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  1. LA Teenager Is Murdered After Serving Light Sentence For Running Over A Mom And Baby (VIDEO)
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 21, 2023 at 7:15am

    teenager who got a slap on the wrist for intentionally running over a mom and little baby was recently gunned down on the streets.

    Fox News reported Friday that 17-year old Kristopher Baca, the perpetrator responsible for the hit and run, was killed in Palmdale, California earlier this week. Here are the full details:


  2. BIG PHARMA and major $$$ corruption with the processed food industry & its lobbies. How money goes around.

    To cure obesity: starting in childhood, let’s go with the daily injections… for the rest of their life.

  3. sky news australia – Rise in heart attacks across Australia

    ( 26 sec )

    Fatal cardiac arrests in Australia are on the rise.

    Doctors say COVID’s damaging effect on the heart drives serious cardiovascular problems.

    • city news – Scientists warn against intentional exposure to COVID-19 to get hybrid immunity

      A new research suggests prior infection and then vaccination together, known as hybrid immunity, is the best protection against COVID-19 – yet it also warns people not to intentionally expose themselves to the virus.

      + comments on the YT page

    • the daily beast – ‘Are Americans Being Poisoned?’: Diamond’s Memorial Goes Off the Rails

      “People are dropping dead around here, and nobody is talking about it! They are dropping dead suddenly and unexpectedly.”

      Former President Donald Trump spoke at Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway’s remembrance celebration on Saturday afternoon following the recent death of the pro-Trump pundit at the age of 51.

      “It’s so hard to understand what could have happened,” he said. “When you got to know her, there was nobody that was kinder, there was absolutely nobody that was a more devoted person to the common sense of our country and to making our country great again.”

      “Through the tears and the grief, let us celebrate this incredible life,” Trump added.

      Diamond’s sister—half of the “Diamond and Silk” duo—Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, likewise addressed the crowd at the Crown Theatre in Fayetteville, North Caroline, falling back into her old anti-vaxxer ways during the service.

      “Instead of asking if Americans are vaxxed or unvaxxed, the real question to ask is: Are Americans being poisoned?” she asked the pro-Trump crowd filled with friends and family.

      “In the wild, when they want to depopulate and sterilize a large group of animals, they usually inject one animal, and that one animal infect the rest of the animals,” Silk said, suggesting, without evidence, that the COVID-19 vaccine creates harm.

      “People are dropping dead around here, and nobody is talking about it! They are dropping dead suddenly and unexpectedly.”

      She also recalled her sister’s final moments: “She said to me, ‘I can’t breathe.’ It was something out of nowhere, and no warning. … Each breath was less, and less, and less.”

      “What I want to say to everybody is don’t you dare call me a conspiracy theorist. Because I saw it happen. I saw how it happened. I was there when it happened, and it happened suddenly,” she said, urging the crowd to “get some answers as to why people are falling dead suddenly.”

      Marjorie TaylorGreene

      twitter @RepMTG

      I demand an IMMEDIATE investigation into Covid vaccines and the dramatic increase of people dying suddenly!

      This can no longer be ignored and is NOT political.

      + 1min 42 video


      Silk’s comments immediately sparked a wave of outrage from figures on the right-wing, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene taking to Twitter to declare, “I demand an IMMEDIATE investigation into Covid vaccines and the dramatic increase of people dying suddenly!”

      In the early days of the COVID pandemic, Diamond and Silk floated many fringe conspiracy theories, including the idea that quarantining would result in people getting “sick” and that increased COVID-19 case numbers being shared with the public was an attempt to harm Trump politically.

      Silk has repeatedly denied on Twitter that Diamond passed away due to COVID-19. Instead, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has stated publicly that the pro-Trump pundit suddenly collapsed in her kitchen. (Diamond’s cause of death remains unclear, and Silk—nor an aide—returned The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Saturday evening.)

      “Where’s your proof that my sister died from contracting COVID-19? No Proof plus No Truth equates to a Lawsuit,” Silk wrote after Diamond’s death was announced.

      Other Trumpworld royalty joined the solemn service to pay their respects to Diamond on Saturday—though the focus was often on the ex-president seated on stage.

      “In a blink of an eye…she is now in the—presence of the Lord Jesus Christ,” Trump-loving Pastor Mark Burns declared. “I believe without a shadow of a doubt, Diamond is talking to Jesus, and she is saying, Jesus, ‘Please make sure that Donald J. Trump is the next President of The United States of America.’”


  4. NYPOST – Good riddance to the ‘Ministry of Truth’ and Nina Jankowicz

    Nina Jankowicz just quit and the Disinformation Governance Board is dead. It’s the best possible ending to a move that was demented from the start.

    […]The US government has no business determining what’s “disinformation” — certainly not via an Orwellian shadow department, housed within a national security agency.

    […]And Jankowicz was singularly ill-suited to the job:
    She pushed the Russiagate lies (taken in by the most successful disinformation effort of our lives) and joined in the suppression of The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting. And she’s supposed to be an expert?

    WaPo -How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts

    A ‘pause’ of the Department of Homeland Security’s newly created board comes after its head, Nina Jankowicz, was the victim of coordinated online attacks as the administration struggled to respond

    Nina Jankowicz, who served as a Fulbright fellow, works in a press room at Volodymyr Zelensky’s campaign headquarters in 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Jankowicz was recently named the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board.

    […]The Biden administration tapped Nina Jankowicz, a well-known figure in the field of fighting disinformation and extremism, as the board’s executive director.

    […]In naming the 33-year-old Jankowicz to run the newly created board, the administration chose someone with extensive experience in the field of disinformation

    […]Working groups within DHS focused on mis-, dis- and mal-information have been suspended. The board could still be shut down pending a review from the Homeland Security Advisory Council. On Wednesday morning, Jankowicz officially resigned from her role within the department.

    “Nina Jankowicz has been subjected to unjustified and vile personal attacks and physical threats,”

    […]Just hours after Jankowicz tweeted about her new job, far-right influencer Jack Posobiec posted tweets accusing the Biden administration of creating a “Ministry of Truth.”

    Posobiec’s 1.7 million followers quickly sprung into action. By the end of the day, there were at least 53,235 posts on Twitter mentioning “Disinformation Governance Board,” many referencing Jankowicz by name,

    […]Dozens of websites including Breitbart, the Post Millennial, the Daily Caller and the New York Post began mining Jankowicz’s past social media posts and publishing articles to generate controversy.

    Nina Jankowicz -Normalisation of Disinformation as Political Tool Accelerating Distrust in Democracy

    GUEST: Nina Jankowicz – author, advocate, expert on disinformation and democratization.

    We are at risk of losing the information war.

    The widespread normalisation of disinformation as a political tool is accelerating distrust in democratic institutions and processes.

    But online disinformation has offline consequences, as we saw during the coronavirus pandemic and on January 6th in Washington.

    Malicious actors such as Russia and China have also proved adept at weaponizing information for their foreign policy objectives.

    Governments have held off from intervening strongly in the online media sphere, for fear of wrecking classical, enlightened liberalism, but at what cost?

    What are the risks that online disinformation will contribute to the dismantling of democracy?

