CRTC wants to monitor your Starlink, Global news dialectic on “vaxx-misinformation”, CIA making hairy elephants: Links 1, January 27th, 2023

1. To know how good one’s internet connection is, all that is necessary is to use a site like and you can determine if you have a good and broad connection to the internet. But the Government of Canada, in what is rapidly becoming a familiarly dishonest approach, has decided to attempt to determine what people who use Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet service, are doing online. First, have a look at the CRTC request:

The government of Canada is asking that people who have Elon Musk’s service, and yeah they make it generic but let’s get serious. How many ISPs are there which are wireless? Only ONE of any consequence. So its classic Canadian government weasel words to try and get to people who use Starlink.

They are asking people who have Starlink to attach a “whitebox” (probably to avoid the term ‘blackbox’ indicating a thing which does something about which, you have no idea) to their own equipment to analyze traffic so they can tell if you have a good connection or not.

This has to be the most insulting to the intelligence government request since “The Religion of Peace” and “safe and effective”. They think you don’t know if your connection is good or not so you will attach something that monitors your own traffic and reports to the government of Canada. As mentioned, to know if your connection is good, use it. If you need stats, go to one of the many sites that give you a read out of connection speed like But its clearly an attack on Musk and people who use Starlink when they want you to attach special government supplied equipment only to Starlink connections to see what you are up to.

The good news is, it probably means the ONLY safe and private internet connection you can get is Starlink, since the government wants you to do this. So if you live in a house or otherwise in a manner where you can install their equipment, I would consider switching to Starlink immediately. The government may have accidentally tipped its hand here. But whatever it is these ‘whiteboxes’ do, we know it isn’t test your speed. Anyone can do that with zero equipment and nearly no time or effort.

2. Global News adds its dialectic attack on opponents of the Covid and vaxx narratives

Please note that there are ZERO interviews with anyone questioning the vaxx or Covid narrative, or even looking at official Canadian government stats showing that the vaxx is worse than nothing, both in terms of Covid protection, and in terms of all cause deaths. That is to say, while it does not protect people from Covid, and may in fact make it more likely to catch, it also causes other harmful effects which you would not get, had you not injected it. That is what makes Global a part of very well planned and coordinated enemy propaganda.

3. Twitter Files #15: The next great media fraud

So it becomes increasingly clear how item 1. CRTC weasel words, are probably closer to the truth than not.

4. 7 killed in shooting at Jerusalem synagogue, suspect dead

(There has been a LOT of Islamic political/religious murder across the world recently. Check Gatesofvienna and RAIR Foundation for just some of them)

Seven Israelis have been killed in a shooting at a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, according to Jerusalem District Police Commander Doron Turgeman.

Ten others were wounded in the Friday night shooting, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The suspect was killed by police, according to officials.

Responders confronted the suspect less than five minutes after the shooting was reported, according to Israeli police.

Turgeman said the suspect was a Palestinian who lived in East Jerusalem. It appears the 21-year-old suspect carried out the attack alone, Israeli police said.

5. Just a couple of this week’s ‘died suddenly’s:

Tributes paid to ‘kind and caring’ Macclesfield swimming teacher Mia Jennings, 19, who died suddenly from cardiac arrest

TRIBUTES have been paid to a “kind and caring” 19-year-old woman who died suddenly after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Mia Jennings tragically passed away over the weekend in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are among the clubs to pay tribute to a Spanish Under-15s footballer who was found dead at home by her parents

(Local media explains that an autopsy was performed to find the cause of death. This would make one suspect you can rule out suicide.)

Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona have offered condolences after a Spanish Under-15s star tragically passed away. 

The death of Sporting Club de Huelva’s Estrella Martin, 14, was announced by the club in a statement on Wednesday.

According to local media, she was found in her own home by her parents on Wednesday morning. She had trained as normal with team-mates on Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you all for your consideration of the views of this site.

At 24:28 in this video is the modern equivalent of a UT South Western Medical School college yearbook photo of the Pfizer MD who spilled it all on a date with Project Veritas.

CIA: “I know what let’s do! Let’s put fur on an elephant and move them to the North Pole.” Government and piano key industry: “Great idea! Should make the seal hunt very exciting as well! Plus keep the Inuit in shape running from them.


De-extinction may sound like science fiction — and, to an extent, it is. There is no way to bring back the woolly mammoth as it was ten thousand  years ago; however, by using DNA editing tools, scientists can insert cold-resistant characteristics into the DNA sequences of modern elephants, making them genetically similar to woolly mammoths. The resulting creature wouldn’t be a mammoth, per se; rather, it would be a proxy animal that’s more like an elephant with mammoth-like characteristics.

The foundation of this process is a gene editing method called CRISPR — genetic “scissors” that scientists can use to cut, paste and replace specific gene sequences into an organism’s DNA. (Several of the researchers behind CRISPR won the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry).

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  1. Yes and using CRISPR they spliced and diced viruses to extract the most pathological sites and cobble them together to form the Wuhan virus,incorporating the furin cleavage site on the spike of the virus to enable it to infect humans.And thus the Wuhan virus was created by Peter Dazek .The furin cleavage site is situated ,on the spike protein.And the furin cleavage site is patented .And as the COVID injections contain this patented furin cleavage site ,by virtue of the fact that they contain the spike on the manufacturred virus the patent holder is making a killing out of the COVID injections. The corona virus also contains sequences from 3 precurser viruses that Daszak made in the lab ,before he hit on the idea of creating the Wuhan virus.

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