Berenson brings a died suddenly, Stephen Coughlin’s excellent Twitter thread, The Century initiative: Links 2, January 30th, 2023

1. Alex Berenson: Another heart attack in young healthy vegetarian and the only thing we can know is it wasn’t the vaxx

44-year-old female vegetarian MSNBC host is hospitalized for almost 10 days for heart inflammation, blames everything but the obvious cause

It was because of a cold, people. A COLD! From the Can’t Make It Up Department

On Saturday, MSNBC weekend host Yasmin Vossoughian took to the cable airwaves (to tell viewers why they hadn’t seen her for a while.

Like most of you, I was only vaguely aware that MSNBC still existed, so I missed Vossoughian’s triumphant return before hundreds – possibly thousands – of viewers. But it turns out some Unreported Truths readers are MSNBC watchers too (not my mom, okay!).

And one of them pointed me to the segment.

Which is quite something.

Vossoughian gives us her health bonafides straight off.

She doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t smoke, practices yoga, and until her health scare runs seven miles a day three to four times a week. Aside from working too much (But how can she not? What would her viewers do without her?), she is in perfect shape. Gonna live forever, in the words of Liam Gallagher. Her body is a wonderland.

2. Joe Biden, March 11, 2022: “Sending tanks to Ukraine is WW III”

3. Jamie Sarkonak: The Liberals’ giant subsidy for lefty academics to bolster their censorship legislation

These research projects lay the groundwork for a politically moderated internet

In preparation for the tabling of new laws to censor “harmful” online content, federal officials are spending millions of dollars researching subtle forms of racism, “queerphobic cyber-violence,” (alt-)right-wing attitudes in gaming, credibility attacks on journalists and the use of children to counter “misinformation” within their families.

Funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Digital Citizen Contribution Program, these projects serve a triple purpose: they assist the Department of Canadian Heritage in making the case for regulating misinformation and wrongthink, they generate evidence for Liberal cultural policies and they funnel public resources to activist groups and academics who will remember this generosity at election time.

(So it turns out that being a fan of George Orwell, can mean two very different things.)

4. So, is the expression, “bald-faced lie”? Or is it “bare-faced lie. I always wondered that.

Trudeau has about 4 bills on the floor to crush freedom of speech. (We have published better links with a list of these bills recently at this site. This link is the NP link on corruption of research to crush freedom of expression)

5. There are moments when I think that everything they have us divided over, Covid, the Vaxx, freedom of speech and so on, is to hide the big attack on us as a people, a culture, a history and individualism. And that attack is called, “The Century Initiative”. 

McKinsey and the World Economic Forum

[…] In McKinsey’s own words, it has operated as “a single global partnership” since its foundation in 1926. Perusing its website on January 16, the opening day of the World Economic Forum’s 2023 annual meeting in Davos, one could believe that McKinsey’s primary objective was to implement the WEF’s agenda. On that day, the top banner on the landing page on McKinsey’s website read, “Why Davos matters more than ever,” with the subtitle “Global challenges call for global leadership.” Just below that banner, we were invited to meet the WEF’s Young Global Leaders. The Forum of Young Global Leaders was created by the WEF’s chairman Klaus Schwab in 1993 (originally as Global Leaders of Tomorrow) to promote the WEF’s agenda of globalization.

[…] Under the section “Our Culture: a unique global institution,” the brochure describes WEF’s role as an international organization:

An international organization: The Forum makes its contribution to global governance in the informal yet structured spaces that sit at the base of the formal multilateral legal frameworks and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. (Our italicized emphasis)

The question that arises is just how active a role the WEF takes in shaping global, regional and industry agendas and contributing to global governance. Does it play a role in developing the national policies of theoretically sovereign countries, for example by setting their immigration policy through globalist consulting firms with close ties to those countries’ governments?

As it happens, “transformation” was also a theme at this year’s WEF meeting. The theme for Day 1 was “Welcome to Davos/Transformation Overview.” For Day 3, the theme was “Digital Transformation,” reminiscent of the IRCC’s objective to transform itself with McKinsey’s help in “reviewing, developing and implementing digital tools, processes and services.”

Please click through and read. The next part is directly on the Century Initiative and the impact it will have. And not just in Canada.

Thank you all for staying with us.

Looking for a really cool and informative Twitter thread to read on how history piled up tons of utter BS, relabeled it science, and then set policies to enslave us all with it?

Then please check out this excellent thread by Stephen Coughlin.


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  1. Mj. Coughlin has great material. He just needs an editor to translate his work into English. It’s the flaw that locks university professors into their teeny-weeny subspecialty.[*]

    If you want to APPLY the concepts he so beautifully structures, avoid scholarly journal-ese – like repeating “Habermas” and Aufheben. If you need a glossary and footnotes to share these ideas, to make practical use of them… fuhgeddaboudit~

    [*]He does better in lectures and when he uses a whiteboard.

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