    00:00 We are at risk of losing the information war

    04:35 Evidence-led and transparent methodology to expose disinformation

    05:41 Much of Russian disinfo targets civilians – to confuse and deflect

    07:44 Differences between types of intelligence – i.e. open source

    10:31 Countries contributing most military aid less open to RU disinfo

    13:52 Propaganda starts with ideas based in fact, but it’s a slippery slope

    20:16 Social Media has build in bias that is open to weaponisation of info

    24:00 Why US politicians have failed to hold Social media barons to account

    25:52 Existing laws should also applied to ‘regulate’ the digital sphere

    29:30 How malign actors use online hate and destruction of reputations

    33:04 Propaganda does not create societal issues, but weaponises them

    37:33 Throwing a bone to NAFO – how Ukraine is winning the meme war

    41:28 Where have you been the last 8 years? Genesis of genocide incitement

    45:55 Solutions to reverse the brainwashing of Putin’s militaristic regime

    48:04 Have things improved in the fight against disinfo in US, UK and Europe

  5. Scientists Have Successfully Reversed Signs of Aging in Mice for the First Time (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 9:15am

    Two research groups in the US were able to stop mice from getting old by fixing their DNA.

    In a recent study published in Cell on Jan. 12, Harvard scientists showed that they could manipulate and reverse the aging process in mice by generating DNA repairs.

    The results of a 13-year, international study show for the first time that breakdown in epigenetic information accelerates aging in mice and that repairing the epigenome can reverse those signs of aging.

    “For about the past 50 years, popular theory has held that the process of aging is caused in large part by an accumulation of mutation. There’s growing evidence, however, that aging has a significant epigenetic component. That is, the process by which stretches of DNA or the genes are turned on and off,” said the paper’s senior author, David Sinclair, professor of genetics at the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research.

    TRENDING: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell in Late Friday FBI Data Dump – MUELLER Claimed Seth Rich Not Involved in Russia Collusion Email Scandal Without Ever Examining Rich’s Work Laptop

    “My colleagues and I believe that not only are epigenetic changes are the primary cause of aging, but that these changes are driven by the ongoing process of DNA breakage and repair,” he continued.

    “We believe ours is the first study to show epigenetic change as a primary driver of aging in mammals,” Sinclair said.

    Researchers at Harvard said they wanted to test their findings on larger mammals and, eventually, on people.

    “First, the results need to be replicated in larger mammals and in humans. Studies in nonhuman primates are currently underway,” Harvard said in a statement.

    “We hope these results are seen as a turning point in our ability to control aging,” said Sinclair. “This is the first study showing that we can have precise control of the biological age of a complex animal; that we can drive it forwards and backwards at will.”

    More from Harvard:

    The team used a recent tool developed by Sinclair’s lab to measure how old the mice were, not chronologically, in days or months, but “biologically,” based on how many sites across the genome lost the methyl groups normally attached to them. Compared to untreated mice born at the same time, the ICE mice had aged significantly more.

    Next, the researchers gave the mice a gene therapy that reversed the epigenetic changes they’d caused.

    “It’s like rebooting a malfunctioning computer,” said Sinclair.

    The therapy delivered a trio of genes — Oct4, Sox2, and Klf4, together named OSK — that are active in stem cells and can help rewind mature cells to an earlier state. (Sinclair’s lab used this cocktail to restore sight in blind mice in 2020.)

    The ICE mice’s organs and tissues resumed a youthful state.

    The therapy “set in motion an epigenetic program that led cells to restore the epigenetic information they had when they were young,” said Sinclair. “It’s a permanent reset.”

    How exactly OSK treatment achieved that remains unclear.

    At this stage, Sinclair says the discovery supports the hypothesis that mammalian cells maintain a kind of backup copy of epigenetic software that, when accessed, can allow an aged, epigenetically scrambled cell to reboot into a youthful, healthy state.

    For now, the extensive experiments led the team to conclude that “by manipulating the epigenome, aging can be driven forwards and backwards,” said Yang.

    Watch the video below:

    The second study was conducted by San Diego–based company Rejuvenate Bio.

    The study was bioRxiv earlier this month titled, “Gene Therapy Mediated Partial Reprogramming Extends Lifespan and Reverses Age-Related Changes in Aged Mice.”

    Science reported:

    San Diego–based company Rejuvenate Bio injected elderly (124-week-old) mice with adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) carrying genes for three of the factors, collectively known as OSK.

    These animals lived another 18 weeks on average, compared with 9 weeks for a control group, the company reported in a preprint on bioRxiv this month. They also partially regained patterns of DNA methylation—a type of epigenetic mark—typical of younger animals. Although some studies have suggested Yamanaka factors can promote cancer, Noah Davidsohn, Rejuvenate’s chief scientific officer and co-founder, says the company has so far found no obvious negative effects in mice given the gene therapy.

    “I would say it is provocative—possibly a breakthrough,” says Steven Austad of the University of Alabama, Birmingham, who studies the biology of aging. “But it will need to be replicated and the mechanism explored before we can say for sure.”

  6. Biden COMMITTED FELONIES by Taking Possession of Classified Top Secret Documents “Whether or Not They Were Passed on to a Foreign Entity”
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 9:00am

    Biden gang committed felonies in taking possession of top secret classified documents and that’s before providing them to the Chinese at the Chinese front organization [the Penn Biden Center].

    CBS News reported per their source that the ten documents found at the Penn Biden Center were all classified top secret documents:

    The approximately 10 documents marked classified and discovered at the Penn Biden Center included top-secret material, according to a federal law enforcement official familiar with the investigation.

    Top secret is the highest of the three basic levels of classification: confidential, secret and top secret. A leak of top secret information could cause “exceptionally grave damage.”

    Fewer than 10 documents marked classified were found at the Biden residence in Wilmington, Del., and none were marked top secret.

    In all, the source said, the total number of known documents marked classified is roughly 20,between the two locations.

    CBS didn’t acknowledge how serious the crime was for taking possession of these types of documents. These are very serious felonies for each top secret document that was taken out of its secure location.

    In an interview between Frank Gaffney and former CIA Operative Sam Faddis, Faddis shared the following about the documents found at what Faddis called the Chinese Front Organization (the Penn Biden Center):

    It’s a really serious thing…It’s a felony, it’s probably any number of felonies. We send people to prison for this, that’s without any evidence they passed it to foreign powers…When you’re done with it it goes back in a safe and it’s shut and it’s behind an alarm and it’s secure and there’s an armed guard downstairs.

    So these are felonies, that’s before we get to whether or not it was passed to a foreign power

    We should remember that we are talking about a man who is up to his eyeballs in evidence of being compromised by the Chinese Communists

    …In a Chinese front organization [the Penn Biden Center] we find top secret classified information brought there by a guy who has taken tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese. I think we call this espionage where I come from.

    See video below:

        • The Dems are throwing Biden under the bus. Everyone knows Kamala has the brains of a lobotomized turtle, they aren’t going to let her into the oval office if they can help it.

          The three people most likely to be appointed VP and then POTUS are; Hillary, Michelle O, and Nancy y Pelosi’s nephew Gavin Newson. All three are corrupt and incompetent. You pick who you think will be chosen, I get nauseous thinking about.

        • Agnew resigned because he had not paid all of his income taxes. Truman replaced Wallace because the other Dems told FDR they would campaign for the Repub if Wallace was the VP pick for FDR’s 4th run. Right now we don’t have enough Dems who will stand up to the 3 crime families that currently run the Dems.

  7. After Complaint, US Merchant Marine Academy Covers Painting of Jesus Protecting Sailors Lost at Sea
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published January 21, 2023 at 11:10am

    At the US Merchant Marine Academy in New York, a painting of Jesus has been covered after complaints that the religious image should not be visible in a space that is used for mandatory activities.

    Michael Weinstein, Founder and President of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) wrote a letter to Vice Admiral Nunan demanding the removal of the painting, “I come to you this day to demand that the USMMA, which you currently command as its Superintendent, expeditiously remove a massive, sectarian painting illustrating the supremacy of Jesus Christ from the so-called “Elliot M. See Room” located inside of Wiley Hall, which serves as an administrative building at USMMA.”

