Glenn Beck: The newest attack on Western freedoms, and a solid guess as to where it started

To be clear, no one should have any doubts that this will happen in pretty much exactly the way Glenn Beck and Co. is describing it. We think we can say that with some confidence, because we have seen this happen before in Canada and know where and on what issue it was already done. And with what results. Watching this video though, it suddenly becomes much clearer what the goal was even back then:

What is ESG

When Trudeau Senior, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, implemented the forced bilingual program in Canada, it started out as illiberal most certainly. They implemented quotas and other means to ignore merit in the civil service and hire people from specific groups. I do not recall the phrase, ‘affirmative action’ back then, but that’s what it was.

But then the government did something that if it wasn’t downright illegal, was a grotesque breach of the spirit of the law.

They started telling companies that did business with the government, and even back then its was a substantial fraction of the total of Canadian businesses, that they had to match the Fed Gov quotas on French people. Meanwhile, Quebec had to do no such thing with English. In fact, Mirabelle Airport was the only airport in the world where ATC was not in English but in French, and to this day, road and highway signs which could be the near universal pictograms, are replaced by long French phrases.

On the one hand, You have to admire Quebec’s sense of cultural self preservation. On the other hand, it may be worth reexamining Trudeau’s bilingualism program as an early dialectic attack on Canada as a Nation state. Pitting two linguistic groups against each other at the expense of the merit principle, the most important part of a liberal democracy or constitutional republic. Trudeau managed to make the point not the point to normalize things which are anathema to a democratic society.

And now we see the ESG taking that utterly next level. They will, like Trudeau’s bilingual program, see to it that social programs and values will be prerequisite for people who deal with people who deal with organizations to the point where there is no escape. If you want to live remotely like whatever the norm is at that time, you will have to amplify the right values and views. Buy food? You won’t be able to grow a potato if you don’t have right think cause you won’t be able to get at least one of the things you need to grow it.

Nothing against the French language here at all. Note that Singapore has 5 official languages and so they do everything official in English. This makes sense. They want their society to work.

Here is a link to a rather astonishing essay called, How Canada became a Communist Country. Quite the read.


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  1. ESG has anti-Israel bias. Anti-Israel is anti-Jew.
    Jews may be the first target, but they’re just the warm-up.

    Morningstar’s ESG: Proudly Leftist, Covertly Anti-Israel!

    [Jewish] Federations [of North America] urge SEC to act on anti-Israel bias in ESG financial ratings

    Morningstar Must End Its Reliance on Anti-Israel Sources

  2. And in South Africa we have 11 Official Languages, and English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu are the ones mostly used for Official stuff.

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