the State; rather, we are victims in its crosshairs. 

In other words, we can agree with what Whitney Webb is saying: Yes, our core institutions have been corrupted. But — and this is The Big Question — did it happen “in the type of way” the 33-year-old author is telling us?  Namely, by a “sordid union” in the 20th century of Intelligence and Organized Crime originally forged by J. Edgar Hoover and the Mafia? And isn’t there something missing from Webb’s 20th century  — like, um, uh, the sordid union of the KGB, cultural Marxists, things like that? 

Comments welcome.

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