    “Admiral Nunan, I don’t want to belabor the brutally obvious point that this extremely large painting of Jesus is absolutely antithetical and destructive, as it is currently displayed, to the maintenance of good order, morale, discipline, and unit cohesion at USMMA, especially to non-Christians under your command

  8. REMINDER: A Comparison Between President Trump’s Inauguration and Biden’s Inauguration and More Continues to Show President Trump Was the Legitimate Winner of 2020 Election
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 10:50am

    Two years ago TGP shared that everything was different between President Biden’s inauguration and any prior inauguration. Of course, this indicated a total lack of support due to the fact the election was stolen.
    A great report at compared the Biden inauguration to President Trump’s inauguration in 2017. The report provided the pictures above and says all you have to do is look at the pictures above to know Joe Biden didn’t win the election legitimately. The crowd for President Trump went all the way to the Washington Monument from the Capitol, Biden’s gathering was almost nothing:

  9. Liberal Radio Show Suggests Joe Biden Get Tested for Dementia
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published January 21, 2023 at 10:10am

    Joe Biden’s mental capacity is so concerning, even liberal radio shows are questioning whether or not he is fit for office.

    Hosts of “The Breakfast Club” radio show, Charlamagne tha God and co-host DJ Envy, discussed Biden’s mental health on Friday, sharing a laundry list of why the addled commander-in-chief should be a one-term president and should be tested for dementia.

    The New York Post reports:

    • No.
      He’s a crook and a traitor. His criminal behavior goes back decades.

      Now he may well be incompetent to stand trial personally. Let his guardians stand in for him. Scrutinize sources of family wealth, see what can be forfeited for fraud, tax evasion.

  10. europravda – Why right-wing protesters in Madrid are calling Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez a ‘traitor’

    Tens of thousands of people gathered in central Madrid on Saturday to hold a rally in protest at the centre-left government of Pedro Sánchez.

    19 January 2023 by HELMHOLTZ SMITH 87 Comments


    Only a month or so ago the Western propaganda machine was confident that Ukraine was winning. But there’s been a change. Consider Polish President Duda’s warning yesterday – “They (Russia) are still very strong and we are afraid they are preparing for a new offensive on a few months”. In September, he was confident that “Russia had demonstrated its weakness”. What’s changed? I would guess that Wagner’s capture of Soledar and the situation around Bakhmut has dented the feel-good propaganda, but who knows – the West’s rulers live in a “tongue-bath of pleasing illusion” designed to keep reality out.

    Whatever the reason, the breezy confidence of Russian failure is ebbing. (OK – Chomiak’s grand-daughter still believes.) Ukrainian officials say their casualties are “huge, indigestible“. Big war party players say time is not on Ukraine’s side. Even CNN says “time is also fast ebbing” and there may be a “ferocious new offensive” from Russia. Something must be done! And that something is – wait for it!!! Ta dah!! More weapons!! (You were expecting these clods to have a new idea?). A year ago Ukraine had a huge armory and NATO has sent Ukraine plenty since. Here’s a list – 410 MBTs, 300 IFVs, 700 guns, 95 MLRS.

    Not enough. Russia has destroyed most of Ukraine Army 1, most of NATO-supplied Ukraine Army 2. Time for NATO-supplied Ukraine Army 3.

    But the West’s stockpiles are empty says Borrell, Stoltenberg, Del Toro. “We essentially used the equivalent of 13 years of Stinger production and 5 years of Javelin production“. And they won’t be refilled any time soon. Here is an estimate of how long it will take America to replace munitions and weapons sent to Ukraine – HIMARS in five years, everything else longer. Probably on the optimistic side – many single-supplier bottlenecks. “We haven’t got this figured out just yet“. No you haven’t. And that’s the USA which has a gigantic arms industry, In Europe – or Germany anyway – it seems that nothing they have actually works.

    No more flab to send, time to cut into NATO’s muscle.

    The first offerings for Ukraine Army 3 are decades-old vehicles – obsolescent yes, but because their replacements don’t exist or are duds, they’re actually muscle – even if a bit wrinkly. America kicked off this latest round by saying it would send about 50 Bradley IFVs. France is sending some AMX-10 RCs and Germany promises about 40 Marder IFVs.

    But non-wrinkly muscle is being sent too. Today we learned that Denmark will send 19 Caesar SPGs to Ukraine. That’s all they have. Britain is sending about 30 AS 90s – a quarter of its holdings. The US has broken into emergency stocks of 155mm ammunition stored in Israel (Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians – are you listening?)

    Here’s the rest of Duda’s statement “it was crucial to provide additional support to Kyiv with modern tanks and missiles.” Tanks are the new wonderwaffe that will get General Steiner to Moscow. (A year ago Ukraine had hundreds and hundreds of Soviet-era MBTs and has received another 400 Soviet-era tanks. Where have they gone?) London was the first to kick it off with the announcement that it would send 14 (14!) Challenger 2s (about 6% of its holdings) – “a gap in our inventory” says Britain’s top soldier. That’s muscle. Will German Leopards go? At the moment Germany says no and that it won’t permit other countries to sent theirs and the US is saying it won’t send its Abrams tanks. But we’ll see – tomorrow’s meeting at Ramstein will tell us more.

    Real students of war know that “professionals talk logistics” and Brian Berletic explains here the logistical problems of all these different tanks. In all likelihood, they will be single use – as soon as something breaks or they run out of ammunition, they will be abandoned. Tanks won’t do it.

    Here’s what the Western MSM hasn’t told you. The Russian Armed Forces as such haven’t been much involved so far. Airborne at the beginning, some fast air and rotary wing, a lot of artillery throughout. But the big fighting has been done by the LDPR militias everywhere, Wagner at Bakhmut defense complex, Chechens in Mariupol. The big shoe hasn’t dropped.

    The Russian Armed Forces proper have 200,000 to 500,000 troops armed trained and equipped (lots of tanks – the latest T-90s are showing up). Will they complacently sit there watching Ukraine and NATO “demilitarize” themselves? Or is a “big arrow” offensive coming? It’s Moscow’s choice.

    The optimist can hope that the announcements of wonderwaffe that haven’t actually got to Ukraine are the exculpation that “we did everything we could” before the lift-off from Kabul Airport West.

    The pessimist can fear that NATO, when it finally gets to the bottom of the barrel and has cut its arms and legs off, will use the last weapon it has.

    Me, I’m off to the liquor store – too old to make the cut.

  12. American Greatness

    This essay is adapted from In Defense of the Second Amendment by Larry Correia,
    (Regnery, 256 pages, $29.99)

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Gun Statistics
    Gun control disarms regular people, which makes them easier targets for regular criminals to victimize, and it does pretty much zilch against dedicated mass killers.
    By Larry Correia

    January 20, 2023
    What can we say to the “I’d be more comfortable if you gun people were forced to have more mandatory training” crowd? This is a subject that has caused some division among gun rights advocates over the years, but I’m firmly against any sort of legally mandated training for private citizens before they can exercise their rights.

    To clarify, I’m a huge fan of training. I think gun school is great. I’ve taken many classes over the years, and I still try to take at least one or two classes annually to continue my education and not become stagnant. I think if you’re going to own a gun or carry a gun, it behooves you to seek out quality instructors and keep learning.

    But mandatory training, required by the state, before you are allowed to defend yourself? Absolutely not. This Do-Something! mentality is usually accompanied by a tortured analogy equating gun ownership to getting a driver’s license. Except mandatory training is a placebo at best.

    The Absolute Minimum
    There have been different kinds of mandatory training required to get a concealed carry permit. When I got started, some states required attending a classroom lecture, others required classroom time and an actual shooting test. The length of the classes and the difficulty of the test varied greatly state to state. And there was one state (Vermont) that required no training or license at all, so anybody who wasn’t a prohibited person could just carry a gun.

    When I first started teaching CCW I did a full-on basic live-fire handgun class in addition to the lecture portion required by the state. What I quickly discovered was the people who were going to be smart were smart. People who were going to be stupid were on their best behavior while I watched them, then immediately went back to being stupid when they were on their own. People who want to get trained pay attention. People who are there because it’s required do the absolute minimum and then forget it as soon as they reach the parking lot. Sort of like every other kind of mandatory training for every other single field ever, in all of recorded human history. So no big surprise there.

    Shooting is a skill that can be taught. Those who want to learn are going to learn. Those with giant egos assume that what they already know is good enough, and you can’t teach them anything anyway. Plus, shooting is only one part of the equation, and not the most important part either. Don’t get me wrong, being able to hit your target is important, but it pales in comparison to the importance of making good decisions. I can teach a monkey to hit a piece of paper. Teaching someone to react intelligently under stress is a whole lot harder.

    Even mandatory training often has giant gaping holes in what it covers, and one-size-fits-all training rarely helps with an individual’s specific needs. Mandatory minimum standards get you a lot of mandatory minimum instructors producing mandatory minimum shooters. This isn’t just for gun stuff, but you’ve all seen it in whatever it is you do for a living. What boxes are we required to check? Let’s hurry and check them.

    The old Utah course required a bunch of extraneous stuff that was best learned on your own, or from the owner’s manual, yet there was only a small section about use-of-force laws, when you can shoot, why you should shoot, and absolutely nothing at all about tactics. There was no section about what to do after a shooting, how to deal with the responding officers, or what the legal aftermath would be like . . . but I was legally required to spend time explaining stuff like the difference between rimfire and centerfire.

    After about a year, I changed up my CCW class. If a student wanted to learn to shoot better, then he could come to an actual shooting class. Then I expanded my classroom portion. I’d cover the mandatory basic silly requirements, then spend the majority of the time going over use of force, decision making, and the stuff that keeps you alive and out of jail.

    I added a role-playing section, where students would be armed with a rubber dummy gun, and then we’d run through various scenarios. I’d usually play the bad guy and enlist other students to act out various roles. Sometimes the answer was to shoot, but usually the answer was to avoid or deescalate. Then the entire class would discuss the decision-making process and why they did what they did. I used this to challenge the students’ preconceived notions of how “their gunfight” was going to unfold. I lost track of how many times I had somebody who’d already been through a state-mandated CCW class come up to me afterward and comment about how eye-opening the scenario training was.

    To Assuage the Conscience of Bureaucrats
    You might be thinking, Wow that sounds great. Let’s make all the basic training that good. Except I did that because I wanted to, and the students were there voluntarily for that extra time. If the state made that sort of thing legally required, the mass-produced version would start to suck like all mandatory training does, and it would just become a longer exercise in box checking.

    That’s classroom. For states that require actual shooting portions, lazy instructors love qualifiers, because they can simply check off a list and feel like they’re accomplishing something. Two shots at five yards. Check. Good shooting instructors actually take the time to watch students, they have the experience and awareness to diagnose students’ weaknesses, and then they help them to individually get better.

    If anything, passing a basic qualifier is harmful in that it provides a false sense of security. I saw this all the time when working with law enforcement. “I passed my shooting qual in POST! I already know how to shoot good!” they’d exclaim, not realizing that the qualifier they passed was relatively easy and usually designed for the lowest common denominator to pass.

    So make the tests harder, right? Except super in-depth qualifiers for regular citizens assuage the conscience of bureaucrats, and that’s about it. You will often see articles lamenting the terrible hit ratios for police in gun fights, and then they extrapolate out from there that if even trained police miss a lot, how much worse will civilians be? Well, first, people miss because gunfights are hard. Second, most of the cops with those infamously lousy hit rates come from programs where their training consists of the same type of B.S. qualifiers that the bureaucrats want to force on CCW holders.

    Cops are supposed to respond, chase down criminals, and arrest them. That’s the opposite of what armed citizens do. The vast majority of the time, just producing the gun solves the problem for the regular gun owner. Or the violent encounter happens so close that fine marksmanship doesn’t matter. So why, exactly, should we put some extra hoops for the permit holder to jump through, that don’t really matter, don’t really help, and just add one more expense to getting the permit to begin with?

    Time and Money
    The more training you mandate, the more it costs in time and money to check those boxes. So now the rich guy who can easily afford time off work to go to his nearby shooting range with instructors on staff can exercise his rights. But the poor single mom who lives in the city that drove off all its shooting ranges can’t afford the days off. No rights for her. Oh well. Too bad she has a stalker. If he shows up again, she should just call 911 and hope.

    If you’ve already got the law written so that it requires a shooting portion, what is to keep some future anti-gun bureaucrat who hates the idea of regular people being armed from tweaking the test to make it so difficult that nobody can pass it? And even if it is only as difficult as the qual for, say, the old air marshal test (which is the only federal qual I’ve ever shot that’s legitimately challenging), and you personally are a badass gunslinger killer of cardboard, do you want to force that requirement on your mom? Sorry, Mom, you don’t get to carry a gun to use at conversational distance against a rapist, because I don’t feel safe knowing you can’t shoot the SEAL Team Six pistol qualifier.

    Also note that the people who are in favor of more training and tougher tests don’t want to set the bar so high that they can’t personally reach it. They would much rather set the bar just below what they can do, because obviously, that’s how proficient you should be. Anybody who can’t shoot as good as they can is obviously a menace to society. It’s like the old joke, anybody who drives slower than you is a loser, and anybody who drives faster is a maniac.

    When people who are nominally on my side tell me that they want mandatory training to weed out the unworthy, I’ll tell them Sure, let’s do that. Except I think you should shoot at least as good as me (and odds are that since I’m a fanatic who used to do this for a living, with my own private shooting range at my house, I’m way better than they are). I’ll make a super test that only hardcore shooters with big practice-ammo budgets can pass. So no permit for you. That’ll keep out the riff raff.

    Yeah, they don’t like that idea.

    Show Me the Numbers
    That’s basically what this fixation on mandatory training comes down to. Feelings. There are some on the pro-gun side who are no different from the anti-gunners who want to ban everything because it makes them feel unsafe. Regardless of your feelings, show me the numbers. If mandatory training made a huge difference in safety, how come Alaska and Vermont’s permit holders, subject to no required training, were about as safe as Utah’s and Arizona’s, despite Utah’s minimum four-hour requirement, and Arizona’s historic 16 hours of training?

    I already told you the answer. People who care, care. People who don’t, don’t.

    Over the last decade, states slowly have caught onto this, and more of them have passed constitutional carry, requiring no training or license at all. Fully half of the states have some version of this now and it is wonderful, because your rights shouldn’t depend on someone else’s feelings.

    If your need to Do Something! overrides all reason and logic, then you likely wish to ban guns despite all of this. Other nations have banned guns, so why can’t we?

    I hate comparing the United States to other countries, because they simply aren’t us. These comparisons are always terribly flawed, as cherry-picked crime stats from the socially, culturally, and economically diverse United States are compared to their idealized version of some super-homogenous, tiny-population Nordic nation that’s as exciting as oatmeal.

    But since this is inevitably going to get brought up by the ignorant or dishonest, here we go.

    Murder Capital of the Universe
    If you go by media talking points, America is the murder capital of the universe. This is so pervasive that Europeans on Twitter will talk about how they’re terrified to come to America because surely they’ll get shot to death as soon as they get off the plane.

    If you look at the per capita murder rates by country, depending on which source you use, America is usually toward the middle, with legendarily violent Third-World nations at the top, and tiny resort countries at the bottom. Not that anybody should trust what other countries claim as their crime stats, because everybody compiles their stats by different criteria, and some just outright lie for propaganda purposes. Personally I have a hard time believing that Sierra Leone is four times safer than the United States. According to China, they have almost no murders there.

    But we all know what Mark Twain said about statistics.

    America’s overall murder rate is also extremely misleading, but we’ll get to that.

    Giant, chaotic, melting-pot America has a complicated history of social volatility that has more in common with Mexico or Brazil than Norway, but the anti-gun zealots never want to compare those stats. Go figure.

    They love to use Australia though. Australia had a mass killing and instituted a massive gun ban and confiscation—a program that simply would not work here, but let’s run with it anyway. As anti-gun zealots like to point out, Australia hasn’t had any similar events since. However, they didn’t really have any before that, either. You need to keep in mind that mass killings are horrific headline-grabbing statistical anomalies. And Australia has a population of 26 million. The United States has nearly 13 times more people.

    So the big thing they didn’t have before still isn’t happening. But if the Australian population is disarmed and criminals still exist, what happens without those defensive gun uses by regular citizens we talked about earlier?

    Australia smokes the United States when it comes to high assault and rape rates. They are assault and rape champions. Again, stats comparing different countries are notoriously unreliable because of different reporting parameters or outright propaganda, but though you might be less likely to get shot in that gun-free paradise, you’re a lot more likely to get raped or beaten. Australia is way above the world average.

    Personally, I’m in favor of rapists getting shot by their intended victims. Apparently the Australian government disagrees with me on that. We also diverge on prison camps for sick people, but I’m trying not to get into politics other than guns. Of course most of the articles about Australia’s crime rate will declare that this has nothing to do with regular citizens no longer being able to defend themselves.

    So then we’ve got England, where they reacted swiftly after a mass shooting, banned and confiscated firearms, and since then their violent crime rates have risen dramatically. During the same timeframe, America became increasingly well-armed and our violent crime rates were trending downward—until “fiery but mostly peaceful” 2020 at least—and Britain’s were rising. Their violent crime rate is somewhere between four and six times worse than ours, and Britain is notorious for underreporting their violent crime statistics.

    Like Australia, a cursory Google search about Britain’s crime will find their ludicrous stats, yet also plenty of articles from their blatant anti-gun media outlets declaring that the increase totally has nothing to do with their regular citizens no longer being allowed to defend themselves . . . Sensing a trend yet?

    Gun Control Stops Mass Killers, Right?
    So gun control hinders regular citizens and emboldens run-of-the-mill criminals, but surely it stops mass killers. Right?

    Not particularly. Take Norway with its extremely strict gun control for example. Their gun control laws are simply incomprehensible to most Americans. Not only that, they have been a well-off, tiny-population, ethnically and socially homogeneous country, without our gang violence or drug problems. Their gun control laws are draconian by our standards. They make Chicago look like Boise. Surely that level of gun control will stop mass killers! Except of course for 2011 when a maniac killed 77 and injured 242 people—an absurdly high body count.

    Ironically, as I went to confirm the information about the event in 2011 and plugged “Norway mass shooting” into my search engine, I saw that there had just been another one in June 2022, when an Iranian immigrant in Oslo attacked a gay club. Which again demonstrates that the silly narrative that this kind of thing “only happens in America” is a pathetic lie.

    In 2015 a group of terrorists attacked Paris, killing 130 people and wounding at least another 350 (with some estimates nearing 500). These mass killers used illegal guns and homemade explosives. Make guns harder to get, and explosives become the weapon of choice. Please do keep in mind that the largest and most advanced military coalition in human history was basically stymied for a decade by a small group using high school level chemistry and the Afghani equivalent of Radio Shack.

    And if they don’t want to bother getting guns or explosives, they can use a common truck as their murder weapon, like the bastard who killed 86 and injured 458 men, women, and children in Nice by driving down sidewalks.

    Because once again, repeat it with me, criminals simply do not give a crap. And it is even worse when the criminals are in your government, which is why it always amuses me that gun controllers want to compare the United States to the world’s softest nations, and not the hyper-violent ones where the disarmed populace is endlessly abused with impunity by organized crime or its own corrupt government.

    Some of the biggest mass killers in modern history have used bombs, arson, or even airliners. There is no law you can pass, no one thing you can ban, and nothing you can say or do that will stop some men from choosing evil. In 1990, 87 people were killed when an arsonist set fire to the Happy Land Nightclub in New York. Forty-four were killed by a homemade bomb at a school in Bath, Michigan, and that was in 1927, back when anybody could buy machine guns through the mail.

    It disgusts me when I see ignorant posturing about how mass killings are a uniquely American problem. No. Sorry. We don’t hold the patent on depraved madness or cruelty. I understand why people are duped into believing this though. Our media fixates on any of our crimes it thinks can be used for political gain, barely mentions any crimes that happen in the Western world, and then the rest of the planet might as well not even exist at all for how little time our media spends on them. They might get an article or two, and maybe a mention on the cable news, and then it’s gone.

    Just a month ago as I write this, at least 50 were killed in a massacre at a Catholic church in Nigeria. In 2020, 29 people were killed and 58 wounded by a lone killer at a Buddhist temple in Thailand. In gun-free Japan in 2019, some maniac killed 33 by setting an anime studio on fire. In 2016, also in Japan, 19 residents of a care center were stabbed to death by a disgruntled former employee.

    There are hundreds of these from all over the world. Don’t take my word for it. Go look for yourself, pick a continent, enter the continent and “mass killing” into your search engine, and get ready to be disturbed by the fallen nature of mankind.

    And just like we see in America, the key determinant of how many people get hurt during these events is how long it takes before the killer receives a violent response.

    In 2019, gunmen stormed a Kenyan hotel, killing 21, only to be stopped by the ultimate example of a “good guy with a gun,” when a member of the British SAS who was shopping nearby ran back to his car, grabbed his icky, scary assault rifle, and then took care of business. Our media was forced to cover this one because the pictures of this badass in his plate carrier, balaclava, and jeans went viral. On the other hand, in 2013, 67 were killed at a mall in Kenya. That one really didn’t get a lot of American news coverage, but it was civilian competition shooters from the local chapter of the International Defensive Pistol Association who showed up to fight the bad guys, and our media really despises that concept.

    So gun control disarms regular people, which makes them easier targets for regular criminals to victimize, and it does pretty much zilch against dedicated mass killers.

    You Go Near the Brick Yard . . .
    But now let’s go back to that part about how America is so incredibly violent compared to the rest of the world. We’ve already seen that we’re more toward the middle of the bell curve, but people forget just how vast and diverse America is. Depending on which set of stats you use, America’s murder rate is somewhere around 5 per 100,000.

    Detroit’s is 41. Birmingham’s is 50. Baltimore’s is 58. And Saint Louis is at 64.3.

    Yeah, that’ll mess up an average. The county I live in now is point zero something, because we’ve only had a couple murders since cowboy times.

    But it is actually even worse than you are thinking. It’s not just some American cities that are cesspools of violent crime where you are far more likely to get shot. It’s specific neighborhoods within those cities. For example Chicago doesn’t even make the top 10 list for bad crime rates, with its 18 per 100,000. Except Chicago has a giant population of around 2.6 million, and when you pull up the homicide map of the city it becomes abundantly clear that most of it is fairly quiet (by Chicago standards at least), with a handful of neighborhoods that are basically war zones.

    I knew a guy who grew up in one of those neighborhoods. He joined the army and said Afghanistan was more peaceful.

    Back in the ’90s I lived in north Birmingham, Alabama, and the local paper ran an article called “If Murder Had a ZIP Code,” and that ZIP code was where I lived. The map of the city was just like the Chicago example, with clusters of murders all concentrated in a few small, specific geographic areas, and the locals could even narrow the problem areas down to the specific blocks. You stay away from those, you’re probably fine. You go near the Brick Yard (a legendarily violent public housing complex), you’re gonna get shot.

    Because of this insanely lopsided distribution, it’s the case that most of the U.S. states will be relatively peaceful, but their cities will be worse, and a few parts of those cities are murder central. Despite the crazy mass killings getting all the coverage, most of America’s shootings are good old-fashioned gang- and drug-related violence.

    The reasons our violent crime is so incredibly concentrated into a handful of zip codes are beyond the scope of this book and not my area of expertise. People can argue about generational poverty, or lack of opportunity, or institutional inequality, or whatever, but the one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that Chicago’s murders have absolutely nothing to do with me owning guns in rural Utah.

    The low crime rate part of America is armed to the teeth. Most of our violent crime comes from our big blue cities, most of which have been totally dominated by a single political party going back generations. These cities are also the traditional home of America’s strictest gun control laws and harshest enforcement thereof.

    So you’ll have to forgive the rest of us if we don’t feel like being disarmed—allowing us to be victimized easier—in your hopeless crusade to fix the awful problems the people you voted for have created where you live.

    And all of that is irrelevant, because actually trying to ban and confiscate all the scary guns in America will be national suicide.

    “We Should Register All the Guns!”
    This Do-Something! isn’t as common as it once was, just because most anti-gunners are so uninformed that they already think this is a thing. In reality, very few jurisdictions in America have any sort of gun registration, but Hollywood is so out of touch that they’ll have a show about a murder in Wyoming and have dialog about checking to see who the gun is registered to.

    There is no federal registry for regular firearms. The only federal registration is for things that fall under the NFA (legal machine guns, “short-barrel rifles and shotguns,” suppressors, etc.), and the state of the registry for even that relatively tiny number of items is a mess, with the government requiring months and sometimes years to process transfers.

    Only seven states and the District of Columbia have some form of gun registration. Of course, it’s the usual suspects that have all the other ridiculous laws, but still have plenty of crime.

    Since most firearms used in criminal activity are illegally obtained, it doesn’t really matter who the original purchaser was before it got burgled. Are you one of those really horrible people who want to hold law-abiding citizens responsible for crimes committed with property stolen from them? But that’s so insanely vile that only the most fanatical anti-gunners ever suggest it.

    Registries have also been used for malicious abuse, with the private data of gun owners and permit holders getting leaked. At the time of my writing this, there are breaking reports that this has happened again in California, where the state released the private personal information of every single permit holder, as well as everyone who applied for a permit over the last 10 years.

    That’s supposed to be private information. Now some of the people on that list will get harassed for their beliefs or possibly targeted in other ways. Getting outed as not just a gun owner, but someone who wants to carry a gun, is career death in some industries. This is also a great list for burglars who now know which addresses have valuable guns to steal. The timing of this “leak” is extra suspicious, considering that it happened immediately after a landmark Supreme Court decision that smacked down bigoted, corrupt, pay-to-play concealed carry licensing schemes like California’s.

    Registration is stupid, but it is also one of those lines that most American gun owners will refuse to cross for one very good reason. There is a common saying that registration leads to confiscation. The government can never seize them all if they don’t know who has what. The countries with bans and confiscations had registries first, that way the authorities knew who to go after. Tyrants love having a handy list of which of their political opponents is armed and a potential nuisance. If a government ever wants to abuse some section of your populace, a registry is a wonderful to-do list of who to target first.

    Which brings us into the biggest, scariest, Do-Something! there is. Confiscation.

    “We Should Just Confiscate All the Guns Once and for All!”
    Many of you may truly believe that. You may think that the Second Amendment is archaic, outdated, and totally pointless. However about half the country vehemently disagrees with you, and of them, a pretty large portion is fully willing to shoot somebody in defense of it. We’ve already covered how your partial bans are stupid and don’t do anything, so unless you are merely a hypocrite more interested in style than results, the only way to achieve your ultimate goal is to come and take our guns away.

    So let’s talk about confiscation. This is the part where we delve into what the Second Amendment is really about.

    In 2018 a U.S. congressman embarrassed himself on Twitter. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.)—who is best known for his relationship with a Communist Chinese spy and farting on live TV—got into a debate about gun control, suggested a mandatory buyback (which is basically confiscation with a happy face sticker on it), and when someone told him that he would resist, he said resistance was futile because the government has nukes.

    And everybody sane was like, Wait, what?

    Of course the congressman backpedaled. You see, using nuclear weapons on American gun owners was an exaggeration, he just wanted to rhetorically demonstrate that the all-powerful federal government could crush us peasants like bugs (they hold our pathetic lives in their iron hand), and he’d never ever advocate for the use of nuclear weapons on American soil (that would be bad for the environment!), and instead he merely wants to send a SWAT team to your house to shoot you in the face if you don’t comply.

    See? That’s much better.

    But this isn’t about that particular tweet from one idiot congressman. This goofy line of reasoning pops up constantly.

    For example, there was a meme with a picture of an Apache attack helicopter with the super pithy caption, “I see you keep an AR-15 in case you need to show the government who’s the boss . . . Hi, I’m Uncle Sam and I keep a whole fleet of AH-64 helicopter gunships in case I need to show Freedom Eagle Dot Facebook who’s the boss.”

    I’ve seen these for nukes, drones, tanks, or cruise missiles. Sadly, this is one of the better ones, but that’s because the Left can’t meme. It’s a popular media sound bite too, all based on the same flawed premise:

    The federal government has access to advanced weapon systems, and thus anyone who resisted gun confiscation would be effortlessly destroyed by them, ergo gun control has already won—foregone conclusion—and they declare victory.

    Like most political memes, they’re taking an extremely complex situation and providing a cartoonish, simplistic answer, which makes them look like clowns to anybody with a clue, but scores them lots of virtue-signal points with their likewise ignorant but posturing friends. To my people, this is really goofy stuff. If you have even a basic knowledge of this topic, these memes are about as clever as the ones from the flat Earth society . . .

    Want to read more? Buy the book.

    About Larry Correia
    Larry Correia is a multiple award-winning, nationally bestselling novelist (most famous for his Monster Hunter series) and popular blogger, who writes often on issues involving Second Amendment rights. His famous essay “An Opinion on Gun Control” was an Internet viral sensation, with more than a million reads, and he writes often for national publications on gun laws and self-defense. A graduate of Utah State, he lives in Utah with his family.

  13. There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years.” George Orwell

    We have the receipts: New York Times headlines from the 1930s prove the left has always made promises of progress, but only delivered death.

    Do you ever feel like you’re seeing history repeat itself and yet you cannot wake people up to the danger? This can be maddening at times, especially when you look back at records from the period before WWII, and you see the same themes, propaganda, and lies. Meanwhile, the fascist far-left — the party of projection — keeps up with their constant barrage of BS.

    They must do this because deception is the only way they can attain power. Dividing people by sowing chaos and confusion until they can consolidate enough control. Getting to a point where they can control free speech and punish those who dare speak out. Horrifying, and we’re almost to that point now.

    They have lies that make no sense like modeling the entire political spectrum as “Liberal-Conservative”; claims that fascism belongs on the “far right” or that anarchism belongs on the “far left.” Repeating the same lies until they can bluff their way into pretending it’s the truth.

  14. Flynn: Our Nation Desperately Needs a Hero, but for much more than one day!!!


    General Michael Flynn Shares Incredible Video – America Needs a Hero for More Than One Day
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 1:10pm

    American hero General Michael Flynn released an emotional video today about American heroes.

    General Flynn and President Trump were targeted by the corrupt Deep State and their lives were thrown upside down for standing up for America First.

    General Flynn was the Deep State’s first target in the Trump Administration. He knew too much so they lied about him and took him down. They used inside swamp monsters who surrounded President Trump and pushed General Flynn out.

    A short time later these same Deep State criminals who still walk free targeted General Flynn in the corrupt Russia collusion sham. Flynn did nothing wrong.

  15. Disturbing: Planned Parenthood Educator Uses TikTok to Tell Minors How to Get Sex Toys, Use Vegetables
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published January 21, 2023 at 12:50pm

    A Planned Parenthood educator uses her TikTok, with more than 400k followers and 12 million likes, to show minors how to get sex toys and provides “advice” on how to use “spicy toys” like fruits and vegetables

    While Mariah Caudillo has an 18+ disclaimer on her account, she shares questions she gets from students who are, by her own admission, minors, including one video answering questions from middle schoolers. (warning, graphic content)

    In a LinkedIn bio, which has since been removed, Caudillo was listed as a sex educator for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, the largest affiliate in the U.S., which provides health and education services to more than 220,000 people annually at over 30 locations in mid-California and northern Nevada.

  16. Japan Declares It Will Handle COVID-19 Like a Seasonal Flu
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 12:30pm

    Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan announced on Friday that he had instructed his cabinet to reclassify COVID-19, placing it in the same category as seasonal flu, rubella, and chickenpox in spring.

    “Today, we held a press conference on the discussion on revising the new coronavirus infectious disease into category 5,” Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Friday.

  17. President Trump Lawfully Handled His Presidential Records But VP Biden Violated Espionage Act and Other Federal Statutes Related to Theft of Government Property Per Attorney Mike Davis
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 11:50am

    Joe Biden broke the law while President Trump did not. There is a big difference between their handling of classified material according to attorney Mike Davis.

    Attorney Mike Davis, who worked under Senator Charles Grassley and Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch knows what he’s talking about on this subject.

    Davis wrote a report that was published in Newsweek. In the article Davis shared:

    As a matter of clarity, let’s contrast Biden’s theft of classified documents with Trump’s lawful handling of presidential records. As the commander-in-chief under our Constitution, the president of the United States has the absolute power to declassify records as he sees fit. In addition, under the Presidential Records Act, a departing president can take a personal copy of any of his presidential records—classified or not. The vice president is afforded neither of these privileges.

  18. Joe Biden Escapes to Rehoboth Beach House with Several Aides in Tow Amid Classified Documents Scandal (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 21, 2023 at 1:30pm

    Joe Biden Friday evening departed the White House for another weekend vacation in Delaware.

    This time Biden escaped to his Rehoboth Beach house as he refuses to answer questions about his classified documents scandal.

    Biden ignored reporters as he walked across the South Lawn to Marine One.

    This is Biden’s 291st day on vacation since taking office two years ago, the RNC said.


    Joe Biden arrived for the weekend in Rehoboth with his top aides in tow.

    According to Bloomberg, aides Curtis Reid, Olivia Dalton, Marc Gustafson, Ashley Williams, Allyson Rayless are all huddling with Joe Biden this weekend as the documents scandal grows.

  19. Neil Oliver: Nothing less than our way of life is under threat now</b

    A population distracted by propaganda about one existential threat after another – pandemics, nuclear war, climate crisis – is being herded into an unrecognisable future.

  20. Russian Spy Ship Identified Off the Coast of Hawaii
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 2:15pm

    A Russian spy ship has been identified off the coast of Hawaii.

    The Coast Guard announced Wednesday that it has been tracking what it believes is a Russian intelligence-gathering ship over “recent weeks ” off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands and released video of the ship refueling at sea with another Russian vessel

    The US Coast Guard released a message with the following:

    While foreign military vessels may transit freely through the U.S. economic exclusive zone (EEZ), as per customary international laws, foreign-flagged military vessels have often been observed operating and loitering within Coast Guard District Fourteen’s area of response

  21. Soros-Backed Prosecutor Suspended by DeSantis Lashes Out at Florida Governor After Losing Bid to Get Job Back (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 21, 2023 at 2:50pm

    US District Judge Robert Hinkle, a Clinton appointee on Friday ruled Governor Ron DeSantis violated the First Amendment and the Florida Constitution when he suspended a Soros-backed prosecutor for refusing to enforce Florida abortion laws.

    However, the state prosecutor, Andrew Warren, lost his bid to get his job back.

    The federal court does not have the power to reinstate Andrew Warren.

    As previously reported, Soros-backed Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren recently sued Governor Ron DeSantis to get his job back.


    DeSantis wasn’t intimidated by Warren’s lawsuit.

    “Warren said that it doesn’t matter what the legislature does in the state of Florida. He is going to exercise a veto over that. He’s also instituted policies of ‘presumptive non-enforcement’…that is not consistent with the role of a prosecutor. You can exercise discretion in individual case, but that discretion has to be individualized and case specific,” DeSantis said as he announced Warren’s suspension.

    It’s not surprising Warren, who was suspended for refusing to follow the law, would file a legally baseless lawsuit challenging his suspension,” DeSantis’ comms director Taryn Fenske said in a statement, according to Fox News. “We look forward to responding in court.”

    Andrew Warren remained defiant in a brief statement to reporters on Friday.

    “The idea that a governor can break federal and state law to suspend an elected official should send shivers down the spine of anyone who cares about free speech, the integrity of our elections or the rule of law,” Warren said on Friday, before telling reporters “This is not over.”

  22. UH-OH: Biden Lackey and Manager of UPenn Biden Center Was Involved in Trump Impeachment Sham
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 5:20pm

    In 2020, The Gateway Pundit reported that a 2015 photo of whistleblower Eric Ciaramella taking notes in a meeting with a Biden advisor and Ukrainian officials emerged.

    Investigative reporter Paul Sperry, who initially broke the story of the identity of the whistleblower, tweeted out the photo.

    Eric Ciaramella, the CIA operative believed to be the “whistleblower,” is captured in this 2015 photo taking notes b/t Biden adviser Michael Carpenter & NSC’s Liz Zentos in WH meeting w Ukrainian officials. Carpenter later appeared w Biden in infamous “son of a bitch” vid,” Sperry said in the caption.

  23. DEVELOPING: ‘Revenge’ Riot Erupts in Atlanta: Antifa Militants Destroy Businesses, Light Cop Car on Fire After Fellow Comrade Killed By Police (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 21, 2023 at 7:24pm

    Riots erupted in Atlanta on Saturday evening over the killing of a far-left gunman in Antifa’s ‘autonomous zone.’

    Recall, a Georgia state trooper shot and killed a far-left protester, possibly Antifa, Wednesday during a confrontation near the ‘Cop City’ Atlanta Police Department training facility.

    26-year-old Manuel Esteban Paez Teran was killed by police in a shootout so his fellow comrades are out destroying businesses in protest.

    A police car was engulfed in flames.

    Antifa militants are destroying businesses and set a police car on fire.

    “The riot was organized as revenge for their gunman dying in a shootout at the autonomous zone.” Andy Ngo reported.

    The incident comes after an activist, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, 26, was killed by police after allegedly refusing demands by authorities on Wednesday and allegedly fired a gun at state troopers at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

    “An individual, without warning, shot a Georgia State Patrol trooper,” Georgia Bureau of Investigations Michael Register told reporters earlier this week. “Other law enforcement personnel returned fire in self-defense and evacuated the trooper to a safe area. The individual who fired upon law enforcement and shot the trooper was killed in the exchange of gunfire.”

    Teran was an activist working against the development of the City of Atlanta’s Public Safety Training Center, and his fellow activists vowed to protest against the facility and police after his death.

    The protest began peacefully on Saturday before spiraling into chaos, according to FOX 5.

    “While the state continues to respect peaceful protest, acts of violence against person or property will not be tolerated. Those committing such unlawful acts will be arrested and prosecuted fully,” Gov. Brian Kemp said Saturday.

    “Atlanta Police officers have responded to a group damaging property at several locations along Peachtree [Street],” the Atlanta PD said in a statement Saturday, according to Fox 5. Several arrests have been made at this time and order has been restored to the downtown space. This is still an active and ongoing investigation and we will not be able to provide specifics on arrests numbers or property damaged, at this time.”

  24. Breaking: More Classified Documents Found at Biden’s Delaware Home in DOJ Search
    By Kristinn Taylor
    Published January 21, 2023 at 6:31pm

    Six more classified documents were found at the Wilmington, Delaware home of Joe Biden on Friday during a nearly thirteen hour search of the home by the Department of Justice according to a statement released Saturday evening by Biden’s private attorney Bob Bauer. This is the fifth batch of classified documents found in Biden’s possession and the fourth to be found at the Wilmington home in searches stretching from December 20 to Friday. The first batch was found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C. on November 2nd.

    Bauer also said, “The DOJ also took for further review personally handwritten notes from the vice-presidential years,” and that some of the items taken by investigators were from Biden’s time as a senator as well as vice president.

    Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel, Robert Hur, to investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents on January 12.

    Bauer statement:

    Follow-up statement by Biden’s special White House counsel Richard Sauber:

    And comment by White House counsel spokesman Ian Sams: “An important note from the statement released by the President’s personal attorney:
    POTUS’s lawyers offered to provide DOJ prompt access to the Wilmington home, and gave DOJ full access to it, including personally handwritten notes, memorabilia, and papers going back decades.”

    Joe and Jill Biden are staying at their Rehoboth Beach, Delaware vacation home this weekend. AP reporter Darlene Superville had asked at Friday’s press briefing if the stay at the beach house was because the Wilmington house was being searched. Karine Jean-Pierre deflected the question like she has others on the classified documents investigation.

    Biden did not answer reporters’ question when he went to church Saturday afternoon on Rehoboth Beach.


    Hunter Biden’s Laptop Shows Unsealed Box Of Important Documents On A Table In Joe Biden’s Wilmington Home Ahead Of A Kid’s Birthday Party
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 21, 2023 at 6:25pm

    Hunter Biden’s laptop has proven to be an invaluable source of information in uncovering the Biden Crime Family’s corruption. Now the laptop may have caught Joe Biden possibly leaving an unsealed box of classified documents out in the open just ahead of a child’s birthday party according to the Lll.

    This means unless the box was immediately sealed and put away, an inquisitive kid could have started rummaging through the box and taken a couple of documents. It’s not like Joe would have noticed any missing.
    This all seems perfectly apt considering Biden has proven that he handles classified documents like a child.

    Remember, Biden left a top secret document on an open table in his White House office while interviewing with a reporter from The Arizona Republic back in 2010. The photographer at the meeting actually captured images of the document before the White House forced him to delete them.

    Of course, the ongoing scandal involving Biden illustrates the same pattern. As The Gateway Pundit indefatigably reported, Biden seized top secret documents and placed them in unsecure locations, including the Penn Biden Center and in the garage at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

    Here is the story from the New York Post:

    This can’t really be where Joe Biden kept classified documents he took from the White House — or can it?

    A box labeled “Important Doc’s + Photos” was left unsealed on a table ahead of a child’s birthday party in the Delaware home where the 80-year-old president has been discovered to have stashed sensitive government records, a photo from his son’s laptop, discovered by The Post Friday reveals.

    Images from Hunter Biden’s laptop show an array of family photos spread out on a dining table surrounded by chairs hours before the gathering, as well as a white cardboard file box with brown packing tape on it.

    But the lid — which was covered with the words “Important Doc’s + Photos” written in black — had been opened and was ajar in the shot Hunter Biden snapped.

    While it’s unknown what was actually in the box, reports have suggested Joe Biden may have taken the White House documents for use in writing his memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” which was published in November 2017.

    This means Biden in this instance potentially took classified documents from the White House in order to profit financially. Was he looking to do the same with the known classified, top-secret documents he absconded with?

  25. NEW ZEALAND – Lockdown Lunatic Chris Hipkins to Become New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister

    Labour Party MP previously threatened to hunt down unvaccinated citizens until every single person was jabbed.

    Hipkins became well-known during the COVID pandemic when he emerged as an authoritarian crisis manager for New Zealand’s government.

    Here he is in July 2021 warning that the government will start tracking down individuals who haven’t “come forward” to take the COVID jab.

    “I think early next year we’ll be in the phase of chasing out people who haven’t come forward to get their vaccination, or missed their bookings and so on,” Hipkins told reporters.

    Hipkins asserted the government will essentially hunt down unvaccinated individuals, claiming normal “human behavior” suggests many people won’t willingly take the mRNA vaccine.

    “So everyone will be able to get a vaccine between now and the end of the year. Of course, I want every New Zealander to come forward, but human behavior suggests that there will be some people that we actually have to really go out and look for, and some of that may spill into next year,” Hipkins said.

    “But, our commitment is everyone will have the opportunity to get the vaccine by the end of the year,” Hipkins continued, adding that, in fact, “everyone WILL” get the vaccine.
    twitter @daisymay4263

    New Zealand’s Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins on what happens next year with those unvaccinated kiwi’s …

    + 35 sec video


    more :


    NEW ZEALAND – Lockdown Proponent Chris Hipkins to Become New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister



  26. Local Reporter Calls Riot in Atlanta “Largely Peaceful Protest” as Police Cruiser Goes up in Flames in the Background (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 21, 2023 at 9:56pm

    The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday evening that revenge riots erupted in Atlanta over the killing of a far-left gunman in Antifa’s ‘autonomous zone.’

    Manuel Esteban Paez Teran also known as “Tortuguita,” 26, was shot and killed by police, and now his friends and comrades are wreaking havoc on local businesses in retaliation.

    local Atlanta reporter called the riot a “largely peaceful protest” as the police cruiser was engulfed in flames in the background.

    Tyler Fingert of FOX 5 said the riot was largely peaceful during live coverage.

    “So it was a largely peaceful protest where they just wanted what they’re calling justice for to two for Tortuguita. And right now, you’ll see; basically, they want justice for him after the shooting that happened, when the Atlanta police and the different law enforcement agencies were raiding the forest…”

    Watch the video below:

    (Richard: It looks like the Dems are up to their old tricks.)

  27. Nancy Pelosi Performed An EXORCISM Over Her San Franciso Mansion To Banish ‘Evil Spirits’ After Her Husband’s Hammer Attack
    By Alicia Powe
    Published January 21, 2023 at 8:29pm

    Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held an exorcism in her San Francisco mansion to banish “evil spirits” after her husband was allegedly attacked by hammer-wielding intruder David DePape.

    In an interview with New York Times reporter Maureen Dowd, Pelosi railed against her party for failing to reduce crime ahead of the midterm elections.

    That is an issue that had to be dealt with early on, not 10 days before the election,” Pelosi said while blasting New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. “The governor didn’t realize soon enough where the trouble was.”

    The Democrat lawmaker then argued conspiracy theories surrounding her husband and the alleged attack that turned her home into a “crime scene” resulted in the loss of her speakership

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